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Draft law sets legal drinking age at 21, highest in region

The Health Ministry has drafted Cambodia’s first-ever law to control the sale and consumption of alcohol, which imposes a minimum legal drinking age of 21 and would fine retailers who sell liquor to anyone underage. ...

Khy Sovuthy and Simon Henderson

Success story of data literacy training program: LY Vichheka

In Cambodia, data-driven storytelling is almost non-existent and still a very new concept to most journalists, media branches, newsrooms and CSOs. In the newsrooms, data journalism is rarely produced due to limited data literacy.The project aimed to train people in data-driven storytelling. While there is ...

Non-renewable energy production

Non-renewable energy sources are chiefly fossil fuels such as coal, diesel, oil and gas. They provide most of Cambodia’s locally-produced electrical supply – in 2011 diesel and heavy fuel oil generators provided 89% of local electricity generation. ...

Success story of data literacy training program: ROEUN Narith

Many of the data transparency training participants have been using data in one way or another in their day-to-day work. They sign-up for the program to improve their ability to use data as a means of storytelling to a new level. Roeun Narith is the ...

Forests and forestry

Cambodia’s forests have seen a significant reduction of total forest and dense forest cover in recent years, the growth of plantations, particularly rubber, and an ongoing problem with illegal logging. ...

SDG 6 Clean water and sanitation

Sustainable Development Goal 6 has 8 targets and 11 indicators, which will be used to drive action towards achieving universal access to safely managed water and sanitation and appropriate management of water resources.1 SDG 6 recognizes that sustainably managing water goes beyond providing a safe water ...


Biodiversity​ or​ Biological​ Resources:​ Various​ organisms​ in​ the​ same​ or​ different​ species​ and​ living​ organisms​ of​ all​ levels​ and​ sources,​ including​ land,​ marine​ and​ freshwater​ ecosystems,​ and​ the​ ecological​ relationships​ in​ which​ these​ ecosystems​ exist.​51​​ Biodiversity is essential for most of the resources used by ...

Electricity production

In Cambodia, electricity demands have been forecast to grow at 17.9 percent annually from 2012 to 2020.92 Distribution of electricity around the country has been a challenge: according to UN data, 79 percent of people live in rural areas,93 and the entire national population had grown ...

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