Envoy's report shifts gaze back to Prey Speu

Nougy Mom bounces her 2-year-old son in her arms as she waits at the gates of Phnom Penh’s notorious centre for “undesirables”, Prey Speu. The 34-year-old mother was there to visit her husband, a rubbish collector like herself, who was rounded up by authorities as he ...

Erin Handley and Kong Meta

Embassies keep wary eye on cases against rights workers

Foreign diplomatic missions in Phnom Penh say they are closely watching the handling of the cases of human rights monitors and a national election official charged and jailed on Monday in connection with a sex scandal being prosecuted against an opposition leader.    ...

Alex Willemyns

Union law violates human rights, finds OHCHR

The United Nations Human Rights Commission in Cambodia (OHCHR) yesterday released an analysis of the contentious draft trade union law finding key clauses to be in violation of existing Cambodian law, human rights norms and the ILO’s conventions.   ...

Bun Sengkong

More than 200 montagnards now in Phnom Penh, UN says

The number of Montagnard asylum seekers in Phnom Penh has doubled over the past two months with the U.N. saying Thursday that there are now more than 200 in the capital, but the government’s refugee department again denied knowledge of the group. ...

Chris Mueller and Aun Pheap

Governor holds meeting on helping homeless

Ahead of a visit to the Prey Speu social affairs center Friday, Phnom Penh governor Pa Socheatvong on Wednesday urged NGOs to get homeless people off the streets and into safe environments where they can turn their lives around, according to a post on City ...

Khy Sovuthy

Montagnards may get asylum-seeker status

The government may recognize the more than 100 Montagnard asylum seekers in the capital as refugees, a senior official at the Interior Ministry has said. ...

Donald Lee and Nov Sivutha

More montagnards arrive in Phnom Penh

Eleven more Montagnard asylum seekers arrived in Phnom Penh this week, bringing to 85 the number waiting to apply for refugee status, the U.N. said Tuesday. ...

Chris Mueller and Zsombor Peter

Another montagnard in Phnom Penh, UN says

Another Montagnard asylum-seeker has arrived in Phnom Penh, joining 10 others who are still in the capital after having their requests to have their refugee claims processed rejected, according to the U.N. ...

Colin Meyn

UN human rights envoy wants quick solution to montagnard situation in Cambodia

A United Nations human rights expert has called for a speedy solution to the situation of the Montagnards from Vietnam still hiding in the forests of northeastern Cambodia, after crossing the border to escape alleged persecution. About 13 of the 50 Montagnards—Christian indigenous people from ...

Ratha Visal

Police deny arrest of 36 montagnards

The chief of police in Ratanakkiri province on Monday denied that authorities arrested 36 Montagnards, who the U.N. and local villagers say were deported to Vietnam last week while attempting to reach Phnom Penh to apply for asylum. ...

Chris Mueller and Aun Pheap

Montagnards attempting to reach capital deported

A group of 36 Montagnard asylum seekers who went missing last week after they left their hiding places in the forests of Ratanakkiri province have been arrested and deported back to Vietnam, the U.N. and local villagers said Sunday. ...

Aun Pheap

Prey Speu detention centre still going strong

Almost 450 people were rounded up from the capital’s streets last year and sent to the notorious Prey Speu social affairs centre, where in November a man died after being denied medical treatment, according to an annual report from Phnom Penh’s Social Affairs Department. ...

Sen David and Alice Cuddy

Six new montagnards seeking refugee status arrive in Cambodia

A new group of six Montagnards from Vietnam have arrived in northeastern Cambodia’s Ratanakiri province to seek political refuge, as a United Nations team tries to locate and assist other refugees in hiding, a villager who provided shelter to the Montagnards said. The villager, who declined ...

Ratha Visal

Three new refugees file claims

Three Montagnards, including a 10-year-old girl, arrived yesterday morning at the government’s Refugee Department in Phnom Penh to process their asylum claims. ...

Phak Seangly

Three new refugees file claims

Three Montagnards, including a 10-year-old girl, arrived yesterday morning at the government’s Refugee Department in Phnom Penh to process their asylum claims. ...

Phak Seangly

UN says Ratanakkiri governor hnhelpful over Montagnards

The governor of Ratanakkiri province is not cooperating with efforts by the U.N. to negotiate safe passage for five Montagnard asylum seekers who crossed the border from Vietnam nearly two weeks ago, a U.N. official said Thursday. Wan-Hea Lee, the country representative for the U.N.’s Office ...

Aun Pheap and Chris Mueller

Governor continues to delay UN meeting with Montagnards

The U.N.’s efforts to locate a group of Montagnards hiding in Ratanakkiri province continued to be hindered Monday as the provincial governor was yet again unavailable to meet its delegation, four days after it traveled to the northeastern province. Despite the delegation’s expectation that it would ...

Aun Pheap and George Wright

Gov’t pares UN rights recommendations

Cambodia has drastically reduced the amount of human rights recommendations it will implement as part of the United Nations’ Universal Periodic Review, saying they were overly repetitive. While Cambodia was criticised for deferring recommendations, which dealt with issues such as freedom of expression and the ...

Charles Rollet

UNICEF slams street sweeps

Following the detention this week of homeless children as young as 1 year old at Phnom Penh’s notorious Prey Speu vocational training centre, UNICEF yesterday called for an end to street sweeps and arbitrary detentions. Three people rounded up on Sunday said in separate accounts this ...

Alice Cuddy

UN representative hears minorities’ complaints

The U.N.’s human rights representative in Cambodia visited ethnic Bunong villagers in Mondolkiri province this week, days after local authorities prevented hundreds of them from marching to mark International Day of the World’s Indigenous People. Wan-Hea Lee met with villagers in Pech Chreada district’s Bosra commune ...

Aun Pheap and George Wright

Minister meets NGOs over ongoing UDG dispute

Environment Minister Say Sam Al on Thursday met with U.N. and NGO representatives to discuss the ongoing dispute between the powerful Chinese-owned Union Development Group (UDG) and villagers in Koh Kong province who say they were kicked off their land and had their shelters torched. In ...

Khuon Narim

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