Ministry pushes fortnightly pay

The Labor Ministry is encouraging employers, with the support of unions, to implement article 116 of the Labor Law, which requires owners of enterprises and factories to pay their workers twice a month. ...

Mom Kunthear

Minister praises 2013 protest crackdown

The Labor Minister yesterday lauded the government’s crackdown of a garment worker protest back in late 2013 and early 2014, which he claimed was necessary to avoid a war. ...

Mom Kunthear

Labor Ministry lauds success

The Labor Ministry found jobs for more than 210,000 people last year, 55 percent of which were for women and 40 percent were overseas. According to a Labor Ministry report on its annual congress obtained by Khmer Times yesterday, the ministry provided occupation services and found ...

Mom Kunthear

Ministry working on labor laws

The draft law on the minimum wage for garment and footwear industry workers will be completed and approved this year, according to Labor Minister Ith Samheng. ...

Mom Kunthear

Unions: change minimum wage law

More than 40 unions have joined together to ask the Labor Ministry to make changes to 10 articles in the draft Minimum Wage Law, saying the law did not cover all sectors and restricted the rights of union representatives in wage negotiations among a host ...

Pech Sotheary

PM warns workers over protests

Prime Minister Hun Sen warned potential protesters during a speech in front of hundreds of garment workers yesterday, telling the crowd that while it was his duty to make sure investors came and stayed in the country, they had to stop protesting to keep the ...

Mom Kunthear

Don’t increase garment workers’ rent, says pm

Prime Minister Hun Sen yesterday urged landlords not to indiscriminately increase the price of rent in light of the upcoming hike in the wages of garment workers next year. Speaking at the inauguration of the Coca-Cola factory in the Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone, the ...

Mom Kunthear

Committee for work safety created

The government has established the National Committee for Health and Work Safety, to comprise in part officials from relevant ministries to review, give counsel and spread information related to health and work safety. According to a sub-decree dated Monday and signed by Prime Minister Hun Sen, ...

Mom kunthear

Unions budge from $180 wage

Unions decided to lower their demand for $179.60 per month as the new minimum wage for the garment, footwear and textile industries in 2017, telling employers yesterday that they were dropping the figure by $2 – matching the $2 employers added to their figure earlier ...

Mom Kunthear

Gov’t wants only $8 wage increase

The government revealed its favored figure for the new garment and footwear industry minimum wage in 2017 during a Technical Working Group meeting on Friday, telling attendees that they believed it should be raised by about $8 per month – representing only a five percent ...

Mom Kunthear

Fleeing factory owners to pay

The Ministry of Labor is preparing to enact regulations that would provide some amount of monetary relief to workers left in the lurch by factory owners who flee the country. The widespread practice has led to a number of months-long protests as more and more factory ...

Mom Kunthear

Union law kicks in a month late

Unions expressed their continued dissatisfaction with the new Trade Union Law after the Ministry of Labor reminded them on Tuesday that it officially took effect last month. ...

Mom Kunthear

Most are OK with the new wage, not all

After meeting with members, several labour union leaders yesterday said that they will not hold protests against the government-set garment industry minimum wage for 2015. Minister of Labour Ith Sam Heng last week approved $128 as 2015’s minimum monthly wage in Cambodia’s garment sector. The increase, ...

Mom Kunthear

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