Volunteers and Interns

Long Lina​, 

Royal University of Agriculture

Data Research and Geographic Information System Intern, August 2022 – February 2023 

Long Lina is a third-year student at the Royal University of Agriculture’s Department of Land Management and Land Administration. He interned at ODC as a Data Research and Geographic Information System intern from August 2022 to February 2023. He was trained how to conduct desk research in data collection and to prepare datasets for map production.

During these 06 months, he was able to assist the ODC Data and Mapper team in updating monthly land reclassification and land concession data executed from Royal Decrees, Sub-decrees, and collecting data related to budgets and public services from ISAF M&E Database system. ​


Cameron​ Cheam​ Shapiro​, 

Bard​ College

Research Intern, September – November 2022 

Cameron​ Chem​ Shapiro​ is​ a​ Cambodian-American​ undergraduate​ student​ at​ Bard​ College​ finishing​ his​ Bachelor​ of​ Arts​ in​ Global​ and​ International​ Studies.​ Growing​ up​ in​ Cambodia,​ Cameron​ attended​ the​ International​ School​ of​ Phnom​ Penh​ and​ was​ able​ to​ witness​ economic​ and​ social​ development​ first-hand.​

For​ Fall​ 2022,​ Cameron​ served​ as​ a​ research​ intern​ for​ Open​ Development​ Cambodia,​ measuring​ and​ visualizing​ changes​ in​ key​ indicators​ of​ the​ country’s​ growing​ digital​ economy​ using​ R​ and​ open​ source​ data.​ His​ work​ supported​ the​ launch​ of​ Cambodia’s Digital​ Economy​ Portal in​ collaboration​ with​ Meta​ as​ a​ part​ of​ the​ Workshop​ on​ “Cambodia’s​ Digital​ Economy​ and​ Business​ Web​ Portals”​ for​ members​ of​ civil​ society,​ the​ private​ sector,​ and​ the government.​ He​ is​ proud​ to​ have​ played​ a​ part​ in​ such​ interesting​ and​ relevant​ work​ in​ a​ time​ of​ drastic​ digital​ transformation​ in​ Cambodia.​


Sok Srey Lux, 

Royal University of Phnom Penh

Communication Intern, May – November 2022 

Srey Lux​ is a fourth-year student at the Department of Media and Communication (DMC) of the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP). She joined ODC in May as a communication intern under the Partnership and Communication team, working on producing digital communications materials. Equipping with media-related knowledge background, she assists in making communication materials, including booklet design and contents, and photographing at the Cambodia ICT Camp 2022 and other ODC’s events.


Andrew​ Coccoli​, 

William & Mary Law School

Legal Research Intern, May – August 2022 

Andrew Coccoli is a legal research intern with Open Development Cambodia. He studies law at William & Mary Law School, where he is pursuing concentrations in environmental law and international law. He expects to graduate in Spring 2023 with a J.D. Recent research areas include the sustainable development agenda and the international trade in endangered species.

Andrew joined ODC in late May, and he had been working on a literature review on cyber norms operationalization in Cambodia/ASEAN, data protection and personal data, and data-centric digital rights. In addition, he also participated in Cambodia ICT Camp 2022 as a presenter and designed an ICT survey for the event.


Din Liseinet, 

Royal University of Phnom Penh

Research Assistant Intern, November 2021 – May 2022 

Seinet is currently a senior student majoring in International Relations at the Institute of Foreign Languages, Royal University of Phnom Penh. Having interests in research, Seinet is looking to be a part of the ODC dynamic team as well as contribute all of her efficiency and hard work to the team. She also expects that ODC will equip her with valuable skills, experiences, and enhancing research skills during her internship.

During her internship at the ODC, Seinet has supported the team to conduct research through primary data collection, developing online resources, and translations. She also assisted the editorial team and wrote a number of research articles, including: Higher education, Development and assistance for poverty reduction and food security and Asian Development Bank (ADB). Read more about Seinet’s internship story, click here.


Hannah M.​ Robertson​, 

William & Mary Law School

Research Intern,​ May -​ July 2021 

Hannah is a second-year student at William & Mary Law School in Williamsburg, Virginia. Hannah conducted research on companies in the developing oil and gas industries in Cambodia. Through reading government contracts, financial statements, and environmental impact assessments, she created comprehensive profiles on each company invested in the industry. Hannah also researched the impact the production sharing agreements would have on the oil and gas industries in Cambodia.


