Labor arbitration

Sar Kheng set to lead NagaWorld mediation meeting

Minister of Interior Sar Kheng is slated to lead a meeting with ministers and authorities to seek a solution for the ongoing labour dispute between the NagaWorld integrated resort and former staff who have since mid-December been protesting the termination of hundreds of their coworkers. ...

Lay Samean

$2 million grant to aid Kingdom’s labour relations and dispute resolution

The USAID and the Swedish Embassy today donated more than $2 million to the Arbitration Council Foundation to further enhance the Kingdom’s labour relations and dispute resolution services. ...

Taing Vida

Arbitration Council receives funds from the US, Sweden

The Arbitration Council said on Thursday that it handled 2,882 cases from 2003 to 2019, which affected over 1.11 million workers in the industrial and service sectors across the country. Of these, it found solutions to 75 per cent of the cases, said Arbitration Council Foundation ...

Voun Dara

Now Corp garment factory compensation dispute to be sent to Arbitration Council

Now Corp garment factory’s owner and representatives of more than 200 of its workers have decided to send their case to the Arbitration Council after negotiations failed following the firm’s latest compensation offer. ...

Long Kimmarita

Footwear protests continue into fourth day

More than 2,000 workers at King Maker Footwear Co continued protesting for a fourth day on Wednesday, as they demanded that 50 per cent of their salary be paid, after their jobs were suspended by the factory for a month due to a lack of ...

Khouth Sophak Chakrya

Government: Use labor council to settle disputes

Despite longstanding criticism of the Arbitration Council, Labor Minister Ith Samheng defended the government mediation body during a meeting yesterday, saying it represented workers’ best chances at solving labor disputes.During a discussion with members of the Fair Work Commission of Australia on Friday, Mr. Samheng ...

Mom Kunthear

Labor rights council gets funding boost in Cambodia

A new three-year, U.S.-funded project to promote labor rights was launched Thursday afternoon at Cambodia’s independent labor dispute resolution body in Phnom Penh. ...

Erol Ersoy

Beer promoters stage demonstration, as labor official barred from company

Staff of Anco Brother beer company, owed by a senator of the ruling Cambodian People’s Party, barred labor officials from entering the company Wednesday, as workers staged a demonstration outside. ...

Hul Reaksmey

Beer promoters to demonstrate over unpaid firing

A group of beer promoters plan to stage a demonstration Wednesday to demand payment for eight women who were fired by a beer company owned by a ruling party senator. ...

Hul Reaksmey

Arbitration body orders capitol tours bus drivers back to work

The Arbitration Council on Wednesday ordered 40 Capitol Tours bus drivers to end a strike that began on July 22 over claims that five other drivers were fired for attempting to organize a union at the company. ...

Huot Chanpav

Drivers demand OT wages from tycoon’s firm

Nearly 60 drivers employed by the Royal Cambodian Limousine Service—a subsidiary of tycoon Kith Meng’s Royal Group that transports foreign delegates and other VIPs visiting the country—have agreed to return to work today after two days of striking failed to net them unpaid overtime wages. ...

Kang Sothear

Record year for arbitral cases

The independent dispute resolution body established to help workers and employers in Cambodia resolve labor disputes had its busiest year ever in 2014. ...

Cam McGrath

More talk, fewer strikes: study

In a new study of Cambodia’s garment and footwear industry, the independent conflict resolution Arbitration Council has found that labour strikes are often triggered by factors that could be avoided through better communication between workers and management. Data from the study – which will be published ...

Sean Teehan

Workers get reinstated after court’s injunction

Hundreds of workers who were fired from a Phnom Penh garment factory returned to work yesterday after Phnom Penh Municipal Court filed an injunction on Monday requiring management to reinstate them. ...

Mom Kunthear

Grand twins workers go back on strike despite court order

About 5,000 workers from the Grand Twins International (GTI) garment factory in Phnom Penh who have been striking over wages and working conditions briefly returned to their stations Thursday in compliance with a court order, but resumed protesting the next day after rumors spread that ...

Kang Sothear and George Styllis

Cambodian garment unions threaten strike after wage demand is voted down

Cambodian unions have warned of possible strikes after a tripartite working group voted down their demand for a U.S. $40 increase in the monthly minimum wage for garment factory workers. Twenty-seven representatives of unions, factory owners and the government decided in a secret vote in Phnom ...

Roseanne Gerin

Unions’ push for $140 minimum wage derailed

After setting up a working group specifically to include some of the country’s more militant unions in wage negotiations for the garment sector, the Labor Ministry said on Thursday that it has thrown out the unions’ demand for a $140 minimum wage in favor of ...

Mech Dara

Union proposal for minimum wage scrapped in Cambodia

Activists have decried a decision by the Ministry of Labour to disregard union pleas for a hike in the minimum wage for some of the country’s 500,000 garment workers, one warning that it could lead to civil unrest. The unions’ wage proposal received only seven ...

World Bulletin News Staff

Working group minimum wage vote due wednesday

A group of union leaders, factory owners and government representatives set up to negotiate a recommendation for a new minimum wage in the garment sector is due to meet Wednesday for a vote on a final figure, according to those involved in the talks. ...

Mech Dara

US will not interfere in Cambodia's wage negotiation for workers: US Official

Mrs. Julie Chung, deputy chief of mission at the US embassy in Phnom Penh, said Thursday that US will not interfere in Cambodia’s wage negotiation for workers. ...

The Cambodia Herald News Staff

Advisory group begins minimum wage talks

A new group that will advise the committee that advises the government on the minimum wage in the country’s garment sector began talking numbers Tuesday following a meeting Monday that laid out a code of conduct for the negotiations. ...

Mech Dara

Factory OKs only part of pay advance

About 600 employees of a Phnom Penh garment factory were to return to work today after walking out with the demand of receiving their salaries before next month’s Water Festival. Ginwin Industry (Cambodia) Co yesterday agreed to pay workers a portion of their wages ahead of ...

Mom Kunthear

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