Govt to transform Run Ta Ek, Peak Sneng into model towns

Efforts to revitalise the towns of Run Ta Ek and Peak Sneng in Siem Reap province are underway as the government aims to transform them into model rural towns, bolstering infrastructure and improving living standards for the residents. ...

Torn Vibol

Run Ta Ek residents protest reduction in social allowance

In order to demand that the government restore the amount for ID poor payments, around 400 individuals in Run Ta Ek City staged protests in front of the province and commune halls. ...

Torn Vibol

‘We are dying to live in our homeland’: Siem Reap villagers protest against Apsara

On Monday hundreds of families living inside the Angkor archaeological park protested against the Apsara National Authority, which manages the park, for barring them from doing construction and other activities that support their livelihoods. ...

Khuon Narim

Cambodian government establish the City of Run Ta Ek Techo Sen in Siem Reap province

The Royal Government of Cambodia has issued a sub-decree to establish the city of Run Ta Ek Techo Sen in Siem Reap province by removing Run Ta Ek commune from Banteay Srei district and Balang commune from PrasatBakong district. ...

Khmer Times Staff

Govt to launch free buses from Siem Reap to Run Ta Ek

The government, working with the Siem Reap Provincial Administration, plans to start a free public bus service between Siem Reap city and the Run Ta Ek Development Zone next week to facilitate travel and reduce costs for residents. ...

Hang Punreay

Officials dispute claims of Angkor ‘forced relocations’

Cambodian officials have rebuffed recent calls by Amnesty International for UNESCO to address allegations of “forced evictions” around the Angkor Archaeological Park, dismissing the claims as baseless. ...

Chea Sokny

Amnesty international calls on world heritage committee to address forced evictions at Angkor Wat

The human rights group Amnesty International has called on Unesco’s World Heritage Committee to address forced evictions at Angkor Wat as its 45th annual meeting begins Sunday in Saudi Arabia. ...

Khuon Narim and Seoung Nimol

Floods hit Run Ta Ek, affect new residents

Flash floods have struck the Run Ta Ek development area in Siem Reap province’s Banteay Srei district, affecting 190 homes. The sudden deluge created chaos, though no casualties were reported. ...

Orm Bunthoeurn

Run Ta Ek residents hope for jobs from the new govt

FacebookTwitterEmailShareFormer squatters who agreed to leave the Angkor Archaeological Park area for relocation to the Run Ta Ek development site in Siem Reap province want to see the new government help to create jobs because the location is new and far from the urban area ...

Torn Vibol

ANA replanting vacated Angkor land

APSARA National Authority (ANA) said that since last December, 22,963 saplings have been planted on the land formerly occupied by inhabitants who have now relocate to the newly formed development areas of Pak Snung and Run Ta Ek in Siem Reap province. It said 27,481 ...

Kim Yutharo

Run Ta Ek progress on track for area to become full town

Most parts of the Run Ta Ek development site in Siem Reap province’s Banteay Srei district – which has been allocated for those willing to relocate from the protected Angkor Archaeological Park – have already been cleared, and the developers are well underway with the ...

Orm Bunthoeurn

Village demands return of chief who joined Angkor protest

Siem Reap residents are collecting hundreds of thumbprints for the reinstatement of a village chief who was fired for joining a protest against the resettlement of Angkor evictees. ...

Khut Sokun

Siem Reap village chief dismissed after protesting for land rights with citizens

Sna Sangkram village chief of Balang commune, Prasat Bakong district, Siem Reap province was fired by his superiors after protesting for land rights with more than 210 families in the Run Ta Ek development area. ...

Khut Sokun

More than 200 families in Siem Reap dismantled tents on disputed land overnight after authorities threatened to use force

210 families live in Sna Sangkram village, Balong commune, Prasat Bakong district, Siem Reap province that has a land dispute with the Apsara Authority demolished tents from the disputed land overnight after authorities threatened to use force. ...

Khut Sokun

Woven packaging an economic, environmental win in Siem Reap

Run Ta Ek is known throughout the Kingdom for the beauty of its eco-village. The commune has implemented several principles of the Ministry of Environment. Among them is a commitment to reducing the use of plastic by using palm leave boxes to package their famous ...

Keo Bosaba

PM meets with 3,200 families in Peak Sneng

As of October 22, a total of 9,065 families have agreed to voluntarily leave Angkor Archeological Park and other areas under the control of Apsara National Authority for the Run Ta Ek area in Banteay Srei district and Peak Sneng in Angkor Thom district. ...

Orm Bunthoeurn

Residents volunteering to move out of Angkor area receive level 1 IDPoor with urban rate

Households volunteering to move out of Angkor Archaeological Park to live in Run Ta Ek and Peak Sneng areas in Siem Reap province will receive each Level 1 IDPoor and the same allowance rate as in urban areas. ...

Khmer Times Staff

Hun Sen asks Angkor protesters to ‘be calm’

Prime Minister Hun Sen on Thursday denied plans to relocate thousands of residents from one area of the Angkor Archaeological Park following protests. ...

Pa Sokheng

Hun Sen threatens eviction without compensation for Angkor residents who negotiate

Prime Minister Hun Sen has warned that families who refuse to accept government compensation to leave the Angkor area and try to bargain for higher compensation will face eviction. ...

Ouch Sony

Futile hold-outs: PM warns Angkor Park squatters against inciters

Prime Minister Hun Sen yesterday urged squatters who have yet to relocate from Angkor Archaeological Park to Run Ta Ek village not to fall victim to unnamed opposition political party members inciting them to hold out for a higher amount of compensation. ...

Torn Vibol

Run Ta Ek families get agricultural training

Agricultural experts are providing technical support in raising animals and growing crops as the first step for the 153 households who have agreed to relocate to the Run Ta Ek eco-village from the Angkor Archaeological Park. ...

Orm Bunthoeurn

Displaced From Angkor: Desolate Land, Uncertain Futures Await Residents

Locals who spoke with VOD said they wouldn’t defy the government order to move. But while some found consolation in official promises that displaced villagers would be given land in a rural area outside the park in Run Ta Ek commune, none had a clear ...

Andrew Haffner and Phin Rathana

Run Ta Ek residents say life is better there than in Angkor Archaeological Park

Residents who were willing to leave their homes in Angkor Archaeological Park and relocate to Run Ta Ek eco-village five years ago are saying their lives have improved in the interim, and now Prime Minister Hun Sen has recently announced that Run Ta Ek area ...

Post Staff

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