Open Development Cambodia (ODC) is an open data website, the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. The open data movement is based on the simple premise that data collected for the public interest should be publicly available without restrictions. Information or data in the public domain should be freely available to everyone to use and republish as they wish. Open Development Cambodia does not promote any particular perspective, agenda, or bias other than to provide objective information about Cambodia and its development. ODC was launched in 2011 as an independent, politically-neutral body and registered with the Ministry of Interior in Cambodia as a local NGO in 2015.


Web Development Officer

PositionWeb Development Officer (1 position)
Reports toIT and Website Manager, IT and Website Advisor, and ODC Executive Director/Editor-in-Chief
Coordinates withEditor-Research team, Data Researcher and GIS team, Regional IT Manager and other staff
Job locationPhnom Penh
Employment typeFixed Duration Contract (FDC)
Schedule & locationFull-time and based in Phnom Penh

Primary Responsibilities

The Web Development Officer works with the IT and Website team in assisting the IT and Website Manager to develop online information resources (www.opendevcam.net) for Cambodia’s development community and other audiences. He/she will also support the IT and Website Manager in leading the development and maintenance of the ODC web platform and controlling the networking system. 

Main Responsibilities:

  • Assist in developing, managing, and maintaining the ODC platform and network system to ensure good performance and security.
  • Assist the IT and Website Manager in the development and implementation of ODC’s strategic plans and policies.
  • Assist the IT and Website Manager in the development and execution of ODC’s technical strategy in partnerships with regional and national partners.
  • Assist the IT and Website Manager in developing project plans, timelines, and project documentation.
  • Assist the Data and Digital Literacy program.

Detailed Duties and Tasks

Web Platform Management

    1. Assist the IT and Website Manager to ensure maintenance and optimization of the ODC in-house server for both back-end and front-end efficiency and security; identify problems and work with the technical team to ensure regular in-house server updates are made and maintenance and timely solutions to problems are carried out.
    2. Support ODC staff in uploading spatial and non-spatial data to the database and website in a timely way.
    3. Assist on the technical aspects of the platform (WordPress, CKAN, and GeoServer), including guiding, directing, and monitoring staff in coding and data entry.
    4. Assist in designing and developing infographics, data visualization, maps, and website template in consultation with the ODC team.
    5. Support the maintenance of social media accounts, identifying and resolving any technical problems associated with them.
    6. Assist and support in tracking and monitoring of website and social media analytics.
    7. Support the team to train, guide, and advise ODC staff on using WordPress, CKAN, GeoServer, and other applications as needed, and ensure that they are implemented according to ODC standards.
    8. Assist in designing promotional and presentation materials, as requested, in keeping with ODC standards.
    9. With the supervision of the IT and Website Manager in collaboration with other team members, assist in the design of new templates, customize themes, develop functions, build plug-ins, and code revisions to correct errors.
    10. Assist in tracking and monitoring internal networks and servers and ensuring that the network system is secured and properly backed up.
    11. In consultation with the IT and Website Manager, configuring, controlling, and maintaining the local network systems for security and ensuring online data is centralized.
    12. Perform other tasks, as needed or assigned by the IT and Website Manager, IT and Website Advisor, and Executive Director.

Qualifications and Experience Requirements:

  • Degree in computer science or equivalent experience or skills.
  • At least two years’ work experience.
  • Minimum two years in customizing WordPress, CKAN, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Mapping skills, ArcGIS, and QGIS a plus.
  • Knowledge and experience in leadership and management.
  • Experience designing promotional materials.
  • Demonstrated skills in design, coding, and website development.
  • Ability to maintain computer hardware and software.
  • Experience managing Windows/Linux Servers.
  • Working knowledge of Networking (WAN & LAN) and troubleshooting.
  • Good problem solving, planning, and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong commitment to objective and neutral data standards.
  • Ability to work in both Khmer and English.
  • Good writing and reporting skills.
  • Strong sense of responsibility with good analytical skills, flexible and mindful of details.
  • Experience with social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is required.
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics Reports is required.
  • Knowledge of GitHub is required.
  • At least three years of experience in development, economic, and/or environmental issues.

Application Information

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter with salary expectations, a detailed CV with at least two referees, and a platform development portfolio either on mobile or website, by using the contact details below.

    • Deadline for submitting applications is on 25 August 2022 at 5:30 pm (Phnom Penh time).
    • Email Subject of the application: Web Development Officer
    • Application will be accepted by email ONLY: recruitment@opendevcam.net
    • ODC does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, race, age, gender, or sexual orientation.
    • Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Note: Maximum file size for attachments is only 5MB.



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