Mind the wage gap

Most mornings, garment worker Vicheka buys food from the street vendors outside her factory in Kampong Chhnang province. The beef and pork dishes, she says, have a tendency to give workers a stomach ache – a reputation forged long before Vicheka and her co-workers at ...

More Than 30 Garment Workers Faint in Factory

More than 30 garment workers fainted at H&L Apparel in Pur Senchey district’s Kakab commune, management at the factory said. “There were 32 workers who fainted, one of the was male, and we too them to Preak Kossomak Hospital yesterday afternoon,” factory administrator Phen Bora said. Mr. Bora ...

Union President calls for inspectors

The president of the Free Trade Union yesterday sent a letter to the Ministry of Labour’s inspection department to monitor working conditions at M&V factories in Kampong Chhnang province, alleging excessive overtime is causing workers to faint. “They have to work both in day and night ...

Another mass fainting, but H&M 'not to blame'

The second mass fainting in a month at Kampong Chhnang’s M&V garment factory, a supplier for global retailer H&M, saw 23 women taken to hospital yesterday, bringing the total number of affected workers in August to 67. Noun Sam Ol, president of the Free Trade Union ...

Second Fainting in a Week at M&V Garment Factory

Twenty-three workers at the M&V garment factory fainted yesterday morning in Kompong Chhang province, the second thime in a week that a mass faining has occured at the factory, a Labor Ministry official said. Meng Hong, a member of a workplace safety committee that the Ministry ...

Overwork, Exhaustion to blame for mass fainting

About 50 workers at the M&V manufacturing factory in Kampong Chhnang province fainted yesterday morning due to overwork and exhaustion in the factory’s third fainting incident this year, officials said yesterday. Noun Sam Ol, Free Trade Union representative at M&V, said that the collapse of a ...

Garment Workers Faint at H&M Clothing Plant

Thirty-four garment factory workers fainted yesterday morning in Kompong Chhnang province, making it the third time in a year that a mass fainting has occurred at the factory, workers said yesterday. M&V International Manufacturing LTD. factory, which is a supplier to Swedish clothing brand H&M, experienced two incidents of ...

Phok Dorn, P. 19

Fainting report finds heat, hysteria

The results of an investigation into two mass fainting incidents at a factory in Kampong Chhnang confirmed that M&V International Manufacturing had violated Cambodian labour law by forcing some staff to work overtime and failing to give them a full day off each week, according ...

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