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Google Launches Khmer Translation Service

Internet search giant Google on Friday launched a new service that for the first time allows users to instantly translate Khmer script into other languages. Khmer is the most recent addition to the 66-strong collection of languages between which words, sentences or whole websites can be ...


Press release: finding location of polling station on Google Map

On 13 July 2018, the National Election Committee (NEC) issued a press release on finding location of polling station on Google Map. In order to make it easy to find location of polling stations, the National Election Committee has developed a program for managing and finding location ...

National Election Committee

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Ancient temples of Cambodia's Angkor civilization incorporated into Google Street View in effort to boost tourism

The spectacular temples of Cambodia’s Angkor civilization have been incorporated into Google’s Street View, a boost to the impoverished country’s tourism industry that also adds urgency to efforts to preserve the sprawling historic site. The Internet giant said in a statement Thursday that Street View now ...

New York Daily News

Google to map streets of capital, Angkor Wat

People around the world will soon be able to go online and view close-up pictures of Phnom Penh’s streets and the temples of Angkor Wat, Google representatives announced in Phnom Penh. Google Street View is using cars with special 360-degree panoramic cameras to collect the imagery. ...


Boeng Kak Lake Is No Longer Visible on Google Map of Area

Over three years after Shukaku Inc started filling Boeung Kak lake with sand to make way for a CPP Senator’s massive real estate project, Google Maps has now completely erased the image of the lake, which the municipality’s year-end report says is now 95 percent ...

Minister wants e-trade by end of year

Cambodian government officials have called on the US-ASEAN Business Council to help finalise implementation of the Kingdom’s first e-commerce law by year’s end. However, US-ASEAN Business Council councillor Frances Zwening said Google did not provide an “in-depth response” to the request for assistance, but added ...


Online launch voice

Internet service provider Online is aiming to compete in the voice call market with its latest product, TalkMobile, a Skype-like application for handsets. Customers buy US$2 a month in credit to use the internet-based TalkMobile, and then pay prices ranging from about 6 cents a ...


Advanced Google Analytics training

Following Internews’ 2021 class for ODC on Google Analytics, further Advanced Google Analytics training was developed for the third year of participation in the Innovations for Social Accountability in Cambodia (ISAC) project. Eight ODC team members joined the training facilitated by Elshad Gojayev of Internews’ ...

King Father Mementos a Big Business for City's Vendors

Portraits of the late King Father Norodm Sihanouk covered the floor and dozens of coin-sized badges emblazoned with his image were scattered on the sidewalk in front of the Singha Mean printing house yesterday. Kuo Ransiky, the 41-year-old owner of the printshop on Phnom Penh’s street ...


ODC Google Analytics training

Open Development Cambodia (ODC) has been working closely with Internews for the Innovations in Social Accountability project. To strengthen the ODC team’s site measurement capabilities, Internews facilitated training on Google Analytics for six staff and one CSO observer.The training was conducted by a local Google ...

Open Cambodia Conference

Open Cambodia ConferenceOpen Cambodia Conference Team       The Open Development Cambodia Team presented last weekend at the Open Cambodia Conference, which is all about Open Source, Open Data open everything! We made new friends, and had a lot of fun. See for yourself:Conference site: http://www.opencambodia.netNews: http://news.sabay.com.kh/articles/143765Photos:http://picasaweb.google.com/103688782060858107775/OpenCambodiaGalleryhttp://picasaweb.google.com/107340124899959506289/OpenCambodia2011google Group: ...

App developers serve up Khmer cuisine to thriving digital recipe market

As Cambodians increasingly embrace the digital age, homegrown developers are creating Khmer recipe apps to share the nation’s traditional dishes. On Google Play for Android, the app “Khmer Cooking Recipe” is leading the pack having recorded more than100,000 downloads. ...

Tom Starkey

Corners cut in crowded ISP war

A Google search for Cambodian Internet service providers (ISPs) turns up a dizzying number of results, some advertising monthly rates as low as $18 for 4 Mb/s. ...

Jonathan Cox and Igor Kossov

Ministry of tourism website hacked by “Teenageworms”

A Nepalese group of hackers calling themselves “TeenageWorms” hacked into the website of Cambodia’s Ministry of Tourism Thursday, changing the title of the site’s URL in Google search. ...

Jonathan Cox

Teaching young women digital literacy

SHE Investments, a social enterprise to support women micro-small entrepreneurs (MSMEs) is joining as a Cambodian partner for Youth Business International’s Rapid Response Recovery Programme, funded by Google.org, to support women entrepreneurs to build digital literacy skills to enable them to recover and rebuild from ...

Sok Chan

Go Digital Asean initiative to empower MSME’s

The ASEAN Coordinating Committee on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and the Asia Foundation has formally announced the Go Digital ASEAN initiative. Supported by a $3.3 million grant from Google, the initiative is designed to equip 200,000 people – of which 60 percent will be ...

Sok Chan

3rd Workshop: GIS application in land management and education

Open Development Cambodia (ODC) is delighted to announce the 3rd workshop on “GIS Application in Land Management and Education”. This course focuses on two parts. The first part deals with the use of GIS in the land planning and management sector. The second part emphasizes ...

Open Development Cambodia

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Myanmar, Cambodia seek investors for rice business

Two Southeast Asian countries not particularly known for large agricultural exports, Myanmar and Cambodia, have both declared that they want to participate in the global rice business by intensifying rice farming and milling across their respective countries with the help of foreign investors, including from ...

Arno Maierbrugger

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