Arthur Champeroux, 

Paris II and Université de Grenable Alpes

Legal Research Intern,​ February -​ May 2021 

Arthur is finishing his Masters 2 in International Business Law and International Security and Defense Law at both Paris II and Université de Grenable Alpes in France, from Phnom Penh. He conducted research on Stock Market in Cambodia, Data protection in the context of Indigenous Peoples in Cambodia and the latest updates about Company Registration in Cambodia. He believes working with ODC was a great opportunity to dig in specific topics of interests and enrich him with the team knowledge belonging to ODC members and culture of work.


Than Davit,

 Royal University of Law and Economics

Research Intern,​ February -​ May 2021 

Davit is a fresh graduated from the Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE), majoring in economics. Becoming part of ODC is the first professional career in his favorite field. His research topics of interest include economics, policy development, trade, agriculture, and the Cambodian economy. While working as an intern at ODC, he assisted the editorial team and wrote a number of research articles, including: Cambodia’s agriculture sector amid COVID-19, Investment Policy and Regulation and Blogs on the 2nd and 3rd Data literacy for public health. He believes that he will gain more research skills and other valuable knowledge.​ Read more about his internship story, click here.


Tey Sovannratanak,

 Harbour.Space University

Communication Intern,​ February -​ August 2021 

Ratanak is currently an MBA student majoring in Digital Marketing at Harbour.Space University, Spain and Thailand. He has graduated from Department of International Studies majoring in International Economic at Institute of Foreign Languages. Ratanak tremendously interested in strategic planning, media & production, digital marketing, campaign management and also event management. Ratanak expected that by working at ODC, he would be able to actively support and improve the communication team in achieving various goals.


Dechkunn Chhay,

 American University of Phnom Penh & Fort Hays State University

Research and communication intern, December 2020 – March 2021 

Dechkunn Chhay received his B.Sc in Information Technology Management from the American University of Phnom Penh and Computer Science from Fort Hays State University. He used to be a volunteer for the first ICT Camp in Siem Reap, 2018 which was conducted by ODC. His research interest includes cybersecurity, data security, e-governance of Southeast Asian countries. Dechkunn firmly believes that internship at ODC will provide him with valuable data and documents in his fields of interests.


Angela Maria Maalouf,

 Magistère Juriste d’Affaires de Paris II Panthéon-Assas

Research Intern,​ July -​ September 2020 

Angela is currently a third-year French law student and a first-year business law Magistère Juriste d’Affaires at Paris II Panthéon-Assas, Paris, France. In her work at ODC, she conducted research, produced topics, publications, and reports based on the universal taxonomy of Open Development Cambodia, particularly on Business structures and legal registration, Banking and financial services policy and regulation, Securities exchange policy and regulation, Health care policy and administration, Patient rights, and as well as the blog posts on​ “COVID-19 Legislative response in Cambodia” and “Response to COVID-19: Cambodia’s economic policy and administration“. Angela believed that through this ODC internship, she had a meaningful experience expanding her knowledge and skill with ODC team and areas of research.


Khoeun Romduol,

 Institute of Technology of Cambodia

Data Research and GIS​ Intern,​ July -​ October​ 2020 

Romduol is senior student in Department of Water and Environmental Engineering at Institute of Technology of Cambodia. She joins as volunteer intern at ODC on 27 July 2020. She is very interested in producing maps and data research related to land, hydro-power, environmental and natural resources. During her internship with ODC, she was trained on how to use various mapping software and collect data, and prepare datasets for mapping. Romduol also helps the ODC data team to update the published datasets in accordance with the data available on the monthly Royal Gazette.


Chouth​ Chansambath,

 Royal​ University​ of​ Law​ and​ Economics

Content​ and​ Research​ Intern,​ August -​ November​ 2020 

Sambath​ is​ senior​ student​ in​ law​ at​ Royal​ University​ of​ Law​ and​ Economics.​ Simultaneously,​ Sambath​ is​ junior​ in​ international​ studies​ at​ Royal​ University​ of​ Phnom​ Penh.​ Being​ a​ part​ of​ ODC​ is​ one​ of​ my​ very​ first​ career​ of​ interest.​ Sambath​ expect​ that​ ODC​ will​ equip​ him​ valuable​ experiences​ and​ new​ assumptions​ on​ critical​ analysis,​ evaluation​ techniques​ in​ research​ knowledge.


