Court places more restrictions on union leader

Ath Thorn, the head of the country’s largest independent union, was placed yesterday under judicial supervision by the Phnom Penh Municipal Court a day after he joined demonstrations calling for a $177 monthly minimum wage for garment workers. Mr. Thorn, president of the Coalition of Cambodian ...

Mech Dara

Garment workers continue protest after factory owner flees

About 400 garment workers who lost their jobs when their factory abruptly closed earlier this month blocked access to Canadia Industrial Park on Saturday to demand full severance pay. Workers from the Hongkong Yufeng factory, which unexpectedly closed on June 9, are demanding that management of ...

Ben Sokhean

Factory shuts down, doesn’t pay salaries

About 400 garment workers arrived for their shifts and monthly pay at Phnom Penh’s Hongkong Yufeng factory Tuesday only to find it shuttered and its owner nowhere to be found, workers’ representatives said. “Today is payday for the workers and since the employer did not have ...

Mech Dara

Strike continues as T&K rejects lunch allowance

Union representatives stormed out of negotiations and continued a strike yesterday when managers at T&K Garment factory said workers would never receive the 2,000 riel ($0.50) daily lunch allowance allegedly promised to them. A week after they walked off the job, T&K workers at Por Sen ...

Mom Kunthear and Koam Chanrasmey

Ministry reiterates holiday pay

The Ministry of Labour has announced that factory managers must allow employees three days off for Khmer New Year, even as some union leaders encourage workers to extend that time. In a letter to factory owners dated March 25, Labour Minister Ith Sam Heng reminds owners ...

Mom Kunthear

NGOs urge Gov’t to keep searching for missing Veng Sreng teen

A group of 54 local and international non-government groups said Sunday that the state may be behind the disappearance of a 16-year-old boy last seen bleeding from a bullet wound at a garment worker protest in January, and urged the government to investigate. Five garment workers ...

Mech Dara and Zsombor Peter

As garment sector strikes loom, soldiers watch over factories

Armed soldiers will continue to patrol Veng Sreng Street, the garment factory-lined thoroughfare in Phnom Penh’s Pur Senchey district where military police shot dead five workers during a nationwide strike last month, until labor unrest in the garment sector subsides, the deputy commander of the ...

Mech Dara and Alex Willemyns

South Korean Embassy Denies Role in Strike Suppression

The South Korean Embassy on Wednesday denied a news report that it had lobbied Cambodian military authorities to “crack down on protesters” in a bid to shield Korean investments in the garment industry, prior to Friday’s killing of five protesters and the wounding of more ...

Denise Hruby

Garment manufacturers planning to sue unions

The Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia is helping its members sue several unions for damages after a walkout over demands to raise the minimum wage to $160. Ken Loo, GMAC’s secretary general, said that more than 150 members are jumping on board to sue: “And the ...

Daniel de Carteret

Picking up the pieces

The sight of traffic moving easily and people milling about along Veng Sreng Boulevard in the capital’s Meanchey district yesterday was a far cry from two days earlier, when the street was occupied by makeshift roadblocks, bonfires and military personnel carrying automatic rifles. While visible evidence ...

May Titthara, Khouth Sophak Chakrya and Sean Teehan

Exodus follows violent clash

Garment workers have begun leaving the area surrounding embattled Veng Sreng street en masse, following the outbreak of clashes early on Friday morning. An estimated 80 per cent of the more than 10,000 workers who live and are employed in the Meanchey district suburb have vacated ...

Mom Kunthear

Canadia park, a ghost town

On most Sundays, the wide boulevard separating two rows of some 40 mustard-coloured factories in the Canadia Industrial Park is teeming with people. Garment workers who live on the premises stroll or bicycle along the road, stopping to eat at the same restaurants, patronizing the same ...

Joe Freeman and Hor Kimsay

Cambodia says outlawed strikes adversely affect investment climate

Cambodian Ministry of Labor said Friday that outlawed strikes have frightened employers and worsened investment climate in the country. “The ministry calls for the (opposition) Cambodia National Rescue Party and six trade unions to immediately stop inciting workers to commit violence, road blockade, and destruction of ...

Xinhuanet News Staff

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