Informal migration for labor

Local workers abroad

Migrant worker brokers arrested

Police in Pailin province yesterday arrested two suspects accused of brokering illegal passage for migrant workers into Thailand. ...

Sen David

Opposition pushes migrant vote reform

Opposition CNRP lawmakers have suggested amendments to a law which would let Cambodian migrant workers register and vote abroad. The amendments were sent to National Assembly President Heng Samrin on Friday. ...

Khy Sovuthy

Fee protection plea for Hong Kong workers

Spokesmen for the Cambodian and Hong Kong governments are urging agencies not to charge excessive fees to Cambodian domestic helpers wanting to work in Hong Kong and offered reassurance that their rights would be protected. ...

Mom Kunthear

Agencies to send maids to Hong Kong

The Cambodian government has selected six agencies to facilitate sending domestic workers to Hong Kong – with one saying they will begin sending maids by the end of the year – though rights groups yesterday warned of potential exploitation and abuses. ...

Yon Sineat and Leonie Kijewski

200,000 migrant workers register in Thailand

The Ministry of Labour yesterday released data to show how many illegal migrant workers residing in Thailand have taken the first step to register with authorities there in order to gain all their proper paperwork. ...

Sen David

Law blocks migrant workers from voting

The National Election Committee has said current laws forbid out-of-country registration and voting, following a meeting yesterday to discuss involving migrant workers in next year’s national election. ...

Khy Sovuthy

NEC head deflects blame on migrant voters

National Election Committee (NEC) Chairman Sik Bun Hok yesterday attempted to quell criticism of the electoral body for failing to register migrant voters, insisting that the law did not empower the body to allow overseas voting or registration, and instead passing the buck to political ...

Ananth Baliga and Mech Dara

Undocumented migrants signing up in new Thai centres

More than 70,000 undocumented Cambodians have registered in new centres in Thailand in their first week of operation, though experts yesterday warned the designated two-week window will be too short for all migrants to register. . ...

Leonie Kijewski

Campaign to legalise workers delayed

The Ministry of Labour yesterday confirmed there had been a slight delay to the planned 100-day campaign to provide illegal migrant workers in Thailand with proper documents to remain working in the country legally. ...

Sen David

NEC to meet over migrants’ voting rights

The National Election Committee will on Thursday hold a meeting to discuss the registration of migrant workers to vote in the upcoming 2018 national election. ...

Khy Sovuthy

Migrants still lacking access to justice: ILO

Cambodians who leave the country for work overseas still often lack effective access to the country’s justice system when they have problems with recruitment agencies, despite some recent improvements, a new report from the International Labour Organization says.​ ...

Leonie Kijewski

NGOs help six more workers to repatriate from Malaysia

NGOs in Cambodia and Malaysia are working with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to repatriate six of the 30 Cambodians who sought shelter at the country’s embassy after the Malaysian government started mass arrests of undocumented migrant workers on July 1. ...

Zsomber Peter

Migrants given six months to get legal

The Labour Ministry yesterday released a detailed schedule for illegal migrant workers who remain in Thailand to aid them in gathering legal documentation over the next few months. ...

Sen David

Migrant worker protections ‘lacking’, reports find

Cambodia lacks effective mechanisms to protect its citizens working both as legal and undocumented migrants abroad, where such workers also face insufficient protection from the countries that receive them, according to two new reports published last week. ...

Leonie Kijewski and Soth Koemsoeun

Labour minister visits illegal workers in Thailand

Labour Minister Ith Samheng visited migrant workers in Thailand over the weekend, urging them to make use of centres that Thai authorities are opening to provide them with legal documents to remain in the country. ...

Sen David

NEC urged to Let Cambodians vote abroad

NGOs on Wednesday renewed a push for the National Election Committee to let Cambodians working abroad register to vote, as an opposition lawmaker also challenged the committee to back up its claim that current laws would need to be amended to make it happen. ...

Phan Soumy

As region cracks down on migrants, agencies provide costly, illegal passport service

Amid crackdowns on undocumented migrants in Malaysia and Thailand, demand for passports among Cambodian migrants has seen large spikes in recent weeks, with many making the costly journey to Phnom Penh to get their paperwork in order. ...

Leonie Kijewski

Embassy in Malaysia lacks funds to send workers home

An official at the Cambodian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur said on Monday that with more Cambodians seeking support and refuge amid a labor crackdown by Malaysian authorities, the embassy’s budget was not enough to pay to bring them home. ...

Leng Len and Hannah Hawkins

Hundreds of Cambodian workers repatriated so far in 2017

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs assisted the repatriation of more than 450 Cambodian workers in the first six months of the year, according to figures released Saturday. ...

Leonie Kijewski and Kong Meta

79 migrant workers arrested in Malaysia

The Foreign Affairs Ministry says the Malaysian government has taken notice of Thailand’s recent crackdown on illegal foreign workers and begun one of its own, wrangling 79 illegal Cambodian migrant workers in two weeks. ...

Sen David

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