Heng​ Mengtaing,

 Royal​ University​ of​ Phnom​ Penh

Content​ and​ Research​ Intern,​ August -​ November 2020 

Meng​ Taing​ is​ currently​ a​ year​ 4​ student​ major​ in​ International​ Economic​ at​ Department​ of​ International​ Studies​ at​ Institute​ of​ Foreign​ Language.​ Meng​ Taing​ interested​ in​ Economic​ Development,​ Policy​ and​ Data​ Collection​ and​ spare​ his​ time​ reading​ the​ news​ on​ Cambodia​ economic​ development​ and​ other​ news​ that​ related​ to​ agriculture​ field.​ Meng​ Taing​ believe​ that​ at​ ODC,​ he​ will​ be​ able​ to​ make​ a​ social​ contribution​ and​ expand​ his​ knowledge​ and​ skill​ with​ ODC​ team​ through​ ODC​ Internship​ Program.


John​ Michael Forrest,

 William​ &​ Mary​ Law​ School

Research Intern, June -​ August​ 2020 

John Michael​ is​ a​ second-year​ law​ student​ at​ William​ &​ Mary​ Law​ School​ in​ Williamsburg,​ Virginia.​ He​ graduated​ from​ The​ Citadel,​ The​ Military​ College​ of​ South​ Carolina​ in​ 2017​ with​ a​ degree​ in​ Business​ Administration.​ In​ his​ work​ for​ ODC​ he​ will​ be​ researching​ the​ potential​ impacts​ that​ rising​ sea​ levels​ will​ have​ on​ Cambodia​ and​ its​ economy,​ its​ national​ emergency​ preparedness,​ and​ explore​ some​ of​ the​ challenges​ the​ government​ faces​ in​ its​ enforcement​ of​ environmental​ policy.


Ariana​ Barrenechea,

 University​ of​ Erfurt

Research Intern, July​ -​ August​ 2019

Ariana​ is​ a​ second​ year​ Master​ of​ Public​ Policy​ student​ at​ the​ University​ of​ Erfurt,​ Germany.​ She​ is​ specializing​ in​ socioeconomic​ development​ and​ the​ use​ of​ Information​ and​ Communication​ Technologies​ (ICT)​ in​ policy.​ During​ her​ internship​ at​ ODC​ Ariana​ will​ collect​ data​ and​ research​ ways​ ICT​ can​ be​ incorporated​ to​ advance​ specific​ Sustainable​ Development​ Goals​ (SDGs)​ set​ by​ the​ UN​ in​ the​ context​ of​ Cambodia.


Gabriel Milgram,

 École supérieure des sciences économiques et commerciales Business School

Legal Research Intern, July​ – December 2019

Gabriel obtained a Master’s degree in Public Business Law and specialized in the development of public services. After working for the French electricity distribution operator and for a NGO promoting better management of public services, he chose to prepare a Master’s degree in Management to better understand the operational issues of his main areas of interest. At ODC, he is doing research and publishing on legal and judicial topics, from constitutional law and fundamental freedoms, to commercial law, to urbanization issues. He is convinced that he will learn a lot from the ODC team and through his experience in Phnom Penh.


Natalia Polakova,

 Mannheim University in Germany

Research Intern, July – August 2019

Natalia is a second-year Master’s student in Economics at Mannheim University in Germany. She also holds a Master’s degree in Economic Policy and Administration from Masaryk University, Czech Republic. In her research, she specializes in development economics, particularly education and human capital formation. During her internship, Natalia will be supporting ODC team in project activities with Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. Additionally, her work will include research on education quality and learning outcomes in Cambodia.


Anna​ Nicholson,

William and Mary Law School

Legal​ Research​ Intern,​ May – August​ 2019

Anna​ is​ a​ second​ year​ law​ student​ at​ William​ and​ Mary​ Law​ School​ in​ Williamsburg,​ Virginia.​ She​ graduated​ from​ the​ College​ of​ William​ and​ Mary​ in​ 2016​ with​ a​ B.A.​ in​ English​ Literature.​ During​ her​ internship​ with​ ODC​ Anna​ will​ be​ researching​ ways​ to​ sustainably​ develop​ Cambodia’s​ coastal​ provinces,​ in​ the​ context​ of​ the​ Sustainable​ Development​ Goals​ developed​ by​ the​ UN.​ Her​ work​ will​ include​ researching​ laws​ governing​ land​ rights​ and​ resource​ use,​ and​ how​ those​ laws​ can​ be​ used​ to​ promote​ sustainable​ growth​ that​ benefits​ all​ Cambodians.


