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Google Launches Khmer Translation Service

Internet search giant Google on Friday launched a new service that for the first time allows users to instantly translate Khmer script into other languages. Khmer is the most recent addition to the 66-strong collection of languages between which words, sentences or whole websites can be ef='https://opendevelopmentcambodia.net/news/Google-launches-khmer-translation-service/ ' class='cambodia-color'>...


Press release: finding location of polling station on Google Map

On 13 July 2018, the National election Committee (NeC) issued a press release on finding location of polling station on Google Map. In order to make it easy to find location of polling stations, the National election Committee has developed a program for managing and finding location ef='https://opendevelopmentcambodia.net/announcements/press-release-finding-location-of-polling-station-on-Google-map/ ' class='cambodia-color'>...

National Election Committee

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Ancient temples of Cambodia's Angkor civilization incorporated into Google Street View in effort to boost tourism

The spectacular temples of Cambodia’s Angkor civilization have been incorporated into Google’s Street View, a boost to the impoverished country’s tourism industry that also adds urgency to efforts to preserve the sprawling historic site. The Internet giant said in a statement Thursday that Street View now ef='https://opendevelopmentcambodia.net/news/ancient-temples-of-cambodias-angkor-civilization-incorporated-into-Google-street-view-in-effort-to-boost-tourism/ ' class='cambodia-color'>...

New York Daily News

Google to map streets of capital, Angkor Wat

People around the world will soon be able to go online and view close-up pictures of Phnom Penh’s streets and the temples of Angkor Wat, Google representatives announced in Phnom Penh. Google Street View is using cars with special 360-degree panoramic cameras to collect the imagery. ef='https://opendevelopmentcambodia.net/news/Google-to-map-streets-of-capital-angkor-wat/ ' class='cambodia-color'>...


Online dissemination workshop on "Applying value added tax to e-commerce transactions"

On 31 March 2022, the Ministry of economy and Finance issued an announcement on the online dissemination workshop on “Applying value added tax to e-commerce transactions”.The purpose of this workshop is to inform taxpayers about the implementation of value added tax on e-commerce transactions, which ef='https://opendevelopmentcambodia.net/announcements/online-dissemination-workshop-on-applying-value-added-tax-to-e-commerce-transactions/ ' class='cambodia-color'>...

Ministry of Economy and Finance

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App developers serve up Khmer cuisine to thriving digital recipe market

As Cambodians increasingly embrace the digital age, homegrown developers are creating Khmer recipe apps to share the nation’s traditional dishes. On Google Play for Android, the app “Khmer Cooking Recipe” is leading the pack having recorded more than100,000 downloads. ef='https://opendevelopmentcambodia.net/news/app-developers-serve-up-khmer-cuisine-to-thriving-digital-recipe-market/ ' class='cambodia-color'>...

Tom Starkey

Pilot project to boost e-commerce for Kingdom’s SMEs

The Ministry of Commerce has launched Go4eCam, a pilot project that aims to realise the benefit of e-commerce for the nation’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMes), a sector that is currently playing an important role in the country’s economic growth. ef='https://opendevelopmentcambodia.net/news/pilot-project-to-boost-e-commerce-for-kingdoms-smes/ ' class='cambodia-color'>...

Chhut Bunthoeun

Single Portal enters second year

More than 6,000 businesses with over $2.6 billion in capital have been registered with the government’s online Business Registration Platform in just one year since its launch, according to the Ministry of economy and Finance. ef='https://opendevelopmentcambodia.net/news/single-portal-enters-second-year/ ' class='cambodia-color'>...

Thou Vireak

E-commerce slowed by government: report

The key ingredients for e-commerce adoption are in place in Cambodia but many specific measures need to be addressed by both the private and public sector before the Kingdom can tap into the huge opportunities offered by a digital economy, according to a new report ef='https://opendevelopmentcambodia.net/news/e-commerce-slowed-by-government-report/ ' class='cambodia-color'>...

Matthieu de Gaudemar

Ministry of Justice site online

The Ministry of Justice on Monday announced the launch of its new website www.moj.gov.kh in addition to its already existing Facebook page and Telegram service. ef='https://opendevelopmentcambodia.net/news/ministry-of-justice-site-online/ ' class='cambodia-color'>...

Voun Dara

Electronic tax filing for medium and large payers

The General Department of Taxation (GDT) has officially now put into operation an electronic filing system for all medium and large taxpayers starting from early this month, according to a senior official of the department. ef='https://opendevelopmentcambodia.net/news/electronic-tax-filing-for-medium-and-large-payers/ ' class='cambodia-color'>...

Sok Chan

E-Learning moves to TV

The education Ministry yesterday started airing distance learning progra- mmes or e-Learning on the National Television of Kampuchea and some cable TV channels for students in the capital and provinces throughout the country. ef='https://opendevelopmentcambodia.net/news/e-learning-moves-to-tv/ ' class='cambodia-color'>...

Pech Sotheary

Press release: New E-commerce grants, training set to boost cambodia’s small and medium enterprises

On 28 December 2020, the Ministry of Commerce issued a press release on new e-commerce grants and training set to boost Cambodia’s small and medium enterprises. So far, 125 small and medium enterprises are set to gain grants and training in online commerce through a ef='https://opendevelopmentcambodia.net/announcements/press-release-new-e-commerce-grants-training-set-to-boost-cambodias-small-and-medium-enterprises/ ' class='cambodia-color'>...

Ministry of Commerce

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Visa: Cambodia’s 2021 transaction trends

A desire for increased security and an acute awareness of current health guidelines has generated an uptick in the use of non-cash payments, according to US multinational financial services corp Visa, as measured in its latest Consumer Payments Attitudes survey. ef='https://opendevelopmentcambodia.net/news/visa-cambodias-2021-transaction-trends/ ' class='cambodia-color'>...

Jason Boken

Lockdown opens a window for e-commerce

With authorities tightening security to prevent community transmission in Phnom Penh and Kandal province’s Takhmao town, e-commerce activity, cashless payments and delivery services have logged a notable rise, swiftly becoming new features of the digital world in Cambodia. ef='https://opendevelopmentcambodia.net/news/lockdown-opens-a-window-for-e-commerce/ ' class='cambodia-color'>...

May Kunmakara

MoC e-commerce marketplace expected to launch in July

The Ministry of Commerce’s Go4eCam e-commerce marketplace is expected to go online in July, according to Long Kemvichet, the deputy director general at the ministry’s General Department of International Trade. ef='https://opendevelopmentcambodia.net/news/moc-e-commerce-marketplace-expected-to-launch-in-july/ ' class='cambodia-color'>...

Brian Badzmierowski

Press conference on "MoEYS E-Learning self-study program: 5 months after public launch"

On 21 September 2021, the Ministry of education, Youth and Sport issued a notification on press conference on “MoeYS e-learning self-study program: 5 months after public launch.”The Ministry of education, Youth and Sport and the Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia hold a press conference ef='https://opendevelopmentcambodia.net/announcements/press-conference-on-moeys-e-learning-self-study-program-5-months-after-public-launch/ ' class='cambodia-color'>...

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport

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Launch of the national post and telecommunications business and information application through e-Registration for the national level

On 02 September 2021, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications issued a notification on​ launch of the national post and telecommunications business and information application through e-Registration for the national levelThe e-Registration system will make it easy and fast for operators or business owners to ef='https://opendevelopmentcambodia.net/announcements/launch-of-the-national-post-and-telecommunications-business-and-information-application-through-e-registration-for-the-national-level/ ' class='cambodia-color'>...

Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications

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