Vietnam building in no-man’s land

Provincial officials in Rattanakiri rejected a request by the Vietnamese government to allow them to construct buildings and a border checkpoint in O’Yadav district after a meeting between both sides in Banlung City on Tuesday. ...

May Titthara

Official to address Vietnamese land allegation

Prime Minister Hun Sen announced yesterday that he will appoint a government official to answer questions in the National Assembly about economic land concessions (ELC) allegedly granted to members of the Vietnamese military in Rattanakiri province. ...

Taing Vida

Police shut down NGO event for indigenous communities

Police in Ratanakkiri province on Tuesday ordered rights group Adhoc to call off a planned workshop meant to inform local indigenous communities of their rights, claiming the NGO had failed to secure the necessary permission from authorities. ...

Kuch Naren

Families in Ratanakkiri file ELC complaint

More than 220 ethnic Tompuon families in Ratanakkiri’s Lumphat district yesterday filed a complaint to rights group Adhoc over a 2,000-hectare land dispute against an economic land concession.   ...

Phak Seangly

Gov’t U-turn on Montagnard refugees

In a seeming about-face, the government has backed away from its looming deadline to deport more than 100 Montagnards currently seeking asylum in Cambodia, instead pledging to “expedite” the process of assessing their refugee status. ...

Daniel de Carteret and Chhay Channyda

Vietnamese military-held ELCs in R’kiri slashed according to government

Four Vietnamese military-controlled land concessions in Ratanakkiri province were downsized to a fraction of their original acreage as part of a government audit of land leased to private companies, officials said yesterday, amid opposition criticism of the concessions. ...

Phak Seangly

Police raid 3 Ratanakkiri gold mines

Police on Thursday raided three illegal gold mines in Ratanakkiri province’s Lumphat district believed to have been operated by undocumented Vietnamese migrants, but made no arrests as all the camps had been abandoned, possibly just hours earlier. ...

Khuon Narim

Vietnam halts road work at Kampot border

Vietnam has stopped construction of a road near its border with Kampot province after Cambodian officials complained that the project was coming too close to the borderline, according to a provincial border police official. ...

Kuch Naren

Vietnam troops hinder CNRP-led trip to border

Armed Vietnamese soldiers on Monday tried to prevent more than 300 people led by CNRP lawmakers from visiting a disputed border area in Ratanakkiri province’s O’Yadaw district, a lawmaker and a rights worker said. ...

Kuch Naren

Network bust doesn’t stop logging

Villagers in Ratanakkiri’s O’Yadav district last week seized several logs of illegal timber, ending what they said had been a lull in illegal logging since the arrests of two officials accused of colluding with loggers. ...

Phak Seangly

Montagnard minder tells of ordeal in Vietnam

As police closed in on Montagnard asylum seekers hiding in the forests of Ratanakkiri province last week, Klan Hoeun, 42, said Wednesday that he knew he had to at least try to get the group to Phnom Penh, to safety. ...

Aun Pheap and Chris Mueller

Cambodia recommends 13 montagnards for refugee status

Thirteen Vietnamese Montagnards have been recommended for refugee status by Cambodian authorities, pending approval by the Minister of the Interior. Spokesman Khieu Sopheak added that the refugee status for the remaining 13 now will be considered for official confirmation. ...

Kong Sothanarith

Montagnards attempting to reach capital deported

A group of 36 Montagnard asylum seekers who went missing last week after they left their hiding places in the forests of Ratanakkiri province have been arrested and deported back to Vietnam, the U.N. and local villagers said Sunday. ...

Aun Pheap

Montagnards flee R’kiri police said

A group of nine Montagnard asylum seekers hiding out in Ratanakkiri province had a close brush with law enforcement officials yesterday, even as a new group of the Vietnamese ethnic minority crossed the border into Cambodia, a rights group and a villager helping the hiding ...

Phak Seangly

Soldiers train rangers to fight illegal logging

A group of 56 rangers from the Ministry of Environment last week completed a one-month training course in Phnom Penh run by the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF) to help save Cambodia’s protected areas from illegal loggers, a first for the country’s rangers. ...

Aun Pheap

Montagnard presence denied

Government spokesman and four-star General Khieu Sopheak has threatened to sue an NGO worker over his “false allegations” about Montagnard asylum seekers. Sopheak said authorities had only arrested “illegal Vietnamese immigrants”, and called on Chhay Thy, provincial coordinator for local rights group Adhoc and the ...

Phak Seangly

Rights group presses Cambodia to end persecution of montagnards

A rights group has asked the Cambodian government to stop harassing Christian Montagnards from Vietnam who are seeking refugee status in the country following the arrest of a family of five Montagnards in a northeastern province. ...

RFA Khmer News Staff

No licences, much dredging

Five sand-dredging operations in Ratanakkiri province – one owned by the provincial director of Public Works and Transportation – have been in business illegally for some 20 years, the rights group Adhoc said yesterday. Adhoc said that it uncovered the operations in Veun Say, Lumphat and ...

Phak Seangly

Journo killings condemned

A report from the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists has decried the killing of journalists with no consequences, listing Cambodia as one of several countries where members of the press have been killed since 2004 “with complete impunity”. From 2004 to 2013, 370 journalists ...

Charles Rollet and Chhay Channyda

6 break out of Ratanakkiri prison

Six inmates busted out of Ratanakkiri Provincial Prison in the wee hours of yesterday morning, police said, adding another incident to a string of embarrassing escapes at the facility over the past two years. According to a post on the National Police’s website, authorities in Ratanakkiri’s ...

Chhay Channyda

Citizenship bribes offered: police

Four Vietnamese women claiming to be working for a Vietnamese company attempted to obtain residency papers reserved for Cambodian citizens by bribing authorities in Ratanakkiri’s Sre Angkrang commune last week, police and an NGO said yesterday. The news comes as the government continues a “foreigner census” ...

Phak Seangly

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