Open Development Cambodia (ODC) is an open data website, the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. The open data movement is based on the simple premise that data collected for public interest should be publicly available without restrictions. Information or data in the public domain should be freely available to everyone to use and republish as they wish. ODC does not promote any particular perspective, agenda or bias other than to provide objective information about Cambodia and its development. ODC was registered as a local NGO in 2015.
ODC is looking for candidates with a strong motivation and work experiences for Board Member position as below:

Term of Reference

Board Member

Primary Responsibilities:

The Board Member works collectively with ODC Board of Directors in ensuring the functionality of the Board and guiding the overall direction and strategies of the organization.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Lead and guide ODC’s mission and strategies for an adequate overall organizational capacity.
  • Approve strategic plans to ensure an effective overall organizational capacity and to monitor, guide and evaluate the design and delivery of appropriate programs that align with ODC´s mission.
  • Ensure adequate allocation of resources by advising program development and planning, identifying donor sources, developing funding strategies, and representing the organization, as needed.
  • Oversee and evaluate financial management to ensure transparency and accountability.
  • Guarantee a proper legal responsibility and responsible risk management.
  • Enhance and ensure ODC’s public standing by assessing ODC’s image, advising, and planning for appropriate representation.
  • Ensure appropriate human resources policies, in keeping with ODC’s mission and values.
  • Select, evaluate, and terminate the Executive Director (Editor in Chief).
  • Guide and advise the Executive Director (Editor in Chief).
  • Resolve staff grievances, with regard to the Executive Director (Editor in Chief).
  • Recruit and orient Board Members.
  • Organize and evaluate Board operations to ensure efficient and effective governance.
  • Organize and participate in the period Board Meetings, three per year normally.


  • To be accepted for Board membership, an individual must:
    • Share the values and mission of ODC.
    • Express a commitment to serve as a Board member for at least two years.
    • Have relevant and appropriate work experience and skills.
    • Demonstrate personal integrity.
  • No individual demonstrating a conflict of interest with ODC’s purpose or nature as a non-political organization can be accepted onto the Board.
  • Preferably, the majority of Board members will be Cambodian.

Selection and Terms:

  • Successful candidates and nominees will the approval of a majority of the current Board members.
  • Board members shall be appointed for a two or three-years terms, which may be extended for a maximum of another three years.
  • Board members will be retired after two consecutive terms. However, an individual may return to the Board after a period of at least one year.
  • Other specific criteria for Board selection may be determined by the Board.

Application instruction:

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and a detailed CV with at least two referees, by using the contact details below.

Subject of the application: ODC Board Member

The deadline for submitting applications is on November 30th 2019 at midnight (12:00 AM), Cambodian time. Women are strongly encouraged to apply. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Applications will be accepted by email ONLY: For more detailed information please contact

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