Second Fainting in a Week at M&V Garment Factory

Twenty-three workers at the M&V garment factory fainted yesterday morning in Kompong Chhang province, the second thime in a week that a mass faining has occured at the factory, a Labor Ministry official said. Meng Hong, a member of a workplace safety committee that the Ministry of Labor has set up to address garment factory fainting,  said he believed the incident was an episode of mass hysteria that was not caused by conditions in the workplace. He said 22 of the women had fainted after seeing one of their colleagues, who had been feeling sick all week, pass out. … Experts have blamed a combination of poor diet, harsh working conditions and mass hysteria. … Sea Chakrya, an administrator at H&M Cambodia, said the Swedish brand supplied by the factory is investigating the two fainting incidents and declined to comment further.