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Brazilian pork given access to Cambodian market amid ASF outbreak

Cambodia has opened its market to pork produced in Brazil, according to an announcement from Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply. ...

Husain Haider

Ministries urge safe handling of poultry to prevent bird flu spread

In preparation for the lunar new year this month, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries have called for hygienic practices and sanitary inspections for the transportation of poultry and pigs to prevent the spread of any instances of bird ...

Mom Kunthear

Pork fears grip the capital

The meat section in Phnom Penh’s O’Russei Market on most mornings is crowded with housewives selecting the best pork cuts – from shoulders, loins and fillets – for dinner. ...

Chea Vannak

Warning on Vietnamese pork

The public has been warned not to eat pork from Vietnam after an outbreak of a serious disease in pig farms across the border. The Agriculture Ministry’s department of animal health and production is enforcing additional precautionary measures to ensure contaminated pork from Vietnam does not ...

Pech Sotheary

Cambodian farmers squeezed out

Cambodians like pork. The average Cambodian consumes 9.29 kilogrammes of the meat a year and local farmers have long supplemented their incomes by selling an average of two pigs a year. In 2008, Cambodian farmers supplied around 2 million pigs, more than 90% of domestic demand. ...

Cambodia's consumer prices decline

Consumer prices decreased month-on-month in May for the first time since statistics were available, Cambodia’s National Institute of Statistics (NIS) data showed. The 1.1 per cent drop, driven largely by lower food and gasoline prices, would be a relief to businesses and shoppers after a period ...

The promise of pork

While the Kingdom’s biggest industrial pig farming company is seeing steady growth as the nation’s population and hunger for pork grows, small pig farmers are having a hard time of it in the face of fluctuating prices and lower cost imports from Thailand, according to experts and insiders who came to a recent ...

Officials say Cambodia's price rises manageable

Cambodia’s inflation rose by 5.49 per cent year-on-year in the first quarter of the year, due to increases in food and fuel prices, according to the monthly data from the National Institute of Statistics compiled by the Post. However, economists and government officials said they were ...

Fewer Pig Imports Send Pork Prices Upward

Growing demand for pork on the Thai market since March has lead to an increase in the price of live pigs in Cambodia, as Thai farmers reduce the amount of live pigs exported to Cambodia in order to fuel local demand, officials said yesterday. ...

Oversupply leads to a fall in pork prices

Pig prices in Cambodia have fallen by 18 percent in the past three months due to a massive oversupply of pork in the country, an official at the Cambodian Pig Raisers Association said yesterday. The reason for the oversupply is twofold: Thailand increased its pig exports ...

July's inflation driven by high food prices

Fueled by a rise in food prices, inflation reached 7.1 percent in July compared to the same month last year, according to data released by the National Institute of Statistics According to the data, the price of meat increased by 16.4 percent in July compared to ...

Inflation Will go Down Later this Year, Economy Minister Said

The Consumer Price Index increased by a total of 7.1 percent in June 2011 compared to the same period last year at the same time. Ministry of Economy and Finance expects that inflation would go down to 6.5 percent at the end of this year ...

Central bank mulls its inflation response

Cambodia’s central bank is looking to tighten monetary policy to slow an inflation rate that could hit 8 to 9 percent this year, National Bank of Cambodia Director General and Spokeswoman Nguon Sokha said yesterday. Increases in commodity prices and petroleum has led to rising ...

Thai Exports Ban to Benefit Hog Farmers

A ban of live pig exports by Thailand will benefit local farmers as prices are expected to rise. According to the MSME Project most of the pork in Cambodia comes from Thailand. Only 40 to 50 percent of Cambodia’s hogs are supplied by domestic farmers. ...

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