South Korea to increase quota for Cambodian workers to over 10,000 in 2023

The Republic of Korea has pledged to increase the quota for Cambodian workers in the country to more than 10,000 this year, and the figure will further rise in the following years. The pledge was made by Dr Uh Soobong, Chairman of Human Resource Development ...

Khmer Times Staff

Cambodian garments, footwear and travel goods strategic plan to entice investors

Cambodia’s strategic plan on garment, footwear and travel goods development 2021-2024 will attract more investment and contribute to sustainable development in the sector, Ith Samheng, minister for labour and vocational training, told Okhna Kong Sang, president of Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia (GMAC) in Phnom ...

Khmer Times Staff

Committee to probe factory faintings

The Labour Ministry’s National Committee for Health and Work Safety held its first meeting yesterday pledging to investigate the reasons for faintings amongst factory workers. ...

Mom Kunthear

More workers to be sent to Japan

Labour Minister Ith Samheng said yesterday said he plans to increase the number of Cambodian trainees being sent to Japan for study and part-time work, noting that about 6,000 have been working in the country since 2007. ...

Mom Kunthear

Minister warns unions

Labour Minister Ith Samheng has warned that any registered unions that remain inactive would be dissolved, while at the same time welcoming new unions as long as they respected the law. ...

Mom Kunthear

Deadline extended for migrants

The Labour Ministry announced on Friday that the Thai government agreed to extend the deadline for Cambodian officials to complete registration and work permit delivery to Cambodian migrant workers by six months. ...

Mom Kunthear

PM: No questions for the ministers

Prime Minister Hun Sen said he will not allow members of the opposition to question government ministers in the National Assembly (NA), telling a pro-government news outlet that the opposition had to “respect the law first.” ...

Taing Vida

Familiar wage figure floated by minister

In the midst of annual minimum wage negotiations, Minister of Labour Ith Samheng used a visit from members of the Southeast Asian Youth Programme to reiterate that the minimum wage for garment workers would reach at least $160 a month by 2018, state media reported. ...

Cristina Maza

Gov’t: drive safe, pay workers

The Interior Ministry is hoping last year’s relative decrease in traffic accidents and deaths during the Pchum Ben holiday is a sign of things to come and asked citizens again this year to drive safely as they crisscross the country to celebrate the holiday. In a ...

Mom Kunthear

Unions budge from $180 wage

Unions decided to lower their demand for $179.60 per month as the new minimum wage for the garment, footwear and textile industries in 2017, telling employers yesterday that they were dropping the figure by $2 – matching the $2 employers added to their figure earlier ...

Mom Kunthear

Fee to legally work in Thailand

Cambodian migrant workers in Thailand will have to pay 950 baht (about $27) to receive a travel card or Overseas Cambodian Worker Card (OCWC), the Labor Ministry announced yesterday. From September 26, workers will be able to apply for the documents, under a bilateral agreement signed ...

Mom Kunthear

Employers want $144 min. Wage

Employers released their starting figure for the new minimum wage yesterday, saying in an open letter that they planned to enter tripartite negotiations with $144.20 per month as their goal for 2017. In a letter from the Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia (GMAC) signed by secretary-general ...

Mom Kunthear

Fleeing factory owners to pay

The Ministry of Labor is preparing to enact regulations that would provide some amount of monetary relief to workers left in the lurch by factory owners who flee the country. The widespread practice has led to a number of months-long protests as more and more factory ...

Mom Kunthear

Labour Minister seeks strike-free minimum wage talks

Labour Minister Ith Samheng yesterday told stakeholders involved in the upcoming minimum wage negotiations to base their demands on the country’s economic situation, and not to try to influence the process through protests or demonstrations. Talks over the 2017 minimum wage for the garment sector are ...

Sen David

Australia job request

Labor Minister Ith Samheng asked the new Australian ambassador yesterday if her country could take in seasonal workers from Cambodia, prompting disappointment from a number of civil society groups hoping the government would make more of an effort to create jobs here. ...

Mom Kunthear

Thai warning as deadline looms

The Thai Labor Ministry yesterday said it would refuse to extend the July 29 deadline for migrant workers to register themselves, stating they will arrest workers who have not registered from next month. ...

Mom Kunthear

Labor court to be ready next year

The Labor Court will be ready to hear cases by the end of next year, according to officials from the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training. The court is being optimistically designed to effectively resolve labor disputes in the garment sector, Labor Minister Ith Samheng said ...

Chea Vannak

Workers demand better conditions

More than 7,000 workers from the Can Sports Shoe factory protested outside their workplace in Kampong Chhnang’s Samaky Meanchey district yesterday, demanding better working conditions. ...

Mom Kunthear

Law to build confidence

The controversial Union Law, which was passed and put into force after dozens of debates and protests, is expected to build confidence among garment and textile buyers as well as employers and workers, experts said. Sandra D’Amico, vice president of the Cambodian Federation of Employers ...

Chea Vannak

Cost of state healthcare announced

According to a Labor Ministry prakas, or official statement, both employers and employees will be responsible for paying 1.3 percent of an employees’ monthly salary to the government for state-supplied health insurance guaranteed to all workers under the Labor Law. ...

Mom Kunthear

July set for minimum wage talks

A series of talks will be held next month to discuss the future of minimum wages in the footwear and garment industries, with their findings to be announced and enforced early next year, according to Ministry of Labor officials. ...

Mom Kunthear

Agreement signed to protect migrant workers

In an attempt to protect the interests and safety of Cambodian maids who travel to Malaysia, the Association of Cambodian Recruitment Agencies (ACRA) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Malaysia National Association of Employment Agencies (PIKAP) last week, according to officials. ...

Mom Kunthea

Justice ministry to join committee to settle strikes

Officials at the Ministry of Justice will join members of the Labor Ministry, local authorities, police and provincial governors on the Committee for the Settlement of Strikes and Demonstrations after a union leader requested they be included. ...

Mom Kunthear

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