Political parties share healthcare visions

A senior health official and member of the Cambodian People’s Party’s (CPP) said that her party’s health policies aim to ensure nationwide health and safety. ...

Chea Sokny

NGOs and political parties say they won’t attend Justice Ministry ‘explanation’ of new constitutional amendments

 Civil society groups and opposition parties that have opposed newly passed constitutional amendments said they would be boycotting a meeting hosted by the Ministry of Justice this week intended to clarify the changes to eight articles. ...

Sorn Sarath and Seoung Nimol

NEC explains rule change reasoning

The National Election Committee (NEC) held a meeting to explain the changes in election rules and procedures to three political parties that were demanding that the electoral body keep them unchanged from the previous elections. ...

Post Staff

PM’s Manet backing gives parties pause

Although Prime Minister Hun Sen has stated that he will be the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) candidate for the top office for at least another decade, his recent endorsement of his oldest son Hun Manet as his successor may indicate some flexibility on his part ...

Nov Sivutha

Eighteen of 20 parties now in forum after GDP, OMLP join

Two more parties have decided to participate in the Consultation Forum, which had its inaugural meeting last week. This brings its membership to 18 of the 20 parties that participated in the July 29 national elections. ...

Ben Sokhean

Parties express satisfaction with ballot slot positions

While Prime Minister Hun Sen expressed satisfaction at his Cambodian People’s Party’s (CPP) 20th spot on the list, the Grassroots Democracy Party (GDP) expressed surprise at having drawn the same number that the now-dissolved Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) drew in the last election. ...

Ben Sokhean

Hun Sen presses local officials to ‘facilitate’ the poll process

Prime Minister Hun Sen, in a speech on Monday, ordered officials to “facilitate” the campaign process for all political parties, including the opposition, a seeming about-face, as they had recently reported being hindered and harassed. ...

Ben Sokhean

‘Middle way’, outside shot: GDP members see victory in July election as a possibility

Ever since the dissolution of the main opposition, the Cambodia National Rescue Party, the progressive Grassroots Democracy Party has found itself between a rock and a hard place. Many have called for them to boycott an election that is no longer fully democratic. As one ...

Andrew Nachemson and Yon Sineat

GDP to focus on government efficiency

The Grassroots Democracy Party yesterday suggested taking a pin to Cambodia’s inflated bureaucracy, saying it would campaign on a proposal to reduce the number of ministries from 23 to just 15 in order to improve efficiency and cut wasteful spending. ...

Ben Sokhean

CNRP’s predecessor parties reject GDP call to run in July election

The fledgling Grassroots Democracy Party appealed yesterday to the predecessors of the now-dissolved Cambodia National Rescue Party to contest this year’s upcoming elections in a bid to dilute the ruling party’s vote share – an offer they quickly turned down. ...

Ben Sokhean and Ananth Baliga

GDP announces policies

Seemingly sounding the 2018 election bugle, the nascent Grassroots Democracy Party (GDP) yesterday released five major policy initiatives it will implement if it manages the herculean task of winning against the incumbent Cambodian People’s Party. ...

Ben Sokhean

Former party of Kem Ley to run nationwide in 2018

The Grassroots Democracy Party, co-founded by slain political analyst Kem Ley, has announced it will compete in the national elections next year in all provinces, though analysts yesterday doubted that it would be able to mount a serious challenge to the ruling Cambodian People’s Party. ...

Ben Sokhean and Leonie Kijewski

Kem Ley lives on for Grassroots Democracy Party in elections

After Grassroots Democracy Party (GDP) candidates for the upcoming commune elections took their seats inside the leafy grounds of the party headquarters in Phnom Penh for a pre-election congress on Thursday, they rose to their feet and bowed their heads in remembrance of their founding ...

George Wright and Sek Odom

PM’s sons begin to take center stage

As Prime Minister Hun Sen ages, more and more talk is surfacing of his sons taking his mantle and leading the country into the future. Two were in the spotlight this past week as they bolster their credentials for their eventual rise to the top ...

Chea Vannak

Grassroots party hopes to play kingmaker in National Assembly

Grassroots Democracy Party (GDP) secretary-general Sam Inn said Wednesday the new party is aiming to win enough National Assembly seats in the 2018 election to play kingmaker in a scenario in which neither the ruling CPP nor opposition CNRP win enough seats to form government. ...

Alex Willemyns

Border dispute turned into ‘popularity contest’

The newly formed Grassroots Democracy Party (GDP) called on the country’s two largest political parties to put the national interest ahead of their own, as it released documents outlining its internal structure and code of ethics over the weekend. ...

Chea Takihiro

New party takes a new step

The recently formed Grassroots Democracy Party (GDP) has taken another step in joining the political mainstream, announcing the appointment of a spokesman yesterday. ...

Pav Suy

Interior minister approves registration for two new political parties

Deputy Prime Minister and minister of interior Sar Kheng approved for two new political parties—the Grassroots Democracy Party (GDP) and Khmer Solidarity Party  (KSP) to contest in the upcoming 2017 commune/Sangkat council and the 2018 National Election.  ...

The Cambodia Herald​ News Staff

Grassroots democracy party elects old faces

The Grassroots Democracy Party, a brainchild of “Khmer for Khmer” advocacy group leader Kem Ley, held its inaugural congress in Phnom Penh on Sunday, electing—unopposed—Mr. Ley’s close colleague Yeng Virak as temporary leader despite vows of a new style of politics. ...

Mech Dara

New political party unveiled in Cambodia to contest in 2018 elections

A handful of human rights activists and social researchers on Sunday jointly formed a political party to contest in the 2018 national elections although a political analyst said that small parties are hard to win even a seat. ...

Xinhuanet News Staff

Grassroots democracy party to hold its inaugural congress

The Grassroots Democracy Party, the creation of political analyst and “Khmer for Khmer” advocacy group founder Kem Ley, will hold its inaugural congress on Sunday and register as a party on Monday, Mr. Ley said Tuesday. ...

Alex Willemyns

Kem Ley to form national party

Former analyst and researcher Kem Ley will register a new national-level political party with the Ministry of Interior in August to serve as a model of pluralistic “intraparty democracy”, the political aspirant said. Titled the Grassroots Democracy Party (GDP), Ley said the party would be the ...

Bennett Murray

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