UNICEF slams street sweeps

Following the detention this week of homeless children as young as 1 year old at Phnom Penh’s notorious Prey Speu vocational training centre, UNICEF yesterday called for an end to street sweeps and arbitrary detentions. Three people rounded up on Sunday said in separate accounts this ...

Alice Cuddy

Beggars set for Prey Speu: city

After months of claiming that Phnom Penh’s notorious Prey Speu Social Affairs Centre had all but shut down, officials yesterday told the Post that the facility would be used in its latest efforts to rid the streets of “undesirables”. City Hall spokesman Long Dimanche said that ...

Sen David and Alice Cuddy

NGO blasts roundup of Phnom Penh’s beggars

An NGO partnered with Phnom Penh’s municipal government in a scheme to help poor children get off the street Wednesday blasted the city’s ongoing catch-and-release strategy. In June, City Hall partnered up with two NGOs in a campaign to remove beggars from Phnom Penh’s streets. The ...

Khuon Narim and Alex Consiglio

Partner NGOs again in the dark over city’s street sweep

Rin Ren thought that her grandchildren had gone to study English with NGO Mith Samlanh and would return to their home along the railroad in Phnom Penh’s Boeng Kak II commune by nightfall, just as they had done many times before. Instead, friends of the children ...

Khuon Narim and Alex Consiglio

Prey Speu tales conflict

Following last week’s street sweep, children as young as 7 years old were kept in Phnom Penh’s notorious Prey Speu social affairs centre, eyewitnesses, staff and those targeted by the initiative have told the Post, directly contradicting government denials offered earlier this week. Standing at the centre’s ...

Alice Cuddy and Sen David

Homeless ‘went to Prey Speu’

With a number of homeless, beggars and street sellers who were rounded up in caged vans last week still unaccounted for, several of those targeted by the street sweep claimed yesterday that they had been held in Phnom Penh’s notorious Prey Speu social affairs centre. Homeless ...

Sen David and Alice Cuddy

Roundup of vagrants begins; numbers kept secret

The Phnom Penh municipality on Tuesday began its latest campaign to clear the city’s streets of vagrants, rounding up truckloads of beggars and sellers at traffic lights and holding them at district offices and the municipal social affairs department. Street people across the city were seen ...

Kuch Naren and Matt Blomberg

City Hall orders curbs on beggars

Phnom Penh municipality on Monday ordered a curb on vagrants entering the city and a roundup of beggars, homeless people and children selling items at traffic lights. In the directive, signed by deputy city governor Seng Ratanak, City Hall orders the 12 district governors, its social ...

Kuch Naren and Matt Blomberg

Cambodian Sommeliers Head to Singapore for Regional Contest

Beer, whisky and strong, home-brewed moonshine have long been Cambodians’ favorite tipples, but with an ever-growing middle class, tastes are changing and if you’re part of the new elite, it is increasingly important to know your Pinot Gris from your Pinot Noir. To help enhance one’s ...

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