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ECCC dismisses Samphan’s application

The Special Panel of the UN-backed Khmer Rouge Tribunal yesterday “unanimously dismissed” the former Khmer Rouge’s top leader Khieu Samphan’s application for disqualification of the six appeal judges who adjudicated in Case 002/01 over crimes against humanity. ...

Ben Sokhean

Japan donates $960,000 to Khmer Rouge tribunal

The Japanese government has announced a new contribution of $960,000 to the international component of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) to support the continuation of the Khmer Rouge tribunal. ...

Soth Koemsoeun

‘Historic’ Khmer Rouge tribunal Case 002/2 verdict to be delivered

The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) are to deliver the verdict on Friday, in the trial of former Khmer Rouge leaders Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan, in a pronouncement hailed as a “historic event for Cambodia and the world”. The verdict from ...

Mech Dara

EU donates €3.5M to the KR Tribunal

The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) announced on Monday that the European Union (EU) has pledged a total of €3.5 million ($4.1 million) to support it in 2018, according to its press officer, Neth Peaktra. ...

Niem Chheng

UN pledges $8 million to ECCC

The United Nations will provide a $8 million subvention to support the 2018 operations of the Khmer Rouge tribunal, which is tasked with the prosecution of the country’s former Khmer Rouge commanders.   ...

Ros Chanveasna

Muth’s lawyer calls for case to be terminated

The defence team for Meas Muth has said terminating the proceedings against the alleged Khmer Rouge naval commander is the “only legitimate and lawful option” if funds cannot be found to ensure a fair trial. ...

Erin Handley

Japan donates $1.1 million to tribunal

Japan, the Khmer Rouge tribunal’s largest donor to date, has contributed a further $1.12 million to its international component, the tribunal said on Tuesday in a statement. ...

Mayuri Mei Lin​

US seeks to continue funding for Khmer Rouge tribunal, ambassador says

The new US ambassador to Cambodia, William A. Heidt, says the US is currently looking at how much it can contribute to the Khmer Rouge tribunal. ...

Pin Sisovann

KR tribunal judge resigns amid police inaction

Mark Harmon, the Khmer Rouge tribunal’s international co-investigating judge, announced Tuesday that he was stepping down from his position following almost a year of inaction by judicial police in executing arrest warrants in two government-opposed cases. ...

George Wright

Hun Sen asks Britain to help human resource development

Prime Minister Hun Sen asked Britain to help Cambodia on human resource development. Hun Sen and Hugo Swire, British Foreign Minister for Asian Affairs, had a meeting Friday at the Peace Palace. ...

The Cambodia Herald News Staff

Reform talk from CPP

The Cambodian People’s Party is prepared to make sweeping changes during its fifth government mandate, including improving the often-criticised judiciary and prioritising social justice, a government spokesman said. This “period of reform” would see deep-seated changes across a number of ministries in response to grievances expressed ...

Kevin Ponniah

Monitoring for Nothing: Is the ILO’s ‘Better Factories’ programme failing the Kingdom’s garment workers?

The United Nations in Cambodia has taken a beating in recent months. The UN-backed Khmer Rouge tribunal has been plagued by high-profile resignations and accusations of political interference. Elsewhere human rights activists have criticised the UN’s failure to take a firm stance against an increasingly ...

Frédéric Janssens

Cambodia-France discuss tram system project

Foreign Minister Hor Namhong met with Serge Mostura, French Ambassador to Cambodia, to discuss a tram system project to benefit the residents of Phnom Penh, an official said Monday. Koy Kuong, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, said, the two sides discussed ...

Sonando Verdict a Tough Test for KRT Legacy

When the international community hammered out a hard-fought deal with the government in 2001 for a war crimes tribunal to try the most senior leaders of the Khmer Rouge regime, they hoped their efforts would also set an example for local court system riddled with ...

Sweden Donates $3.97M to Khmer Rouge Tribunal

The international side of the Khmer Rouge tribunal has had its financial woes briefly allayed by a $3.97 million pledge from Sweden to fund operations for the next two years. ...

Defence homes in on assumptions of rank

During the final day of testimony by Sar Kimlomouth at the Khmer Rouge tribunal yesterday, the defence team for co-accused Khieu Samphan sought to weaken the ties between their client and the Ministry of Commerce, within which Sar Kimlomouth, a former banker within Democratic Kampuchea, ...

Role small, memory cloudy, former KRouge banker tells court

For six hours yesterday at the Khmer Rouge tribunal, Sar Kimlomouth, who served as deputy director general of the state bank, consistently downplayed both his level of authority within the department and his ability to recall information from so long ago. Throughout the day’s proceedings, lawyers ...

KR Bank Official Quizzed Over Disappearances

On his second day of questioning by prosecutors at the Khmer Rouge tribunal yesterday, the deputy director of the foreign commerce bank during the Pol Pot regime, Sar Kim Lomouth, said he feared for his safety following the purging of several superiors at the Ministry ...

KR Banking Chief Says Institution Was Sham

On his first day of questioning at the Khmer Rouge tribunal yesterday, Sar Kim Lomouth, the deputy director of the State Bank of Democratic Kampuchea, described how the national financial institution was nothing but a charade during the Pol Pot regime. Currency had been abolished and financial transactions eliminated under ...

KR commerce scrutinized

Democratic Kampuchea’s commerce committee was under the leadership of co-accused Khieu Samphan and Ieng Sary, testimony by former national bank deputy director Sar Kimlomouth revealed yesterday at the Khmer Rouge tribunal. Although the Khmer Rouge regime had eliminated currency and attempted to turn the nation into ...

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