ODC Google Analytics training

Open Development Cambodia (ODC) has been working closely with Internews for the Innovations in Social Accountability project. To strengthen the ODC team’s site measurement capabilities, Internews facilitated training on Google Analytics for six staff and one CSO observer.

The training was conducted by a local Google certified trainer / digital marketing specialist in May, focusing on ODC’s ‘feedback loop’ of user journeys through the site.

This was explored by monitoring the platform’s use in different time frames, as well as from the perspective of different stakeholders (such as ODC’s web team, program officers, donors, and varied users and stakeholders).  The training identified which metrics (such as bounce rate, unique numbers of users, and return visits) could be assigned to specific indicators, in order to evaluate website engagement and clarify user behavior.

The session also discussed fundamentals of site usability and broad opportunities to increase website traffic and user engagement, in close dialogue with the ODC team’s many questions. ODC will apply this knowledge in future site assessments and program reports, and return for advanced further training on this area in 2022 with Internews.