Aaron Sandoval, 

University of Erfurt

Research Fellow, March – May 2019

Aaron Sandoval is a cooperation expert in science, technology and innovation between Latin America and the European Union. He collaborated in several FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects from the European Commission engaging international networks of experts in policy dialogue on ICT, Smart Cities, Future Internet and the Digital Future. 

Within the framework of his Master Thesis, Aaron visited Open Development Cambodia as an external specialist to collect data about Digital Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development Goals (education SDG 4, Decent Employment & Economic Growth SDG 8 and Urban development SDG 11) in the Framework of his Master Thesis in the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy at the University of Erfurt in Germany. “Open Development Cambodia is a proactive place to be, they are constantly surrounded with an enormous amount of Data and organizing events aimed at disseminating information and good practices, it was an awesome experience to be welcomed by such a nice team” he mentioned.


Khim Senghour, 

Heinrich Böll Stiftung (HBS)

Economic Research Intern, January – April 2019

Senghour is a fresh graduate majored in Business Administration from Pannasatra University of Cambodia (PUC). Currently, he is working for German Green Foundation, Heinrich Böll Stiftung (HBS). Senghour joins ODC as a research intern as part of partnership between HBS and ODC. Being with ODC, he supports ODC to draft some topic pages under the topic “Economy and Commerce” on ODC website, specifically Investment and Small Medium Enterprises (SME). He also expects to enhance and learn research skill from ODC.


Juliet Atellah,

 South South Media Lab Fellowship program (SSMLab)

Research Fellow, November – December 2018

Juliet Atellah is a research assistant, data analyst and human rights activist. She joined ODC under South South Media lab (SSMlab) fellow program, a short-term in-residence program, allowing young professionals and innovators from the media sector in East Africa and South East Asia to network and collaborate. She is currently working at theelephant.info, a platform for engaging citizens to reflect, re-member and re-envision their society by interrogating the past, the present to fashion a future. She is an upcoming data journalist focused on stories related to health, governance and human rights. She has a degree in Bachelor of Science in Statistics from the university of Nairobi. At ODC as a fellow, her main aim is to apply open data and civic education strategies to strengthen the rights to information of vulnerable communities immediately affected by international corporate and national governments’ economic interests in the sector of Extractives. In a comparison between Kenya and Cambodia, she is examining both the negative and positive impacts that extractive industries, such as mining, oil and gas have on the social and environmental level. A future collaborative database system on extractive mining in both Kenya and Cambodia could serve as a tool to disseminate information to the respective affected communities.


Júlia Garcia Puig,

 Barcelona Institute of International Studies (IBEI)

Research Fellow, October – December 2018

Júlia holds a Master’s degree in International Development from the Barcelona Institute of International Studies (IBEI). She specialized in socioeconomic development, inequality and poverty, governance and public policy – all in the context of Central, South and Southeast Asia. At ODC, she is working on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), public service delivery, development and aid. She believes open data is key to advance development as it enhances public engagement and awareness. She now aims to delve further into the use and potential of ICT for pro-poor policy-making and development. In her free time, she enjoys capturing the beauty of Cambodia with her camera and trying all different kinds of food.


Choun​ Sameng,

 Royal​ University​ of​ Phnom​ Penh (RUPP)

Research​ and​ GIS​ Intern​, August 2018 – January 2019

Sameng​ is​ the​ fourth​ year​ student​ of​ the​ Department​ of​ Natural​ Resource​ Management​ and​ Development​ at​ Royal​ University​ of​ Phnom​ Penh.​ He​ joined​ ODC​ as​ the​ Research​ and​ GIS​ Intern​ and​ worked​ with​ mapping​ team​ to​ collect​ data,​ digitize,​ and​ conduct​ dataset​ map​ related​ to​ natural​ resource.​ He​ also​ supported​ the​ ODC​ team​ to​ facilitate​ the​ GIS​ training​ to​ academic​ institutions​ in​ Cambodia.​ Internship​ at​ ODC​ provided​ him​ the​ opportunities​ to​ apply​ the​ theory​ acquired​ from​ the​ university​ and​ prepare​ him​ for​ his​ future​ career.


