Ministry of Education signs MoU with Asia Foundation on further enhancing education sector

Minister of Education Hang Chuon Naron yesterday signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Asia Foundation president David D. Arnold on “Cooperation in the field of education” at the Ministry of Education. ...

So Cheata

Management of Cambodian local funds under transparency review

The Asia Foundation and Silaka with support from the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade this week launched a three-year project to promote the transparent and accountable management of local funds in Cambodia. ...

Sok Chan

BookLab teaches children social skills

The Asia Foundation with support from Smart Axiata has launched BookLab – a children’s book creation event to produce 10 children’s storybooks, laying out different situations and problems for young readers to learn and explore. ...

Voun Dara

Critics sceptical of NGO's optimistic findings

Cambodians were optimistic about the economic and political future of the Kingdom, according to a national survey on citizen’s perceptions released on Wednesday by the Asia Foundation, although observers yesterday questioned whether that optimism remains in light of the government’s recent crackdown on the opposition. ...

Alessandro Marazzi Sassoon

Economic growth brings optimism and rising expectations in Cambodia

Bolstered by a massive construction boom over the last few years, Cambodia now boasts one of the world’s fastest growing economies and was one of the few countries able to meet its Millennium Development Goals. In fact, Cambodia, which has halved its poverty rate in ...

Silas Everett

Clock ticking on city’s waste crisis: reports

The government could be forced to shell out more than $120 million [≈ Finance industry 2011 political donations] to build new landfills over the next decade unless it invests in preventing Phnom Penh’s current site from reaching capacity, according to a pair of new reports. ...

Shaun Turton

Economic growth could slow as workers migrate

Cambodia’s growth largely depends on a labor-intensive economy in agriculture, garment factories, and goods and services. Due to lower wages and poor incentives, there is a large outflow of Cambodian workers to Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea and China, and that, in the long run, could cause ...

Ten Soksreinith

Poll shows increased dissatisfaction with government

An increasing number of Cambodians are dissatisfied with the direction the country is moving toward, according to results from a nationwide survey by the Asia Foundation. The foundation interviewed 1,000 people face to face in May and June of this year—prior to a political deal struck ...

Phorn Bopha

Poll shows wide support for heavily monitored exams

Most Cambodians support the Ministry of Education’s crusade to end corruption on the grade 12 national exam, results from a “snap poll” by the Asia Foundation showed yesterday. The survey polled 500 respondents, including 100 current high school students, and 96 per cent were overwhelmingly in ...

Laignee Barron

Economic growth has come at high cost, experts warn

Experts say that Cambodia’s economic growth remains fragile and unsustainable, bringing environmental degradation, social inequality and, at times, unrest to the country. Cambodia has maintained a high economic growth rate in recent years, up to 8 percent, “but that high growth comes with high costs,” said ...

Khoun Theara

GPS tracking system could be answer to city’s garbage problem

Keeping ahead of Phnom Penh’s mounting piles of garbage has proved tough for Cintri since it was awarded sole rights in 2002 to keep the city clean. But a new plan harnessing global satellite positioning and digital mapping is offering the company a high-tech helping ...

Khuon Narim and Simon Henderson

Cambodia’s Small Businesses Serve as Backbone of Sustainable Economy

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen announced in late March that the nation was on target to move from the status of a low-income to a lower-middle-income nation by the end of 2013, ranking it the 15th country that obtained high economic growth in the world in the ...

Maid recruits routinely deceived, report finds

Job recruitment agencies that send workers overseas often deceive young women through misleading job advertisements by using brokers that have “a position of authority” within the community, according to a new report by the Asia Foundation. According to the report, agencies also inflate migration costs that ...

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