Government asks Australia for financial support for ECCC

Minister of the council of Ministers Bin Chhin has requested that Australia provide funding to the national side of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Court of Cambodia (ECCC). ...

Yin Soeum

MoEYS outlines achievements

The attendance rate at public and private primary schools stands at 98 per cent, a similar level to other countries in the region, Minister for Education, Youth and Sport Hang Chuon Naron told a meeting to outline the achievements of the 2017-18 period on Monday. ...

Voun Dara

Crackdown on logging has been a ‘success’: Bin Chhin

Deputy Prime Minister Bin Chhin oversaw a meeting on illegal logging in the northeast region of Cambodia, reportedly branding the Kingdom’s anti-logging crackdown a “success” despite evidence to the contrary. ...

Phak Seangly

Hun Sen orders timber sale because teachers can’t move it

Prime Minister Hun Sen on Tuesday retracted an order to use all illegally logged wood seized by the government to build schools and housing for teachers, arguing that they would struggle to carry the wood out of the forest.   ...

Kuch Naren and Aun Pheap

Auctions of illegal timber to resume, officials say

Top officials on Monday said the government would be auctioning off some of the 70,000 cubic meters of wood authorities have seized in recent months, backtracking on a recent pledge Hun Sen made to stop the sales. ...

Aun Pheap and Zsombor Peter

Math behind PM’s canceled ELCs claim still a mystery

On Friday, it will have been a month since Prime Minister Hun Sen took the stage during the opening of the Environment Ministry’s palatial new headquarters in Phnom Penh to announce that 1 million hectares had been confiscated from wayward landholders and would be doled ...

Zsombor Peter and Aun Pheap

‘No land revolution’ coming: official

While vast tracts of Cambodia remain concentrated in the hands of a few and accusations of land grabbing remain rife, the broader distribution of land is more than equitable and could never lead to an uprising, the government official in charge of finding solutions to ...

Lay Samean and Jack Davies

Property transfer tax rises ‘signals strong market’

Revenue from the property transfer taxes collected by the General Department of Taxation (GDT) was about $72 million last year, according to a report from the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction. ...

Sum Manet

Government starts preparing confiscated ELCs for poor

Land Management Minister Im Chhun Lim said on Monday his staff were already at work studying land that the government has confiscated from economic land concession (ELC) owners for redistribution to poor families, though details on the location of the sites remained elusive. ...

Kang Sothear

Parties sign off on final draft of election law

The country’s two major political parties signed off on the final draft of a revised and highly controversial election law on Friday, with civil society groups arguing that the bill is unconstitutional due to a provision that restricts their activity during the election campaign period. ...

Colin Meyn and Kuch Naren

Election reform sticking points sent to leaders

The electoral reform working groups from the CPP and CNRP on Monday sent 10 points of disagreement in the drafting of a new national election law to their top party leaders to discuss. ...

Kuch Naren

CPP proposes new rules in election law talks

The ruling CPP, which has long used election-time generosity as a central campaign strategy, proposed a rule that would ban vote-buying on Friday during ongoing bipartisan talks to write a new election law. ...

Kuch Naren

Parties split on election ‘insult’ ban;Rainsy wants new word

The appropriate scope of a controversial proposed ban on NGOs “insulting” political parties in election campaigns on Monday continued to divide the CPP and CNRP during talks to amend the nation’s election law, with the negotiating teams deciding to pass the issue on to their ...

Alex Willemyns and Kuch Naren

Electoral reform talks stuck on issue of Assembly seats

The CPP and CNRP again returned to the issue of the number of National Assembly seats in their twice-weekly reform talks on Friday, but appeared to be further apart than ever, with the ruling party demanding that parliament continue to have 123 seats “forever.” ...

Kuch Naren

Insult ban won’t affect free speech, parties say

The electoral reform working groups from the ruling CPP and opposition CNRP resumed talks Monday after canceling their meetings last week, with officials from both parties again defending their controversial push to ban NGOs from “insulting” parties during election campaigns. ...

Kuch Naren

Civil society leaders blast plan to ban election commentary

Civil society leaders on Sunday called on the country’s two major political parties to scrap plans to ban them from giving media interviews during election campaigns and from issuing statements that “insult” any party. CPP Deputy Prime Minister Bin Chhin and senior CNRP official Kuoy Bunroeun, ...

Hul Reaksmey

For villagers losing land, Hun Sen is last resort

Three separate communities from across the country were in Phnom Penh on Monday to petition Prime Minister Hun Sen to personally intervene to help settle their various land disputes. Communities affected by alleged land grabs in Phnom Penh and beyond often appeal directly to Mr. Hun ...

Khuon Narim

Most land disputes in Cambodia unsettled

Less than 30 per cent of complaints filed to the government’s National Authority for Land Dispute Resolution (NALDR) throughout 2012 were resolved, according to its annual report released yesterday. According to the document, distributed yesterday at the NALDR annual convention, the government body, which comprises representatives ...

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