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Executive Director/Editor-in-Chief

THY Try is an Executive Director/Editor-in-Chief of Open Development Cambodia (ODC). In 2011, he joined ODC as an advisory board member, and later on he became a chairman of the board. As an Executive Director/Editor-in-Chief, Try plays an important role in increasing public access to current and historical data and information about Cambodia’s development trends in an online ‘open data’ platform, compiling freely-available data from a wide range of public sources. Prior to joining ODC, Try worked for the National Network on Extractive Industry Social and Environmental Impact (EISEI) as a coordinator of Development and Partnership in Action (DPA) for four years. He also spent two years with ADHOC as a human rights investigator and another two years with Indochina Research Limited (IRL) in social and commercial research. He also holds multiple degrees and training-related certificates.

HENG Huy Eng

IT and Website Manager

Huy Eng graduated from Royal University of Phnom Penh majoring in Computer Science. She has been working for ODC since it was firstly established in 2011. With several years of experience in web development, she takes the leading role in developing an online information resource for Cambodia’s development community. She guides, oversees and manages works of the IT team to ensure accuracy and technical competence. In addition, she advises and provides technical support to other team members in addressing any IT-related problems.

KONG Keo Piseth

Information Technology Technical Support Officer

Piseth obtains a degree in Bachelor of Information Technology from Norton University in 2012. In his previous role as a Senior IT Officer, Piseth has involved in ensuring the stability of network services and security, maintaining all infrastructure digital system of the organization and developing plan to improve the weaknesses from incidents of digital disaster.Before joining the team, Piseth has five years of working experiences on managing computer networking. He has various specializations such as computer network administration, setting up and management of computer network and conducting ICT training.

In his role as an Information Technology Technical Support Officer, Piseth takes lead role in maintaining local IT network and PC’s for the organization, coordinating Open Development Cambodia website platform management with external host and providing technical and help desk support to system users.

KHUN Chandara

Senior Editor-Researcher

Chandara leads and supervises the editor-researcher team and volunteers/interns, and works closely with other ODC teams in developing online resources and maintaining its quality to meet the organization’s required standards. He coordinates data specialist, map-data researcher and IT and website manager to present a storytelling of maps and data, and provides insights into development of projects and grant proposals.

He holds bachelor’s degree in law and Master’s degree in international business law from Université Lyon 2, and Master’s degree in international law and politics from University of Canterbury. Before coming to ODC, he was a senior legal officer at Constitutional Council, and a law lecturer at Royal University of Law and Economics, from 2005 to 2011.

SIV Vatana

Editor – Researcher

Vatana is an Editor-Researcher at Open Development Cambodia (ODC). She holds Engineering’s Degree of Water Resources Engineering and Rural Infrastructure from Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) in 2014. Ahead of performing at ODC, Vatana has worked as a Research assistant under the frame work project (LWR-ID/2009/046) of Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), also other research projects at ITC.

In the function as an Editor-Researcher, she takes responsibility for multiple tasks such as tagging and posting news on a daily basis, editing and translating documents, collaborating with team member on content development and publishing information resources.

SOURN Samean

Data Specialist

Samean graduated from Royal University of Agriculture with a major in Land Management and Land Administration in 2010, and Natural Resources Management in 2012. Currently, he works for Open Development Cambodia (ODC) as a data specialist.Prior to joining ODC, Samean worked with an international organization, Partners for Development (PfD), as a data manager for a period of over three years from 2012 to 2015. In addition, at a local company, he was a GIS developer from 2010 to 2012 and a GIS analyst in 2009.

PRUM Punwath

Data Researcher and Mapper

Punwath is a data researcher and mapper at Open Development Cambodia (ODC). He undertakes many responsibilities such as collecting, digitizing and organizing data from variable sources into clean datasets for the public’s use. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Land Management and Land Administration from Royal University of Agriculture (RUA). Meanwhile, he is doing Bachelor of Arts in English at Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL).

TUON Sokunthea

Finance and Administrative Officer

Sokunthea is a Finance and Administrative Officer at Open Development Cambodia (ODC). She holds two bachelor’s degrees in Finance and Banking from Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia (PUC), and Human Resource Management from University of Cambodia (UC). Presently, she is doing her Master’s degree majored in Public Administration at University of Cambodia (UC).

Sokunthea has three years of relevant experiences before joining the team. Her main responsibilities at ODC are managing QuickBooks accounting system and preparing financial report, developing budgets for project proposals, assisting recruitment process including filling, arranging logistic for ODC events, preparing payroll for staff, and declaring monthly tax, controlling stock and inventory.

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