Tariff-free through EU loophole?

Cambodians may be able to market rice in the EU tariff-free if they sell the semi-processed grain to European millers instead of finished products to end consumers, as the former is still subject to a zero tax rate, said an exporter. ...

Hor Kimsay

Outlook good for the Kingdom’s agro sector

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries expressed optimism that this year would be another good year for the sector, with ministry spokesman Srey Vuthy saying many agro-processing factories are expected to commence operation this year. ...

Cheng Sokhorng

Nine communities join contract farming scheme

Nine more agricultural communities in Kampong Thom province have joined the government’s Boosting Food Projection Programme, entering a contract farming scheme with local exporter Amru Rice. The communities have recently signed agreements with Amru Rice, agreeing to supply a combined 8,000 tonnes of paddy rice ...

Chea Vannak

Agricultural mapping project to be expanded nationwide

With agricultural mapping still in its infancy in the Kingdom, authorities have announced that their programme to boost yields through the use of spatial information technology will be extended to the whole country, an endeavour that will take at least three years to complete. ...

Sok Chan

Demand for Cambodian cashews on the rise

Demand for Cambodian cashew nuts remains robust in 2018, with the price of the commodity in the global market having experienced moderate growth in recent months, according to an official from the Ministry of Agriculture. ...

Sok Chan

Government investigates rice sector

Following a Monday announcement from the Agriculture Ministry that provincial officials must ensure that the country’s rice millers pay adequate prices for rice paddy, the ministry followed up yesterday, saying that working groups had started discussing the situation with rice millers and rice farmers. In a ...

Sok Chan

PM: China will open markets

Prime Minister Hun Sen said yesterday that China gave assurances that it will grant greater access for Cambodia’s agricultural products to enter its markets. “It is my mission to ensure that domestic goods, especially agricultural products, can be exported to China in greater quantities. I just ...

May Kunmakara

Rice harvest soon but still no help

With less than three months to the rice harvesting season in November, panic has now set in among rice millers and producers who feel less confident as the days go by that they will be bailed out by government emergency loans ‒ to help them ...

Chea Vannak

Minister wants access to Thai port

The commerce minister has once again called on Thailand to consider giving access to Cambodian agricultural products to transit to the Thai port of Laem Chabang before being exported to a third country. The minister also called for a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to be signed ...

Sok Chan

Armyworms wreak havoc on crops

More than 20 thousand hectares of farmland spread over 10 provinces have been affected by armyworms since last week, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. ...

Chea Vannak

Rice exports to EU threatened

The Kingdom’s rice exports to the European Union (EU), which now enjoy duty and quota free access, could be threatened if the regional grouping agrees to Italy’s request to limit rice imports from least developed countries (LDCs). Italy is Europe’s top premium rice producer and ...

Sok Chan

One-stop commodity distribution center

Cambodia is seeking a loan from China to set up a common commodity distribution hub for exporters and importers to reduce production and logistics costs and raise the competitiveness of manufactured and agricultural products in the region. ...

Sok Chan

Kingdom to clean up to ASEAN standards

The Kingdom’s first automated measures to apply for sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) certification of imports and exports will be launched by the end of June in an effort to boost and facilitate communication between Ministry of Agriculture officials and importers and exporters applying for SPS ...

Sok Chan

Chinese to check Cambodian rice

Officials from China will arrive in Cambodia soon to audit and evaluate rice producing companies and to check warehouses. ...

Sok Chan

Massive Thai rice sell-off ‘concerning’

Thailand’s plans to sell off 11.4 million tons of its rice stockpile over the next two months is concerning Cambodia, which fears the sale will drive global prices down as the Kingdom struggles to meet its own export target. ...

May Kunmakara

Rice exports up, but cash shortage hitting

Rice exports for the first quarter of the year jumped 8.5 percent to 162,220 tons from 149,464 tons for the same period last year, but in March the figure dropped 14.5 percent, or 9,592 tons, to 66,275 tons in the face of competition from Thailand, ...

Sok Chan

Changes rolled out to prop up rice sector

The government took steps to shore up the rice sector yesterday, saying it would remove the current value added tax [VAT] on milling machines in the country and shut down companies importing rice from neighboring countries and rebranding it as Cambodian during an emergency meeting ...

Sok chan

Reshuffle a positive move says business community

The business community in Cambodia has welcomed the recent Cabinet reshuffle, which many say will improve the way the government works and will also improve the economy. ...

May Kunmakara

Dry season rice snapped up by neighbor

Thirteen provinces across the country have finished harvesting their dry season rice and yields have increased on last year’s crop, but local millers and exporters are concerned about the bulk of the crop making its way to a neighboring country.   ...

Sok Chan

After prod, Rice Federation springs to action

The Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF) will work closely with the government to curb Vietnamese rice imports flooding the domestic market and channel more lending to domestic millers so that they can compete with rivals in neighboring countries, it said yesterday in a statement. ...

May Kunmakara

Rice sector facing collapse, millers warn

About half of the country’s rice millers and exporters went out of business last year and those clinging on are likely to follow suit within two years unless the government injects capital into the sector and takes measures to curb the flood of imported rice ...

May Kunmakara

Rice Federation raises alarm about Vietnam’s FTA with EU

The Cambodia Rice Federation yesterday raised fresh concerns about the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (FTA), after an online rice-industry portal said the deal will scrap import duties on about 80,000 tons of rice from Vietnam per year and that this could start this year. ...

May Kunmakara

China rice deal gets more urgent

Cambodia’s need to secure China as a rice export destination is becoming increasingly urgent, with China’s multiple pending agreements with other countries in Southeast and South Asia, said industry insider David Van. ...

Igor Kossov

US turns to Cambodia rice market

Cambodia’s rice exporters are eager to sell more of their goods in the United States and tap into the world’s largest economy. Speaking at the International Export Market Research for Cambodian Rice seminar in Phnom Penh yesterday, Song Saran, CEO of Amru Rice Cambodia, one of ...

Hor Kimsay

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