Ministries and other national bodies

Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications

Push to connect rural areas

Telecommunication operators are being pushed to develop connecting telecommunication infrastructure to enable Information and Communication Technology (ICT) connectivity from urban to rural areas. ...

Chea Vannak

TRC wants SIM guarantee

Cambodia’s telecommunications regulator has called on seven mobile network operators to give an assurance by September 1 that they have registered all their subscribers in accordance with a directive from the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication and the Ministry of Interior. ...

Sum Manet

Telecoms urged over additional charges

Cambodia’s telecom regulator has urged mobile phone network operators to be more transparent on the fees they charge subscribers on opt-in services and to ensure that users are not charged for services they have not requested. ...

Cheng Sokhorng

Directive to mobile operators

The Telecom Regulator of Cambodia yesterday issued a directive to mobile operators to ensure they are transparent with automatic fees charged to customers after a spike in complaints.   ...

May Kunmakara

TRC: Ensure mobile networks OK

The Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia yesterday urged all mobile operators to ensure that their services remain uninterrupted throughout the remainder of the commune election campaign period and during this weekend’s polling. ...

May Kunmakara

Final call for ISP that seems to have skipped town

The Kingdom’s telecom regulator has threatened to strip the operating licence of a local internet service provider (ISP) whose owners appear to have shut down operations and skipped town. ...

Cheng Sokhorng

Cambodia Post hopes to deliver for e-giants

State-owned Cambodia Post plans to launch a new e-commerce company in a move to latch onto the growth of online transactions in the Kingdom and diversify its revenue streams, a company executive said yesterday. ...

Hor Kimsay

Cambodia Post delivers $9 million

The state-run Cambodia Post generated about $9 million in income in 2016, according to the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication, thanks to increasing foreign tourists and foreign investment.   ...

Chea Vannak

TRC curbs phone service offers

A new deadline has been set for mobile operators Cellcard, Smart and Metfone to stop their promotional money exchange program by March 30, according to the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication. ...

Sok Chan

Phone regulator issues ultimatum

The Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia (TRC) issued a second directive on Wednesday to all mobile phone operators in the country instructing them to stop placing misleading advertisements in the media that could cause public confusion. ...

Sum Manet

Telcos called to pay debts

Frustrated with the lack of compliance, the government has given the Kingdom’s mobile operators an ultimatum: declare their company revenue shares and settle all outstanding debts owed to the government by the end of the month or face swift and severe punitive action. ...

Kali Kotoski and Hor Kimsay

Regulator gears up for mobile pricing showdown

Cambodia’s telecommunications regulator yesterday stepped up efforts to avert a brewing price war between the country’s six mobile network operators, ordering the companies to submit profitability statements within the next 10 days and summoning all operators to a meeting at the end of the month ...

Kali Kotoski

Postal service to launch e-commerce

The state-owned Cambodia Post will launch an online shopping platform in March in a move to tap the current rise in e-commerce activity. Ork Bora, director-general of the Cambodia Post, told Khmer Times yesterday that after about a year of studying e-commerce, the state-owned enterprise decided ...

May Kunmakara

Government’s post service increases

Cambodia Post’s services grew this year, thanks to a rise in foreign investment in Cambodia, more overseas tourists, and the rising trend of online markets. Ork Bora, Cambodia Post general director, said yesterday that the increase over all previous years was due to increased confidence of ...

Chea Vannak

PM wants fast data satellite

Cambodia should have its own satellite to make high-speed broadband available to all, Prime Minister Hun Sen said yesterday. The prime minister also proposed that the Royal Group, a local conglomerate, partner with other  companies to make the Kingdom’s satellite dream a reality. Addressing about 600 ...

Sok Chan

Spectrum licences up for grabs

The government announced yesterday that it will hold its first public auction for 4G spectrum frequencies, with two licences up for bid on frequencies reassigned after their original licence-holders failed to utilise them. ...

Kali Kotoski and Cheng Sokhorng

Walkie-Talkie licenses required

The Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia (TRC) warned last week that it would take legal action over people selling, repairing and using walkie-talkies without permission and in dangerous ways, such as using frequencies reserved for officials. ...

Pech Sotheary

ICT Federation overhauled

Trying to stay in sync with Cambodia’s rapid information and communication technology (ICT) growth, the Kingdom’s ICT Federation has been overhauled and is now fully chaired by industry insiders. ...

Ayanna Runcie

Hope for solving community-level problems as ICT reshapes life in Cambodia

Just ten years ago, Cambodians relied on dingy, storefront Internet businesses if they wanted to get online. Computers were old, power cuts were frequent, and overhead fans creaked along in a failing attempt to keep customers cool as they paid per minute to “surf” the ...

Aun Chhengpor

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