Mondee Lu,

 Stanford University

Legal​ Research​ and​ Partnership​ Fellow,​ June-August​ 2018

Mondee​ is​ a​ JD-MS student​ in Law and in Environment and Resources in Stanford University in United States.​ She’s​ interested​ in​ environmental,​ climate,​ and​ development​ issues.​ At​ Open Development Cambodia (ODC),​ Mondee is​ researching​ environmental​ and​ natural​ resource​ governance,​ as​ well​ the​ effects​ of​ open​ data​ on​ transparency.​ Outside​ of​ work,​ she​ enjoys​ exploring​ Phnom​ Penh’s​ numerous​ vegetarian​ restaurants​ and​ traveling​ around​ the​ country.​


Chea Monysocheata,

 Mahasarakham University

GIS Intern,​ May – July​ 2018

Cheata is a third year student of the Department of Geo-Informatics, Faculty of Informatics, Mahasarakham University, Thailand. Her purposes of this internship program are to apply theories that she has learned in school into reality and at the same time, she is doing her senior project about River Flood Inundation Areas along Mekong River in Cambodia. During her internship at ODC, Cheata will be working with mapping team to collect data, digitize, and conducting dataset map. She believes that open spatial data in Cambodia is important for researchers, private sectors, and other public users.


Jean​​​ Lambert,

 Columbia Law School

Legal Research Intern,​ May – July​ 2018

Jean is a second-year law student at Columbia Law School in New York, US. At Open Development Cambodia (ODC) Jean is researching land rights governance and foreign investment in Cambodia related to environmental and indigenous rights.

Jean​​ believes working with ODC will give her valuable experience collecting and analyzing local legal documents and data to improve public understanding of government action.


Maddie Ball,

 William and Mary Law School

Legal Research Intern,​ May – July​ 2018

Maddie is a second year law student at William and Mary Law School in Williamsburg, Virginia. She graduated from Cornell College in 2016 with a B.A. in Biochemistry. During her internship with ODC, Maddie will be researching and writing on Cambodian legal aid and the legal profession. In her free time, she enjoys rock climbing, reading fiction, and trying as much Cambodian cuisine as possible.


Malica​ Christ,

 University​ of​ Potsdam

Research​ Intern,​ May – July​ 2018

Malica​ almost​ finished​ her​ Bachelor​ in​ Philosophy​ and​ Politics​ at​ the​ University​ of​ Potsdam,​ Germany.​ During​ her​ internship​ with​ ODC​ she​ will​ be​ involved​ in​ assessing​ public​ participation​ in​ the​ Environmental​ Impact​ Assessment​ process​ in​ Cambodia.​ Malica​ wants​ to​ learn​ more​ about​ how​ data​ can​ be​ used​ to​ promote​ sustainable​ development.​ Since​ she​ has​ always​ enjoyed​ writing,​ she​ is​ looking​ forward​ to​ produce​ content​ and​ blog​ posts​ for​ the​ ODC​ website.​ In​ her​ free​ time,​ Malica​ goes​ to​ one​ of​ the​ many​ beautiful​ temples​ for​ meditation.


Dorronda​ Bordley, 

William​ and​ Mary​ Law​ School

Legal​ Research​ Intern,​ Jan – Apr​ 2018

Dorronda​ is​ a​ second-year​ at​ William​ &​ Mary​ Law​ School.​ In​ her​ work​ with​ ODC,​ Dorronda​ researched​ and​ drafted​ a​ briefing​ memo​ on​ Chinese​ investments​ in​ Cambodia’s​ extraction​ industries​ and​ compared​ legal​ frameworks​ and​ best​ practices​ that​ China​ should​ comply​ with​ in​ making​ these​ investments.


Sashenka​ J.​ Brauer, 

William​ and​ Mary​ Law​ School

Legal​ Research​ Intern,​ Feb – Apr​ 2018

Sashenka​ is​ a​ second-year​ law​ student​ at​ William​ and​ Mary​ Law​ School​ in​ Williamsburg,​ Virginia,​ U.S.A.​ During​ her​ internship​ with​ Open​ Development​ Cambodia​ (ODC),​ Sashenka​ conducted​ a​ research​ on​ open​ data​ for​ agricultural​ governance​ and​ contributed​ to​ ODC​ through​ her​ research​ paper.​

“My​ internship​ at​ ODC​ allowed​ me​ to​ learn​ about​ the​ incredible​ benefits​ of​ open​ data​ for​ agricultural​ governance,​ and​ has​ inspired​ me​ to​ continue​ my​ education​ of​ learning​ how​ to​ tackle​ environmental​ issues.​ I​ have​ gained​ a​ deeper​ appreciation​ for​ transparency​ on​ every​ level,​ and​ hope​ to​ use​ these​ insights​ in​ my​ future​ career.”


