Striking Caltex Workers Call on US for Support

A small group representing striking Caltex gas station workers delivered a petition to the US Embassy on Thursday, asking for help as they seek an increase in monthly wages. Hundreds of Caltex workers have been on strike since Monday, joining garment factory workers in calls for ...

Khoun Theara

Caltex workers strike to demand wage hike

Workers from Caltex stations in Phnom Penh  strike on Monday to demand wage hike an other demands. The workers are demanding that the Caltex, a petroleum brand name of US-based Chevron Corporation, increase their wage to US$160 per month, and provide one-month bonus for them. ...

The Cambodia Herald News Staff

Cambodian NGO: PTT entry would benefit consumers

A Cambodian NGO believes that investment by Thailand’s PTT oil conglomerate in petroleum projects in the region would promote competition and benefit consumers. Thailand’s largest petroleum firm said lastThursday it is currently studying options for petrochemical and oil refinery projects in three Asean countries — Cambodia, ...

Looming oil funds put Cambodia at crossroads

On Sunday, CPP lawmaker Cheam Yeap will attend a forum on the evolving oil and gas sector with about 400 university students. If all goes according to plan, Chevron Corporation will begin to extract oil from Cambodian waters in little over a year. Though the amount ...

Thaksin oil deal interrupted

A Cambodian and Thai dispute over oil nearly reached a resolution when then prime minister of Thailand Thaksin Shinawatra was ousted was revealed in diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks. The cable details a meeting between the US-ASEAN Business council in Phnom Penh on May 15, ...

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