Strategic National Road 21 stretch opens

A nearly 64km stretch of National Road 21 connecting the Takhmao roundabout in Kandal province’s Takhmao town to the Cambodian-Vietnamese international border checkpoint between Chrey Thom and Vietnam’s Long Binh was formally inaugurated on March 23. ... ...

Mom Kunthear

Woman gets 15 years for kidney trafficking

The Phnom Penh Municipal Court on Friday sentenced a woman to 15 years in jail for convincing her two cousins and a neighbor to sell their kidneys in Thailand last year. ... ...

Sek Odom

Sokimex closes down hotel on Norodom Boulevard

The Sokha Hotel on Norodom Boul­evard in Phnom Penh has closed down and will be converted into office space for the hotel’s parent company, local conglomerate Sokimex, Sokimex CEO Sok Kong said Friday. ... ...

Khuon Narim

District tells development firm to compensate flooded eateries

The governor of Phnom Penh’s Chroy Changva district said he has asked the Overseas Cambodia Investment Company (OCIC) to compensate the owners of two restaurants that were flooded Wednesday after the firm’s excavator ruptured a nearby levee that had been holding back a pool of ...

Sek Odom

Swap deal struck: Families to move for city development

More than 130 families will be relocated to make way for a multibillion-dollar development project in the capital’s Chroy Changva district after an agreement was signed yesterday by villagers, district officials and the Overseas Cambodian Investment Corporation (OCIC ) said.​ ... ...

Kim Sarom

Chroy Changva families accept OCIC package

Thirty-one families in Chroy Changva district Monday agreed to move off land that has been slated for a $3 billion development project in exchange for an apartment and a market stall nearby, officials said. ... ...

Sek Odom

Five families accept flats in Chroy Changva

Five families among a community of 40 that have been fighting a powerful developer for land they live on in Phnom Penh’s Chroy Changva district accepted compensation packages on Monday, the first cracks in a previously united community. ... ...

Sek Odom

Boeng Kak’s best teach villagers protest 101

When two middle-aged novices emerged with signs protesting the development of disputed land near the tip of the Chroy Changva peninsula on Thursday, one of the country’s foremost anti-eviction activists was there to tell them they were doing it all wrong. ... Ms. Vanny, who was ...

Matt Blomberg and Sek Odom

Chroy Changva locals threaten ocic pipeline

District security guards were deployed to Chroy Changva peninsula Tuesday to intercept villagers who were ready to smash a pipe that has been pumping sand onto their land for the past year. The roughly 40 families occupy the northeastern corner of a 387-hectare swathe of wetlands ...

Sek Odom and Matt Blomberg

Phnom Penh Governor tells officials to monitor city’s markets

Acting on direct orders from Prime Minister Hun Sen, Phnom Penh Municipal Governor Pa Socheatvong on Tuesday called on municipal officials to strictly monitor the companies that collect daily fees from the city’s market vendors. Mr. Hun Sen called out the governor in a speech on ...

Phann Ana

Three New Districts in Phnom Penh Approved

The Ministry of Interior has approved the creation of three new districts in Phnom Penh following a proposal from City Hall to create five new districts before district and city council elections are held in May. Sak Setha, secretary of state at the Ministry of Interior, ...

Khuon Narim

In Cambodia, Cyber Casinos Fall Into a Legal Gray Area

In 2010, the Ha Tien Vegas Entertainment Resort, a casino investment on Kampot province’s border with Vietnam that included luxury karaoke rooms and suites, launched with high hopes of attracting Vietnamese gamblers. At the end of December, Ha Tien Vegas closed down. To the north, in ...

Ambition Trumps Reality in Investment Figures

Since 2008, a whopping $28 billion worth of investments has been pledged by local and international firms looking to set up lux­ury hotels, a new airport and even Cam­­bo­dia’s first horse racing venue. But a closer look at the list of in­vestments approved by the Cam­bodian ...

Cham Families On Riverbank Told to Leave

More than 100 Cham fishing families who moor their boat homes on the banks of Phnom Penh's Chroy Changva peninsula have been ordered to relocate, with one official saying the fishing boats were spoiling the beauty of the riverbank and the area around the new hotel. "We already ...

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