More than 60 kilos of wild meat seized

Forestry administration officials and military police officers in Mondulkiri province on Wednesday raided two houses and seized more than 60 kilograms of wild meat in Sen Monorom city’s Spean Meanchey commune. ...

Pav Suy

Cops net 200kg of exotic meat in Stung Treng raid

The vendors escaped, a forestry official said on Sunday.A Forestry Administration official who took part in the raid and asked to remain anonymous said the 200kg haul included 81kg of various meat, 5kg of dried boar, 52.5kg of fresh boar and 23.5kg of sambar deer. ...

Soth Koemsoeun

Farmers remain sceptical even as local prices for pigs double

The outlook of local farmer’s remained dismal even as the price of pigs doubled during the second quarter, with many of them pointing to a lack of government regulation as a factor that is sowing market unreliability. Rising to $2.20 per kilogram from just over ...

Cheng Sokhorng

‘Cartel’ let off hook by ministry

The Agriculture Ministry last week accused slaughterhouses across Cambodia of conspiring to form a cartel and engaging in price fixing while local authorities turned a blind eye, but has since said it has no plans to punish or even name the alleged perpetrators. ...

Hor Kimsay

Agriculture Ministry calls out abattoir monopoly

The Ministry of Agriculture published a circular on Thursday accusing the slaughterhouse industry of running a “conspiracy” and “cartel” to fix prices and monopolise the market amid a “lack of enforcement” from local authorities. ...

Hor Kimsay

Smuggled croc skins seized

Takeo provincial military police yesterday seized 3,900 kilos of dried crocodile hides being smuggled into the country from Vietnam. Major Bun Sothy, Takeo provincial military police deputy commander, said the crocodile skins, worth about $24,000, were being smuggled into Koh Andet district from Vietnam’s An Giang ...

Buth Reaksmey Kongkea

Government acts to end monopolies in abattoir business

In a bid to increase fair competition in the abattoir business, the Ministry of Agriculture issued a new directive last week that eradicates exclusive rights to operate abattoirs in Cambodia. ...

Sok Chan

Meat producers told to shape up

The government will not consider further reductions of import quotas for live pigs, nor will it ban imports of the livestock, a high-ranking official at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) recently said, adding that companies in the meat industry should rethink their ...

Sok Chan

‘Double-muscled’ pigs in Banteay Meanchey go viral

A pig farm in Banteay Meanchey province has drawn the ire of the world’s largest animal rights non-profit after videos of its abnormally muscular pigs went viral. ...

Daphne Chen

Tainted chicken seized at border

Over 1,500 kilograms of poor quality chicken bones and other tainted goods imported from Thailand have been seized and destroyed by Camcontrol officials in Banteay Meanchey and Battambang province this week. ...

Pech Sotheary

Government seeking CITES licences to scale up crocodile farming

Cambodia is seeking to register more than a dozen crocodile farms under an international treaty that protects the critically endangered Siamese crocodile, paving the way for the legal export of crocodile skins to lucrative overseas markets, according to state officials. ...

Cheng Sokhorng

Pig farmers ditch task force to monitor smuggling

A private sector task force set up by Cambodia’s pig farmers to monitor live swine imports and investigate reports of illicit smuggling has been disbanded after receiving a cold reception from government officials, the initiative’s leader said yesterday. ...

Cheng Sokhorng

Ministry intervenes to halt pork price crash

The Agriculture Ministry has confirmed action to combat a drastic drop in pork prices over the past year due to illegal imports of live pigs from neighboring countries. ...

Sok Chan

Wildlife meat trade rampant

To get a sense of the wildlife in the forests of northeastern Cambodia, visitors need only visit Stung Treng’s central market, where – despite repeated attempts by conservation groups to crack down – illegally poached meat is sold openly, as The Post witnessed earlier this ...

Phak Seangly and Cristina Maza

Warning on Vietnamese pork

The public has been warned not to eat pork from Vietnam after an outbreak of a serious disease in pig farms across the border. The Agriculture Ministry’s department of animal health and production is enforcing additional precautionary measures to ensure contaminated pork from Vietnam does not ...

Pech Sotheary

Feed mill to take bite out of growing import demand

Chip Mong Group is the latest conglomerate to invest into local production of animal feed, announcing this week that it will sink $60 million into building a large-scale feed mill and industrial piggery, a move that agricultural experts welcomed but said would still not be ...

Cheng Sokhorng

Meat imports rack up $100M tab

Cambodians spent over $100 million on imported meat last year, further widening the gap of domestic supply as local producers failed to capture the lucrative protein market, a government official said yesterday. ...

Kali Kotoski and Cheng Sokhorng

Almost 2,000 Thai chickens confiscated

Close to 2,000 chickens from Thailand were confiscated by Pursat provincial authorities after they were found to have been illegally brought into Cambodia. ...

Pech Sotheary

Deeper water expected to yield more fish

Just weeks ahead of the main fishing season on the Tonle Sap river, which supplies the majority of the fish used in the Kingdom’s traditional cooking sauce, prahok, government officials are predicting a better catch this season as water levels have recovered from last year’s ...

Cheng Sokhorng

Moo Moo plans more milk

American-owned dairy farm Moo Moo Farms is looking to markedly increase production of its raw – unpasteurized – milk and increase its current herd of 25 cows. The farm, located in Kandal province, began operations earlier this year. According to a statement from the Ministry of ...

May Kunmakara

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