Aliaksei​ (Alex)​ Patonia, 

University​ of​ St​ Andrews/Open​ Society​ Foundations

Research​ Fellow,​ Mar​ -​ Sep 2018

Alex​ joined​ ODC​ as​ an​ Open​ Society​ Foundation (OSF)​ research​ fellow​ after​ graduating​ from​ the​ University​ of​ St​ Andrews​ (Scotland).​ While​ obtaining​ his​ Master’s​ degree​ in​ Sustainable​ Development​ in​ Great​ Britain,​ Alex​ focused​ on​ renewable​ energy​ and​ environmental​ impact​ assessment.​ Alex​ did​ his​ undergraduate​ at​ Belarus​ State​ University​ and​ also​ received​ an​ MSc​ in​ International​ Management​ of​ Oil​ and​ Gas​ from​ the​ University​ of​ Liverpool​ (UK).​ At​ ODC​ Alex​ is​ currently​ dealing​ with​ the​ issues​ of​ strategic​ environmental​ assessment​ and​ natural​ resource​ management.


Lennart J. Krotzek,

The University of Amsterdam

Media and Communications Intern, Feb – May 2018

Lennart had completed his Master’s in Political Communication at the University of Amsterdam shortly before he joined the ODC team. As a media and communications intern he is responsible for the development of curriculums for ODC journalist trainings, website orientation materials, writing blog posts, taking photos, and the development of ODC’s social media strategy. He is further involved in conducting and evaluating ODC’s workshops. His main goals for his time as an intern are to contribute to ODC’s mission to enable journalists to use public data for their work and to promote the ODC platform which makes access to data easier for the public. He is excited to learn more about Cambodia’s media and political culture from the perspective of a domestic NGO.


Yong​ Huey​ Chyi​ Charine, 

National​ University​ of​ Singapore

Research​ Intern​, May – June 2017

Charine​ is​ a​ fourth-year​ Political​ Science​ undergraduate​ from​ National​ University​ of​ Singapore.​ Her​ love​ for​ open​ data​ motivated​ her​ to​ do​ an​ overseas​ internship​ here​ with​ ODC.​ During​ the​ internship​ with​ ODC,​ Charine​ worked​ on​ Cambodia’s​ Elections​ profile​ project​ and​ suggested​ designs​ of​ the​ pages​ presenting​ on​ ODC​ website. She​ believes​ that​ information​ is​ an​ enabling​ tool​ in​ today’s​ knowledge-based​ economy​ and​ the​ public​ should​ have​ free​ access​ to​ it.​ Outside​ of​ work,​ she​ enjoys​ traveling,​ photography​ and​ Cambodian​ food​ very​ much.​ The​ first​ few​ Khmer​ words​ she​ asked​ to​ learn​ in​ Phnom​ Penh​ are:​ pong​ mwan​ (egg),​ bai​ (rice),​ saat​ (beef)​ etc. Read more about Charine’s internship story, click here.


Natasha Michiko Yokoyama,

 National University of Singapore

Partnership and Grants Intern,​ Jun – Dec 2016

Natasha is a final year student studying political science at the National University of Singapore. During her six-month internship at ODC, Natasha was responsible to write grant proposals for various projects ranging from natural resources to gender equality. She is passionate about sustainable development and believes that open data is crucial especially since technology grows to be more prevalent in our lives.

“ODC has definitely provided a good opportunity for me to understand the development landscape in one of the world’s emerging economies. It has also given me an insight of the various stakeholders that are required to come together to solve global issues. I have learnt tremendously at ODC and am really grateful for the opportunity !”


Sam An Mardy, 

Institute of Technology of Cambodia and Institute of Foreign Languages

Web Intern, Apr – Oct 2016

Mardy just obtained a Bachelor of Education in English from Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL), and he is also a Fourth year student of Department of Information and Communication Engineering of Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC). During his six-month at ODC, he worked mainly on style and layout with ODC to implement and improve of ODC theme Generation II. Besides, he also contributed in some data entry for mapper team.

