Sar Kheng set to lead NagaWorld mediation meeting

Minister of Interior Sar Kheng is slated to lead a meeting with ministers and authorities to seek a solution for the ongoing labour dispute between the NagaWorld integrated resort and former staff who have since mid-December been protesting the termination of hundreds of their coworkers. ...

Lay Samean

Ministry pledges improved dispute arbitration

The Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training set its goals for this year and announced its accomplishments from 2021, saying it has achieved successes in improving working conditions across the Kingdom, conducted widespread training and created jobs in both the formal and informal sectors. ...  ...

Mom Kunthear

Activists Blame Short Contracts for Strikes

Labor activists at the bi-annual Buyers Forum in Phnom Penh on Thursday said that short-term contracts in Cambodia’s garment industry were fueling the high number of strikes affecting the industry. “Most of [the disputes] are over dismissals or dismissals of union leaders and the reason why ...

Dene-Hern Chen

Striking Power Plant Trainees Get Wage Raise

More than 170 trainees at a Chinese-backed power plant under construction in Preah Sihanouk province ended a five-day protest on Monday after securing higher wages from their employer, according to a union representative and provincial official. Khmer Workers Power Federation Union president Chey Sovann, who negotiated ...

Crane removed from Gold Tower 42

Last week, the crane on the top of Gold Tower 42 was removed, adding to the sense that the completion of the Korean-owned skyscraper is ultimately a distant hope. The owner of the unfinished skyscraper, sitting at the corner of Sihanouk and Monivong Boulevards entered into ...

Future of Gold Tower 42 in Arbitration Court

The owner of the $240 million Gold Tower 42 project in Phnom Penh has entered into arbitration with the project’s builder, in a bid to get work started again after construction halted on the project in September 2010 due to poor unit sales and cost ...

44 staff members for national arbitration center selected

After years of trying to find suitable staff, the Ministry of Commerce on Friday released a list of 44 arbitrators who will be in charge of running the National Arbitration Center (NAC), a body designed to offer businesses a commercial dispute mechanism alternative to Cambodia's ...

Angkor Beer Promoters Protest for More Overtime Pay

Angkor Beer promoters held a protest outside of Cambrew Ltd in Phnom Penh in order to receive more overtime pay on the weekends, following an Arbitration Council order that the company pay each employee $2 more and Angkor Beer’s failure to do so. The 30 ...

Supertex workers in new strike

Textile workers at the Supertex factory are considering holding another strike because their compensation demands have not been met during an Arbitration Council hearing. Previously Supertex announced it was closing its factory without having given prior notice, prompting the 1,600 works to seek arbitration. With ...

Arbitrators Now Express Support for Exams

Having completed their exams trainee arbitrators have applauded them as fair and transparent. 33 of the 45 candidates have successfully passed the exams. In December 2010 Prime Minister Hun Sen signed an order requiring arbitrator candidates to take an exam, after the establishment of the ...

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