Education and training

Vocational education

Tourism ministry to build vocational schools

The government plans to build two vocational training centers in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville in an effort to strengthen the competitiveness of the tourism sector in Cambodia, the minister of tourism said Monday. ...

Peter Ford and Kang Sothear

New national exams made easier this year, critics say

The Ministry of Education is prepared to release the results of the two-day national exam this weekend, ahead of schedule, but critics say the exam has been made easier than in the past in an effort to move more students along to higher education. ...

Neou Vannarin

NGO: more public libraries needed

Reading has always been a popular hobby for Cambodian children, but NGOs are now saying it is difficult for children in remote areas to access books and magazines. ...

Va Sonyka

KOICA scholarships for Cambodian government officials tops 3000

The Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) has sent over 3000 Cambodian officials employed in ministries and other government institutions to study Master’s Degree programs in South Korea since 1993, a KOICA senior official told Khmer Times. ...

Chea Vannak

Garment manufacturers plan institute to improve worker skills

The Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia wants to build a special school to improve Cambodian workers’ skills and make the country more competitive, but labor leaders say if the school is not provided for free, it won’t work. ...

Phorn Bopha

Private universities fear new vocational schools

Private universities in the Kingdom will have more competition as the Education Ministry laid out plans yesterday to open more vocational schools to deal with the unprecedented number of graduating high school students. ...

Va Sonyka

Fishermen kept from sand dredging forum

Police in Koh Kong province on Tuesday prevented about 50 locals from joining a public forum on a controversial sand-dredging operation on the grounds that the group did not live close enough to where the firm is operating to participate. ...

Aun Pheap

Ministries to push vocational training, starting in Svay Rieng

Starting next month, the ministries of education and labor will offer job counseling to students in Svay Rieng province as the first step in an effort to better match employment opportunities in the country with the skills of youth entering the workforce, the education minister ...

Maria Paula Brito and Mech Dara

‘School of Good Governance’ aims to foster integrity in officials

The Interior Ministry is developing the curriculum for a “School of Good Governance,” which from 2016 will bring officials from the provinces to Phnom Penh for a crash course in acting with integrity, a ministry official and an NGO partner said Monday. ...

Matt Blomberg and Sek Odom

Cambodian lawmakers, educators discuss reform measures for educational system

Approximately 200 lawmakers, educators and civil society and development partner representatives met here on Tuesday to discuss reform measures to improve educational system in Cambodia. Hang Chuon Naron said Cambodia now has more than 7,000 primary schools with about 2 million students, 5,750 secondary schools ...

The Cambodia Herald​ News Staff

Police shut down center promising jobs abroad

Anti-human trafficking police arrested a woman Wednesday after they discovered she was running an unlicensed training center in Phnom Penh’s Meanchey district that promised to send students to work in Japan or South Korea after paying for courses, an official said Thursday. ...
http://Sek Odom

Poor governance at root of Cambodia’s education problems, expert says

Poor governance and uneven distribution of wealth to rural communities are both behind Cambodia’s poor record of girls’ education, an expert says. Despite the country’s high economic growth rate in recent years, few opportunities are available in rural areas, which leads to girls dropping out of ...

Men Kimseng

Hun Sen knocks Obama visit

Prime Minister Hun Sen took aim at Michelle Obama yesterday, accusing the US first lady of making false promises, while suggesting her visit last weekend was more about hopeful rhetoric rather than implementing concrete improvements in the country’s education sector. ...

Tat Oudom and Vong Sokheng

In Siem Reap, poor girls want to stay in school

Impoverished girls in Siem Reap say they hope for a better education, in the wake of First Lady Michelle Obama’s visit. Girls in Siem Reap province say they are aware of the importance of education, especially higher education, to escape poverty. ...

Phorn Bopha

Obama gone, but education challenges remain

Following the fanfare surrounding the visit of First Lady Michelle Obama over the weekend, life in Siem Reap returned to normal this week. Many here say they were not aware of the first lady’s visit, and some said even though they were, they aren’t sure ...

Phorn Bopha

Ministry eyes ‘bridge’ to vocational training

Deputy Prime Minister Sok An requested yesterday that the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports collaborate with the Ministry of Labour to create a vocational “bridge” program to enable students without high school degrees to have access to trade-based, university-level coursework. ...

Pech Sotheary

Ministry eyes ‘bridge’ to vocational training

Deputy Prime Minister Sok An requested yesterday that the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports collaborate with the Ministry of Labour to create a vocational “bridge” program to enable students without high school degrees to have access to trade-based, university-level coursework. ...

Pech Sotheary

Cambodians hopeful on girls’ education after Obama visit

Phorn Chan Bonavy is a 6th grader at Kesaraream Elementary School in Siem Reap, where First Lady Michelle Obama just completed a three-day visit—the first sitting first lady to do so. However, she seems determined to complete school, even though that will require she help ...

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