“Internship at ODC is my first professional experience which offered me things beyond my expectation. I had good opportunities not only to learn new technologies and practice new skills, but also to understand about the flow of work and meet amazing people. I feel like I am part of a family, and I am very much into the nice working environment and the impactful mission of ODC.”–Sam An Mardy


Romeo Garreau, 

Université de Rennes I

Legal Research Intern, Mar – Sept 2016

Romeo obtained a Master’s Degree in Environment and Law from Université de Rennes I in France. He was a legal researcher intern at ODC for 6 months, during which he contributed to several topic pages related to the environment and natural resources in Cambodia. Romeo also worked along with the data and mapping team, and represented ODC at promotional events such as Barcamp, Inno-Tech Festival and Science and Engineering Festival.

“My internship brought me a broad understanding of Cambodia’s trends, and it has strengthened my motivation into taking action for environmental protection. It also enabled me to understand better the value of information and the importance of transparency.” Romeo Garreau


Chhay Vannlyhoung,

 Royal University of Law and Economics

Legal Research and Editorial Intern, Mar – Aug 2014

Lyhoung is a third-year student at the Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE). Lyhoung’s help was fundamental in building the ODC Compendium of Laws page by researching law texts and organizing them for upload based on the ODC taxonomy. Lyhoung also assisted ODC editors in collecting information for the news archive and press release pages.

“I think I cannot forget my lovely time at ODC because ODC staff are kind, cooperative and friendly. They have a sense of humor, too. Even though it was my first time as an intern, I felt comfortable with them and I got a lot of experience from them as well as my tasks.” — Chhay Vannlyhoung


Lisa Zhao,

 Columbia Law School

Legal Research Intern, Jun – Aug 2014

Lisa is now in China starting a tech company with her partners. She came to ODC after her first year of law school at Columbia Law School in the U.S.A. During her internship, she prepared a draft briefing paper on Chinese investment in the Mekong region and its impacts. Besides doing research, Lisa contributed to in-house hackathons such as dataset review and metadata development parties.

“I enjoyed my time at ODC with all the great, hard-working and passionate co-workers! I learned so much about Cambodia’s economic development. It was very interesting to assess developments from different perspectives. ODC is doing great work in Cambodia and I hope the regional website will launch soon and provide public information to the region!” – Lisa Zhao


Elizabeth Buner,

 William and Mary Law School

Legal Research Intern, May – Jul 2014

Liz is a student at William and Mary Law School in Williamsburg, Virginia, U.S.A. During her time in Cambodia, Liz conducted research and drafted a briefing paper on rubber production in the Mekong and updated a briefing paper on Cambodia’s agricultural policy. Besides doing research, Liz contributed to in-house hackathons such as dataset review and metadata development parties.


Ross Natividad,

 William and Mary Law School

Legal Research Intern, May – Jul 2014

Ross is a student at William and Mary Law School in Williamsburg, Virginia, U.S.A. He interned at ODC from May to July 2014 and conducted research and drafted a briefing paper on Cambodia’s rubber industry. Besides doing research, Ross contributed to in-house hackathons such as dataset review and metadata development parties.

“My internship surpassed all expectations, and I am so thankful and fortunate to have been able to work at ODC. I’ve become knowledgeable about a myriad of legal, environmental, and human rights issues ongoing in Cambodia. I even got a taste of Khmer culture by traveling throughout the country, learning bits of the language, and tasting new and exotic foods. But without a doubt, the best part of my experience was getting to know the inspiring people at ODC. I will always remember the professionalism, kindness, and friendship they showed me during my unforgettable three months in Cambodia. Aw-koon-ch’ran ODC!” — Ross Nativdad


Kong Cheeko,

 Royal University of Law and Economics

Legal Research Intern, Mar – Jul 2014

Cheeko graduated with a Bachelor of Khmer Law degree at Royal University of Law and Economics in 2013 and completed the English language-based Bachelor of Law (ELBBL) degree program from the same university in August 2014. During his time at ODC, Cheeko contributed to the building of the ODC Compendium of Law page. He helped identifying relevant law texts and organized them for uploading based on ODC’s taxonomy. He also assisted the ODC editorial team in idenfitying press releases and conducting translations to be included in the website.

“I have gained a lot of experience working with ODC’s staff as a legal research intern. ODC’s team is friendly and I am thankful to be a member of this team. ” — Kong Cheeko

Poy Kimsan

Poy Kimsan,

 Passerelles Numériques Cambodia

IT Intern, Apr – May 2014

Kimsan is ODC’s first IT intern. Kimsan is a first-year student from the Passerelles Numériques Cambodia, a French NGO focusing on providing IT training to qualified and deserving young Cambodians. Kimsan worked with ODC’s IT team to further develop and maintain the Compendium of Law page.

