Deadlock over wage talks

The first round of a tripartite meeting to negotiate a new minimum wage for garment and footwear workers ended in a deadlock on Monday. Trade unions, employers, and the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training officials tried to hammer out a new wage scheme for ...

Soth Koemsoeun

Minimum wage talks officially begin

Negotiations to determine 2019’s minimum wage for garment workers began at the Labour Ministry yesterday with the issue of worker welfare as the first order of business, the Labour Advisory Committee said. ...

Sen David

Wage law change threatens Labour Advisory Committee

The future of the government’s Labour Advisory Committee is hanging in the balance as the country’s first draft law on the national minimum wage is set to come into force by the end of the year.   ...

Mom Kunthear

Big boost for garment sector minimum wage, though some see a political motive

The government yesterday significantly upped the garment and footwear sector’s minimum wage to $170 a month, from $153, the highest increase in wages in the past two years and one that comes ahead of a crucial national election next July. ...

Yon Sineat and Ananth Baliga

Talks settle on wages figures

Employers, unions and government officials have settled on three figures to propose as the new minimum wage for garment, textile and footwear workers in a final day of negotiations on the issue. ...

Mom Kunthear

Talks narrow gap in minimum wage

Union negotiators on the minimum wage for garment, textile and footwear workers have lowered their claim from $176.26 per month to $175 while the employers have increased their offer from $161 to $161.50. ...

Mom Kunthear

FTU boss to sit out meet

The president of the Free Trade Union is slated to boycott this morning’s final meeting to discuss the trade union law, held at the Ministry of Labour. ...

Mom Kunthear

Cambodia raises garment wage, but unions say not enough

Cambodia on Wednesday raised the controversial monthly minimum wage for garment workers by 28 percent, a decision likely to infuriate unions seeking a higher increase and revive calls for strike action. Sixteen members of the Labour Ministry’s Labour Advisory Committee voted for the government-proposed minimum ...

World Bulletin News Staff

No boycott: Union meet could decide wage today

Independent labour unions will take part in the Ministry of Labour’s Labour Advisory Committee (LAC) meeting today, possibly making their decision on next year’s minimum wage in Cambodia’s garment sector. NIFTUC and the Coalition of Cambodian Apparel Workers’ Democratic Union (C.CAWDU) considered boycotting the LAC ...

Sean Teehan

Cambodia to discuss garment sector wages next week

A Cambodia government-appointed Labour Advisory Committee (LAC) may decide on a new minimum monthly wage for garment sector workers when it meets next week, just-style has been told. The committee is due to meet on Wednesday (12 November), when it will discuss whether to increase the ...

Poorna Rodrigo

Union proposal for minimum wage scrapped in Cambodia

Activists have decried a decision by the Ministry of Labour to disregard union pleas for a hike in the minimum wage for some of the country’s 500,000 garment workers, one warning that it could lead to civil unrest. The unions’ wage proposal received only seven ...

World Bulletin News Staff

Another wage body to form

Following a meeting with parliamentarians at the National Assembly yesterday, Minister of Labour Ith Sam Heng announced the ministry would form a 27-member committee to study technical aspects of raising the minimum wage in Cambodia’s garment sector. The new committee will comprise nine representatives each from ...

Pech Sotheary and Sean Teehan

Poverty line $120, gov’t says

Workers in Cambodia’s capital earning less than $120 per month are living below the poverty line, according to the Ministry of Planning’s own calculation. At a September 17 workshop on the garment industry minimum wage, International Labor Organization Cambodia national director Tun Sophorn cited Ministry of ...

Sean Teehan

Wrangling over wage may spur new unrest

Unions representing garment workers have pledged to reignite protests if the minimum wage for the industry is raised to only $115 next year, a sum they say was offered by the Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia during a meeting on Friday. The Labour Advisory Committee (LAC) ...

Mom Kunthear

Unions up wage demands

Deposite not coming close to achieving their goal of a $160 monthly minimum garment wage, unions announced yesterday that they will raise their demands to $177 for 2015. Ken Chhenglang, acting pres­ident of the National Independent Federation Textile Union of Cambodia (NIFTUC), said about 10 union ...

Mom Kunthear

Wages do not compute: ILO

NGOs say the Ministry of Labour’s use of its own method for determining the garment industry’s minimum wage is risking a repeat of the tensions that exploded in violent protests in January, when authorities killed at least five people. More than six months after the Labour ...

Sean Teehan

Better protection entertained

Workers in an industry where obnoxious, drunk customers and 12-hour shifts are common could gain legal safeguards if a subdecree brought before a Ministry of Labour committee yesterday passes into law. The set of prakases for entertainment workers – which appeared before the Labour Advisory Committee ...

Sean Teehan

Wage group agrees on January 1 raises

The group in charge of determining the national minimum wage for the garment sector yesterday agreed to increase salaries annually on January 1, determined by discussions that are to take place in the final quarter of each preceding year, officials said. The agreement was signed during ...

Mom Kunthear

Gov’t to meet unions for salary talks

Union members of the Ministry of Labour’s Labour Advisory Committee (LAC) will meet on Monday for a garment industry wage discussion focusing on ideas raised at a workshop in April. The invitation from Labour Minister Ith Sam Heng was sent to the seven LAC unions on ...

Mom Kunthear

Cambodian workers to be hardest-hit victims of wage unrest

Cambodian workers will be the ultimate victims if minority and violent unions continue to put the garment and shoe industries under the state of uncertainty and unpredictability by continuing to demand for further wage hikes that the industry cannot afford, an employers’ association said in ...

The Daily Star News Staff

Strike action still on table, unions say

Leaders of unions that declared a nationwide garment worker strike said the work stoppage and protests, which they temporarily suspended, will resume unless government officials renegotiate the industry’s minimum wage. The announcement was their first since authorities cracked down on strike demonstrations on January 2 and ...

Sean Teehan and Mom Kunthear

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