Court releases forest activists accused of trespassing

The Kratie provincial court on Monday released four forest activists after protesters outside the court demanded their release. ... ...

Soth Koemsoeun

Organisations denounce arrest of activists for alleged trespassing

The winner of the 2016 Goldman Environmental Prize along with three other forestry activists were sent to the Kratie provincial court yesterday after Korean-owned Think Biotech Cambodia Co Ltd accused them of trespassing on company premises. ... ...

Pech Sotheary

EU timber deal in firing line

A committee of more than 20 national and international organisations filed a petition to the EU on October 10 to prevent it from signing a timber trade agreement with Vietnam, noting that the deal would be disastrous to the Kingdom’s forests. The petition claims Vietnamese ...

Soth Koemsoeun

Huge timber busts in north

The Mondulkiri provincial authority on Wednesday refuted claims that it had turned a blind eye to illegal timber trafficking to neighbouring Vietnam. The denial followed the discovery of over 500 pieces of first-grade timber by the National Military Police in protected areas and local media ...

Voun Dara

More than 50 pieces of luxury wood bust in Kampot Province

Three boats carrying three containers with 53 pieces of luxury wood allegedly intended for export to Vietnam were confiscated by the Customs Navigation Office in Kampot province’s Prek Thnout commune on Tuesday, Kampot Military deputy police chief Keo Sophal said. ... ...

Soth Koemsoeun and Khouth Sophak Chakrya

Expansion approved for Bokor National Park

New resorts, restaurants and casinos could be coming to Bokor National Park after environment officials endorsed an “improved” plan for the mountain along with oknha Sok Kong’s hotel company, according to the government’s news agency. ... ...

Daphne Chen

Environmentalist to be honoured in New York

The Goldman Environmental Prize winner Ouch Leng, president of the Cambodian Human Rights Task Force, has been awarded the Asia Game Changer Award for 2017 from the Asia Society. Mr Leng will go to collect the award in New York on November 1 with eight ...

Mom Sophon

Authorities ordered to enforce forestry laws

Despite numerous laws and committees created to tackle deforestation and illegal logging in Cambodia, the timber trade has continued unabated. In another attempt to deal with the issue, authorities across the country have been ordered to ensure they execute their responsibilities to oversee the enforcement of ...

May Titthara

Awards for environment defenders

Eleven Cambodian environmental campaigners received “moniseraphon” medals from the government last month in recognition of their work to support the nation, according to a sub-decree signed by Prime Minister Hun Sen. But Buntenh, the founder of the Independent Monk Network for Social Justice, and social media ...

May Titthara

General implicated in Prey Lang logging

Newly declared protected areas in Prey Lang forest are being illegally logged by companies belonging to a three-star general and his sister, according to Goldman Environmental Prize-winning conservationist Ouch Leng and NGOs with which he is working. Leng, along with 15 NGO officers, patrollers and ...

Phak Seangly

Police admit logging failure

The National Committee for Forest Crime Prevention has admitted that despite claims from a variety of high-level government officials that deforestation and illegal logging had been stopped entirely, the illegal timber trade was still ravaging the country’s forests. In June, Environment Minister Say Samal claimed the ...

May Titthara

Ethnic minority forest being gutted: activists

Half of a Kuoy ethnic community forest in Stung Treng province – for which villagers are seeking official recognition – has been logged in the past three years for private commercial gain, according to recently returned environmental activist twins Chum Hout and Chum Hour. Seven ...

Phak Seangly

The deforestation continues

The high-pitched whine of chainsaws drowned out the sound of birds and bugs you usually hear during any trek through Prey Lang forest. What was once an area full of animals scurrying under the shade of gargantuan trees is now largely populated by stumps and ash. The ...

May Titthara

Logs to be sold, names released

The Ministry of Economy and Finance has announced the date of the auction for timber confiscated from logging companies by the National Anti-Deforestation Committee (NADC) earlier this year, inadvertently releasing the official names of seven previously unknown companies caught housing illegally logged wood. ... ...

May Titthara

Minister claims logging has ended

Environment Minister Say Samal claims Cambodia has put an end to illegal logging and timber exports to Vietnam, despite reports of continued, and even rising, levels of forest clearing and timber being transported to the Kingdom’s neighbor. ... ...

May Titthara

Gov’t failing to protect nation’s forests: activist

The government is failing to protect Cambodia’s forests, activists, civil society groups and students said during yesterday’s World Environment Day celebration in Phnom Penh. ... ...

Phak Seangly

Deforestation costs acknowledged

In a startling admission yesterday, the Ministry of Agriculture finally acknowledged that the Kingdom’s forest cover has decreased rapidly over the past few decades, down from a high of 73 percent in 1965 to now, where only 49.5 percent of the country’s forests remain. ... ...

May Titthara

PM signs off on protected forests

Prime Minister Hun Sen has signed a sub-decree to mark 18 protected areas over nearly three million hectares of land across Prey Lang forest, according to a Ministry of Environment statement released yesterday. ... ...

May Titthara

Defender of Cambodia's dwindling forests wins goldman prize

The latest crackdown on illegal logging in Cambodia is "just a game" and big timber traders are winning, says Ouch Leng, a former government official who has spent two decades helping poor villagers fight poaching of precious tropical forests. Leng's tenacious and perilous crusade to stop ...

Elaine Kurtenbach

PM decides to protect 1 million hectares of forest

Prime Minister Hun Sen has agreed to legally protect nearly 1 million hectares of the Kingdom’s forest land, including the Prey Lang forest. Speaking during the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport’s annual meeting at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia, Mr. Hun Sen said he ...

May Titthara

Court summons businessmen in connection to timber

Although they remain publicly unnamed, nine businessmen in the timber industry were summoned to appear at the Tbong Khmum provincial court today for alleged deforestation crimes and illegal business dealings, according to officials. ... ...

May Titthara

Gov’t names illegal logging profiteers, but courts won’t prosecute

More than a month has passed since National Anti-Deforestation Committee (NADC) named the people it suspects of profiting from the trade in illegal timber, but not a single arrest warrant or court summons has been issued since. As perpetrators continue to go unpunished, the illegal ...

May Titthara

Parliamentary committee to investigate illegal logging

A parliamentary committee will look into allegations of illegal logging and timber exports, where big money and deep corruption have led to conflict, deforestation and tax fraud. Opposition lawmaker Ho Vann, who leads the National Assembly committee, told VOA Khmer he is looking into evidence and ...

Sok Khemara

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