Luke Flanagan

Luke Flanagan,

 University of Sydney

IT Intern, Jan 2014

Luke studies information systems and biological science at the University of Sydney. While having a one-month break between his volunteer assignment in Vietnam and before the new semester started, Luke assisted ODC’s IT team to improve the current spatial database in MySQL and conducted testing on preparations for establishing a standard spatial database structure.


Greg Bem,

 University of Washington

Library System & Information Management Intern, Sep – Dec 2013

Greg is a graduate student from the University of Washington’s Information School in Seattle. He interned for ODC, focusing on library support.

When not thinking, reading, talking, and writing about libraries and information exchange in the 21st century, Greg enjoys poetry and the arts, and writes critically about computer games. Since moving to Cambodia, he has fallen in love with eating ខ្ចៅ (khyoah, or ‘small snail’).

Follow his travel blog (cambodianbem.wordpress.com) and his internship blog (khmerbembrarian.wordpress.com), and follow him on Twitter @CambodianBem.


Chan Vidarith, 

Macalester College

Research Intern, Jun – Aug 2013

Vidarith is from Macalester College in the U.S.A. While conducting a research project with the ILO Better Factory Cambodia in summer 2013, Vid interned with ODC as a part-time Research Intern. He prepared a briefing paper on the garment and textiles industry and a pilot paper on working conditions in exporting and non-exporting garment and textiles industry in Cambodia.


Rim Reach,

 Royal University of Agriculture

Volunteer Mapper, Apr – Aug 2013

Reach is a student at the Royal University of Agriculture. Reach volunteered as a student mapper with ODC in summer 2013. During his time at ODC, Reach was trained by ODC mappers to use various mapping applications. By the end of his time with ODC, Reach was able to help the ODC mappers with image classifications for a forest cover change project.


Peat Pich Somneat, 

Royal University of Agriculture

Volunteer Mapper, Apr – Aug 2013

Somneat is a student at the Royal University of Agriculture. Neat volunteered as a student mapper with ODC in Summer 2013. During his time at ODC, Neat was trained to conduct desk research, collect spatial data, and prepare datasets for mapping. By the end of his time with ODC, Neat was able to help the ODC mappers update the concessions data generated from the Cambodian royal sub-decree monthly newsletters.


Jessica Duval,

 Universite Libre de Bruxelles

Legal Research Intern, Jul 2013

Jessica is pursuing a Master in Public Law at Universite Libre de Bruxelles. Jessica spent her summer with ODC as a legal research intern, during which time she completed a briefing paper on the law and judiciary sector in Cambodia, and collected more than 2000 law texts to build a compendium of law for the ODC Law & Regulations page.

Matthew Warren

Matthew Warren, 

Santa Clara University

Legal Research Intern, Jun – Jul 2013

Matt is from Santa Clara University School of Law in the USA. He came to ODC after his first year, and he prepared a draft briefing paper on Cambodia’s legal framework for investment, as well as a pilot paper on Cambodia’s Labor Law.

“I really loved my time at ODC, and I learned a great deal about the structure of government in Cambodia. ODC’s staff are fantastic and talented, and it is great to know that they are continuing to work to provide much-needed public information to the population!” – Matt Warren.


Atif Choudhury,

 William and Mary School of Law

Legal Research Intern, May – Jul 2013

Atif is a first-year law student at William and Mary School of Law in the USA. He came to ODC after his first year, and he prepared a draft briefing paper on Cambodia’s elections and collected data for ODC’s anticipated regional page. Atif called his experience at ODC “a bold and eye-opening adventure”. He wrote about his experience on the William and Mary School blog.

“As a clueless, rising 2L law student who had not even had the opportunity to take an American election law class (much less possess any familiarity with Cambodian election law), I have to admit the responsibility of being in charge of such a hugely important task was a bit daunting. Yet as I began researching Cambodia’s electoral history and framework of governance and pored over the finer details of the Law on Election of Members of the National Assembly (or LEMNA, as it is affectionately known), I began to adapt and mold the project as my own.” – Atif Choudhury


Katherine L. Hart,

 Texas Wesleyan School of Law

Legal Research Intern, Jun – Jul 2013

Katherine was a graduate student from the Texas Wesleyan School of Law. Katherine spent her summer in 2013 with ODC, during which she completed a briefing paper on the Cambodian health sector. Currently, Katherine is working for AlliedBarton Security Services and still studying international security, medicine, and legal policy.

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