Minimum wage set at $190 for 2020

Next year’s basic minimum wage has been increased by 4.4 per cent to $190 a month from $170 per month last year after the final round of negotiations ended in a vote last week, the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training announced. ...

Long Kimmarita

Minister agrees to final talk on draft minimum wage law

The government has accepted a request from a senior officer of the US State Department to hold another discussion on the draft minimum wage law before it is approved. After meeting with Sarah Morgan, an official with the US Office of International Labour Affairs, Labour Minister ...

Mom Kunthear

Unions happy over labor protections

Union officials have applauded the Ministry of Labor which is preparing to ratify some International Labor Organization’s (ILO) conventions, including two that unions, factory workers and domestic workers have long demanded. The Labor Ministry said on Wednesday that to promote and protect the rights, benefits and ...

Mom Kunthear

New push for ILO conventions

Female workers across multiple sectors yesterday urged two ministries to ratify International Labour Organization conventions to ensure protections for expectant mothers and domestic workers, the latter of whom are not even covered under Cambodia’s Labour Law. ...

Sen David and Ananth Baliga

Divide over union law

Ten pro-government unions on Friday released statements in support of Cambodia’s recently passed Trade Union Law, just days after two independent unions held a meeting to discuss hoped-for changes to the contentious legislation. The independent unions met last week to compile a list of amendments to ...

Sen David

Union leaders called to court for questioning

The Phnom Penh Municipal Court has summoned two prominent union leaders for questioning on Friday over charges that they incited violence and property damage at a garment worker protest in Phnom Penh in January during which military police fatally shot at least five people. ...

Aun Pheap

Nationwide garment factory strike sputters into second day

A few garment factories resumed operations in Phnom Penh on Friday, albeit at reduced capacity, as thousands of workers returned to the city after Khmer New Year celebrations in the provinces. While the majority of factories in Meanchey and Pur Senchey districts stayed closed, it remained ...

Sek Odom and Matt Blomberg

Unions, GMAC tussle over New Year strike

Garment worker unions have tangled with factory owners over the unions’ plan to use the coming Khmer New Year holiday to launch a nationwide strike. A coalition of eight unions will send a letter today to the Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia (GMAC) stating that workers ...

Mech Dara and Matt Blomberg

Unions expect violence, but forum to go on

Despite anticipating violence between unionists and authorities, labour union heads yesterday said they will go ahead with a public forum at Freedom Park on Saturday morning. Phnom Penh City Hall on Tuesday denied a request by 18 union federations to hold a public forum at ...

Sean Teehan and Mom Kunthear

CNRP looks for quieter plan of action as labor strike looms

When a group of six unions organized nationwide strikes in December demanding a $160 minimum wage, the opposition CNRP aggressively took up the cause. Opposition leaders rallied support outside factory gates around the country and tens of thousands of garment workers flooded into Phnom Penh’s Freedom ...

Colin Meyn and Phorn Bopha

More than 100 garment workers in two factories faint en masse

More than 100 garment and shoe factory workers fainted in two separate incidents Thursday, the first reported factory faintings of the year, according to local officials. Eighty-two garment workers fainted at the Crystal Martin factory in Kandal province after inhaling fumes from leaking battery acid, a ...

Aun Pheap

Unions, opposition ‘hindering wage talks’

Labour Minister Ith Sam Heng and ministry spokesman Heng Sour yesterday accused unions and the opposition of derailing the government’s efforts at minimum wage reform by striking and stirring up violence for their own political gain. “The government has set up a committee to study the ...

Sen David

Union Reps Questioned Over Violent Protests

The Interior Ministry’s penal department on Monday questioned two representatives of the Cambodian Alliance of Trade Unions (CATU) over claims that they incited violence during protests at a Kandal province garment factory in late December. Jack Liu, director-general of Tainan Enterprises (Cambodia) Co. Ltd., filed a ...

Aun Pheap and Khuon Narim

Legal actions to be taken against protest leaders: Interior Ministry

Ministry of Interior warned that legal measures would be taken against those who would hold protests, defying a ban imposed by the government. The warning was made yesterday after the leaders of nine labor unions insisted that they would hold protests, which are scheduled for January ...

The Cambodia Herald

Unions take big picture view

Union leaders yesterday said that despite having held strikes calling for a doubling of the minimum wage that were supported and encouraged by the country’s opposition party, they did not feel betrayed that the wage hike was taking a backseat in political negotiations. Following a government ...

Mom Kunthear and Kevin Ponniah

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