Cashew sector pared down as farmers change crops

Cashew nut production in the Kingdom declined by more than 50 per cent in the three years leading up to last year, as farmers followed the market by switching to other crops, figures from the Ministry of Agriculture indicate. ...

Cheng Sokhorng

Nine communities join contract farming scheme

Nine more agricultural communities in Kampong Thom province have joined the government’s Boosting Food Projection Programme, entering a contract farming scheme with local exporter Amru Rice. The communities have recently signed agreements with Amru Rice, agreeing to supply a combined 8,000 tonnes of paddy rice ...

Chea Vannak

Chinese experts begin study on agriculture

As part of a deal signed between Cambodia and China, a group of officials from the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture has started a study on improving the modernisation of the local agricultural sector. ...

Chea Vannak

Price woes for Kingdom’s non-GI pepper farmers

While geographic indication (GI) status Kampot pepper is commanding a good market price, the rest of the Kingdom’s pepper farmers are experiencing falling rates due to the lack of a robust market, according to the Memot Pepper association. The Ministry of Commerce, however, has pointed ...

Cheng Sokhorng

Agricultural mapping project to be expanded nationwide

With agricultural mapping still in its infancy in the Kingdom, authorities have announced that their programme to boost yields through the use of spatial information technology will be extended to the whole country, an endeavour that will take at least three years to complete. ...

Sok Chan

UN data show nearly half of Kingdom’s rice exports undocumented

The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) is forecasting that 44 percent of Cambodia’s total rice exports will be smuggled out of the country through informal channels this year, a persistent problem that weighs down profits and threatens to cripple the industry. ...

Cheng Sokhorng

Germany-led meet seeks to get produce to China

Germany’s international development agency (GIZ) held a workshop on Tuesday that promoted Cambodian agricultural exports to China, focusing on the necessary export guidelines and the sanitation standards that are often lacking in the Kingdom’s agricultural value chains. ...

Cheng Sokhorng

US sends first soybean shipment to Cambodia

The US sent its first shipment of food-grade soybeans to Cambodia last week, exporting a total of 14 tonnes to both Cambodia and Myanmar to be processed in the receiving countries, according to US media reports. The shipments were sent to soy milk and tofu ...

Robin Spiess and Cheng Sokhorng

Invasive fruit flies detrimental to Kingdom’s mango exports

Cambodia’s mango shipments have been routinely blocked before making it to the international market, with the Ministry of Agriculture claiming the mangoes are not of a high enough quality to meet the sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) requirements necessary to ship outside of the Kingdom. ...

Cheng Sokhorng

Rice millers reined in

The Ministry of Agriculture has taken action to prevent millers from purchasing paddy rice at below market price from farmers, currently struggling to produce enough marketable rice crop to make ends meet. The ministry, in a statement issued on Monday, ordered all provincial agricultural departments to ...

Chea Vannak

PM: China will open markets

Prime Minister Hun Sen said yesterday that China gave assurances that it will grant greater access for Cambodia’s agricultural products to enter its markets. “It is my mission to ensure that domestic goods, especially agricultural products, can be exported to China in greater quantities. I just ...

May Kunmakara

Bird’s nest export plan ready to fly

Cambodia is looking to secure its first commercial contract for the export of swiftlet nests to China, but must first demonstrate compliance with the Asian giant’s hygiene protocols, a government official has said. Hean Vanhan, undersecretary of state at the Ministry of Agriculture, said swiftlet nests, ...

Cheng Sokhorng

Committees to tackle rice woes

The Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) yesterday agreed to create provincial level committees to provide emergency relief to the Kingdom’s beleaguered rice sector, currently in crisis due to falling exports. ...

Sum Manet

Mango exports to S. Korea stalled

In December, South Korea announced that it planned to import dried mangos from Cambodia and the news was heralded as a sign that the country’s lackluster mango export sector was improving. However, a lack of machinery in the Kingdom has meant that the South Korean ...

Chea Vannak

Border control a concern as harvest looms

Tighter border controls by Thai authorities could result in thousands of tonnes of Cambodian agricultural goods getting stranded at the border next month when local farmers begin harvesting their crops, sources warned yesterday. ...

Cheng Sokhorng

Rice brand has yet to stick

The private sector’s campaign to develop a single recognisable umbrella brand for Cambodia’s premium varieties of fragrant rice looks increasingly tenuous after a government body voiced objections to the name selected, and argued instead that the country should market each variety of rice under its ...

Cheng Sokhorng

More rice name confusion

The seeds of confusion in the rice industry have been sown further. After endorsing the Phka Romduol and Phka Chansensor varieties to be the Kingdom’s own umbrella brands for fragrant and premium rice last week, the National Standards Council (NSC) said yesterday it did not ...

Chea Vannak

Romduol, Chansensor now rice brands

The National Standards Council (NSC) has endorsed the Phka Romduol and Phka Chansensor varieties to be the Kingdom’s own umbrella brands for fragrant and premium rice, rejecting the Cambodian Rice Federation’s “Angkor Malis” brand name. ...

Sum Manet

Rice sector continues its struggle in first half

Cambodian rice exports decreased nearly 6 per cent year-on-year during the first semester, reinforcing concerns about the future of the rice industry, the Kingdom’s most important agricultural sector.   ...

Sorn Sarath

Rice exports drop amid calls for intervention

Rice exports fell almost 6 percent during the first half of the year, to 268,190 tons, according to government figures—despite the industry’s repeated calls for help to prevent such a decline.   ...

Kang Sothear

Rice export data show consistent decline

Cambodian rice exports have dramatically declined over the past three months compared to the same period last year, according to data released by the General Department of Agriculture yesterday. ...

Cheng Sokhorng

Old habits put crops at risk: study

A new academic report has urged farmers in the northwest of the Kingdom to change their planting ways if they want to mitigate the detrimental impacts of climate change on their crops. ...

Erin Handley

Rice exports to EU threatened

The Kingdom’s rice exports to the European Union (EU), which now enjoy duty and quota free access, could be threatened if the regional grouping agrees to Italy’s request to limit rice imports from least developed countries (LDCs). Italy is Europe’s top premium rice producer and ...

Sok Chan

GI status for Tbong Khmum pepper unlikely

With 72 per cent of Cambodian black pepper production coming from Tbong Khmum province, agriculture officials are calling for it to receive Geographic Indicator (GI) status to promote the spice for export. ...

Cheng Sokhorng

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