Bunong Residents Say Gov’t Gave Community Land to Tycoon

Indigenous Bunong families from Mondulkiri are petitioning government institutions about 255 hectares of community land transferred to a tycoon amid nationwide state-land privatizations. ...

Khut Sokun and Saut Sok Prathna

Mondulkiri officials probe Bunong logging allegations

Mondulkiri provincial environment officials are working to identify loggers who a Bunong indigenous community accused of clearing nearly 100ha of community forest in Koh Nhek district’s Rayum commune. ...

Orm Bunthoeurn

Fear, frustration for community stuck in protected-zone confusion

Kim Yang was almost asleep on the edge of his Mondulkiri rice farm one evening in February when he was jolted awake by flashlights. It was 11 p.m., and he planned to get a few hours of rest at the plantation rather than drive the ...

Fiona Kelliher and Phin Rathana

Bunong crops destroyed by bulldozers

Mondulkiri province’s concession company is in the middle of a land dispute with more than 100 Bunong indigenous families living in O’Raing district’s Dak Dam and Sen Monorom communes, who allege it has cleared over 100 hectareas of their land with bulldozers ...

Son Minea

Man bulldozes Bunong tribe’s crops

A man accused of encroachment has bulldozed 10 hectares of rice and crops planted by 18 Bunong families on land they settled since 1992 in Mondulkiri province. ...

Son Minea

Five Bunong members to testify over land dispute

Five Bunong indigenous people were summoned by Mondulkiri provincial police to testify on May 3 about a minor criminal complaint filed by a citizen who claimed the accused had built illegal structures on private property ...

Long Kimmarita

Bunong decry encroachment

Fifty-three Bunong indigenous families in Kbal Romeas commune Stung Treng province’s Sesan district have accused a company of illegally setting up boundary poles for a plantation and encroaching on community land, an accusation the provincial authorities have denied.   ...

Long Kimmarita

Mondulkiri Bunong community seeks return of forest land

More than 200 indigenous Bunong families in Mondulkiri province have asked authorities to retrieve 5ha of community forest land they claim had been secretly stolen from them by speculators. ...

Soth Koemsoeun

Sanctuary head sued for not stopping forest occupations

Four Bunong and an Adhoc official filed a joint lawsuit against Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary head Prum Vibol Ratanak at the Mondulkiri Provincial Court for failing to stop illegal land occupation and the buying and selling of forest land.​ ...

Khorn Savi

Mondulkiri officials face land clearing collusion charges

A Mondulkiri commune chief and its head of police are among three people who could face up to five years in jail for allegedly allowing protected forest to be illegally cleared after complaints were filed with the provincial court. ...

Khorn Savi

Stung Treng authority agrees to Bunong request

Stung Treng provincial authorities have unanimously agreed to the request and conditions of the ethnic Bunong community members from Kbal Romeas village who have been impacted by the Lower Sesan II dam in the province. However, the authorities are still considering requests and conditions laid down ...

Khouth Sophak Chakrya

Mondulkiri communities worried over forest clearing

Indigenous people in Mondulkiri province’s Keo Seima district yesterday expressed concern over logging activities in the Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary, which they claim is allowed by some commune authorities.​ ...

Pech Sotheary

Bunong accuse police chief of clearing trees

Representatives from an ethnic Bunong community in Mondolkiri province filed a complaint with a district governor against a commune police chief on Thursday after he allegedly cleared trees belonging to villagers in Pech Chreada district’s Krang Tes commune, officials said Friday. ...

Mech Dara

Cambodia's Muslims and minorities in land grants battle

Drive deep enough into Mondulkiri’s Pech Chreada district, and the rubber plantations that dot the roads fall away. Here, there is only mile after mile of lush, dark woodland: An ideal place to bury one’s dead and pay respects to the spirits that reside inside ...

Abby Seiff and Chhorn Chansy

Elephants at centre of tourism tiff

For the ethnic Bunong people in this northeastern province, animals are an integral part of the local economy. Pigs, chickens and water buffaloes offer a variety of sustenance and labour. But it’s the elephants that bring foreigners – and foreigners bring cash. “When I get tours, the ...

Laura Ma

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