Google Launches Khmer Translation Service

Internet search giant Google on Friday launched a new service that for the first time allows users to instantly translate Khmer script into other languages. Khmer is the most recent addition to the 66-strong collection of languages between which words, sentences or whole websites can be translated back and forth in the Google Translate service, which can present the results as script or phonetically. Regional languages Lao, Vietnamese and Thai are all already available on the service. Divon Lan, a project manager in Google’s next wave emerging countries division, who worked on the new service, said the launch had been timed as a gift to Cambo­dians in the week of Khmer New Year. … According to the World Bank’s last estimate, the number of Internet users in Cambodia was less than 450,000 in 2011. But the number is likely to have grown since then with the expansion of mobile Internet services.