Kampot Pepper Demand Sees Production Increase

Growing demand abroad for Kampot pepper has resulted in production levels for the commodity increasing by 22 percent to 22 tons during this year’s harvest, officials said yesterday. Nguon Lay, president of the Kampot Pepper Association, said that the amount of farmland used to cultivate pepper ...

Cheap Thai Green Beans Send Local Prices Downward

Large quantities of cheap green bean exports from Thailand are driving down prices of the product in Kompong Cham province by as much as 40 percent compared to the same period last year and forcing farmers to grow other crops, officials and farmers said yesterday. The ...

Tobacco Harvest Hurt by Rains, Fewer Farmers

Rainfall during this year’s dry season and fewer farmers cultivating tobacco has resulted in a shortage of raw tobacco and a steep price increase, industry officials and farmers said yesterday. Tola Ponlu, head of corporate and regulatory affairs at British American Tobacco (BAT) in Phnom Penh, ...

Thailand's allure is strong in Srei Snam

Dry, parched ground – evidence of severe dry season drought – stretches for miles in Siem Reap’s Srei Snam district. In a couple of months, the rains will flood these fields. Both conditions make it equally impossible to produce a good harvest. Srei Snam was a ...

Salt farmers extend season by one month

In an effort to make up for the low salt yield this year caused by unexpected rainfall during the dry season, farmers in salt-producing Kep and Kampot provinces said yesterday that they would try to continue harvesting the mineral for another month even though the ...

Cashew nut harvest likely to decline

As the end of this year’s cashew harvest nears, the yield in two major producing provinces has fallen compared with last year, officials and farmers said, while traders said that the price of the nuts had also dropped since last year. In Kompong Cham province, this ...

As rice harvest begins, grain's price soars

As the harvest of the wet season rice crop gets under way in many parts of the country, rice prices have started to increase, rice millers said yesterday. They said prices were now up about 15 percent compared to the same time last year, but ...

Strong Rains Hasten Rice Planting Across Country

Good rains have boosted rice cultivation across the country, and nearly 90 percent of farmers have completed planting their paddies, although planting in Svay Rieng province is lagging due to drought, and agriculture official said yesterday. Chan Heng, administration bureau chief of the Agriculture Ministry’s administration ...

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