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Jobs or health: A Cambodian village's stark choice

In Roka commune, money is getting tight.After an HIV outbreak in 2014 saw 264 people infected in the small northwest Cambodian village, aid flowed in, showily. The prime minister’s wife delivered hundreds of kilos of rice, the health minister brought socks and sarongs, nongovernmental organizations ...

Abby Seiff

In Cambodia, funding cuts put eye surgery program in peril

Some 100,000 prospective patients could lose opportunity for eye care due to Australia scaling back its foreign aid budget. But as Fred Hollows and other Australian NGOs brace themselves for the cuts, the Australian government is forging ahead with a $40 million scheme to relocate ...

UCA News Staff

Refugees on Nauru slam Cambodia resettlement plan

Refugees who met with Cambodian immigration officials last week on the Pacific island of Nauru were told they would be given permanent visas and travel documents but would have to pay for English-language education and would lose all but emergency financial support after a year, ...

UCA News Staff

New group of Christian Montagnards flee to Cambodia

Montagnards hiding in Ratanakkiri province, speculation grew that more would arrive in the coming weeks. Sev Lyn, chief of Pak Nhai commune’s Lom village, said police were searching the area for 18 Jarai Montagnards — indigenous villagers from Vietnam’s Central Highlands — and were under orders ...

The Union of Catholic Asian News (UCAN) Staff

Cambodia's Buddhist patriarchs say monks should be forbidden from voting

The great supreme patriarchs of Cambodia’s two Buddhist sects yesterday urged the government to enact a legal “procedure” that would not only forbid monks from participating in political activities, but would also forbid them from exercising their right to vote. At the 23rd National Monk Congress ...


UN seeks to intervene in case of Christian Montagnards

Two ethnic Jarai Montagnards claiming to have fled religious persecution in Vietnam may have been arrested by local police in Ratanakkiri province, a rights worker has said. The UN is seeking to intervene in the case and has requested government cooperation while several more Christian Montagnards ...

Union of Catholic Asian News (UCAN)

Alarming rate of Cambodian juveniles held in pre-trial detention

In spite of international laws and Cambodia’s own legal code, pre-trial detention in the country is becoming more prevalent among child offenders than adults, according to data compiled by a trial monitoring project. The notes are compiled from trial monitoring of 2,558 cases from 2009 ...

UCA News News Staff

Cambodia factories snub workers arrested in January strikes

While the smoke has long cleared on January’s violent garment strikes, for many of the 23 workers and unionists arrested and tried on charges widely considered to be baseless, the ordeal is far from over. Nine months after security forces used deadly violence to end strikes ...

Alice Cuddy, Chhay Channyda & Mom Kunthear

Cambodia's elderly receive inadequate support

For 70-year-old Chan Shay, the choice between working through old age and a retirement in poverty is an obvious one. Shay, a cyclo taxi driver in Phnom Penh, said that while he dreams of retiring to his home in Takeo province, in reality he can see ...

Alice Cuddy and Khouth Sophak Chakrya

UN refugee agency slams Cambodia-Australia deal

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has distanced itself from Australia’s still unsigned deal to transfer refugees from the Nauru refugee detention center for resettlement in Cambodia, one of Southeast Asia’s poorest nations. First raised in February, the cash-for-refugees deal is believed to be imminent. ...

Michael Sainsbury

Cambodia's Muslims and minorities in land grants battle

Drive deep enough into Mondulkiri’s Pech Chreada district, and the rubber plantations that dot the roads fall away. Here, there is only mile after mile of lush, dark woodland: An ideal place to bury one’s dead and pay respects to the spirits that reside inside ...

Abby Seiff and Chhorn Chansy

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