Free Trade Union proposes $130 garment worker minimum wage

One of the country’s largest unions on Sunday came out in favor of a new minimum wage for garment workers far lower than what many of its counterparts have been agitating for over the past several months, bolstering prospects for a compromise with factories. ...

Mech Dara

Maid accused of hitting baby in Singapore

Singaporean police have investigated allegations that a Cambodian woman working as a maid in the city-state assaulted an infant in her care, according to the Cambodian ambassador there and a Singaporean recruitment agency. Cheth Naren, Cambodian ambassador to Singapore, said that three Cambodian women came to ...

Matt Blomberg

Ambition Trumps Reality in Investment Figures

Since 2008, a whopping $28 billion worth of investments has been pledged by local and international firms looking to set up lux­ury hotels, a new airport and even Cam­­bo­dia’s first horse racing venue. But a closer look at the list of in­vestments approved by the Cam­bodian ...

Some 1,686 workers faint in Cambodia in 2012: official report

Approximately 1,686 workers in garment and shoe factories got fainted last year due mainly to overwork, poor health, exposure to chemical substances, and hysteria, a Cambodian labor official said Wednesday. Pok Vanthath, vice-chief of the Labor Ministry’s vocational training department, said the mass fainting incidents had ...

Draft Accord on Domestic Workers Completed

Government and U.N. officials yesterday completed the draft of a new memorandum of understanding (MoU) that is designed to guarantee the fair treatment and safety of Cambodian domestic workers in Malaysia. The new draft MoU is an amendment to an earlier, much-criticized version create by Malaysia, ...

Nike Visits Over Recent Faintings at Factory

Representatives from US sports brand Nike will arrive today to investigate last week’s mass faintings at their supplier factory in Kompong Speu province, officials from the Labor Ministry and an International Labor Organization (ILO) representative said yesterday. Pok Vanthath, deputy director of vocational safety for the ...

Labor Ministry official's link to agency sparks controversy

Amid mounting concerns over labor recruitment agencies’ treatment of migrant workers, new links were discovered yesterday between agencies and the officials that regulate them, as a daughter of a senior Labor Ministry official was found to be running a major recruitment firm. Nhem Chakrya, deputy director ...

Government suspends Malaysia maids recruitment firm

Officials said yesterday that the government had suspended a recruitment agency in Kompong Chhnang province suspected of forcibly confining 45 women and that plans were underway to shut it down permanently. Police rescued the women, including 26 girls under the age of 18, who were training ...

Labour Ministry releases mass fainting figures

Figures released by the Ministry of Labor on Friday showed that 1,578 garment factory workers have fainted in workplace incidents since the beginning of this year. Pok Vanthat, deputy director of the Labor Ministry’s Medical Unit and chief of its research committee, said that his committee ...

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