Employers snub talks over wages

Management at Ocean Garment factory yesterday flouted a Ministry of Labour invitation to sit at the negotiating table with employees protesting the factory’s refusal to abide by an Arbitration Council decision in their favour. ...

Mom Kunthear

After factory ignores ruling, garment workers to march

Employees of the Ocean Garment factory in Phnom Penh’s Pur Senchey district continued to protest Monday against management’s decision to ignore an Arbitration Council ruling on owed wages. Cheng Chhorn, secretary general of the Collective Union of Movement of Workers, said the workers will march to ...

Sek Odom

Workers protest after factory ignores arbitrator

About 400 workers protested and burned tires outside the Ocean Garment factory in Phnom Penh’s Pur Senchey district on Thursday after the factory failed to follow an Arbitration Council ruling from Wednesday to give the workers $120 each in furlough pay since the factory suspended ...

Sek Odom

Factory wage rallies heat up

More than 1,000 workers held a demonstration in front of Ocean Garment factory in the capital yesterday, burning tyres and blocking the road in protest against the management’s refusal to abide by a ruling that workers be paid in full for a one-month closure. On May ...

Mom Kunthear

FTU trio held at factory by rivals in union clash

Workers aligned with the Collective Union of Movement of Workers locked three officials from the Free Trade Union inside the Ocean Garment factory in Phnom Penh for eight hours Tuesday after the two unions argued over who would represent workers in a wage dispute. Ocean’s approximately ...

Sek Odom

Ocean reps take case to arbitration

Twenty representatives of workers locked in a monthlong dispute with management at the Ocean Garment factory appeared before the Arbitration Council yesterday, a union official said. A spokesman from the Arbitration Council yesterday told the Post that such cases are typically sorted out within 15 working days. ...

Mom Kunthear

Factory shuts down, doesn’t pay salaries

About 400 garment workers arrived for their shifts and monthly pay at Phnom Penh’s Hongkong Yufeng factory Tuesday only to find it shuttered and its owner nowhere to be found, workers’ representatives said. “Today is payday for the workers and since the employer did not have ...

Mech Dara

Ocean workers pray for jobs

Protesting workers at Ocean Garment factory say they are worried the manufacturer, which has suspended operations for one month, will close altogether. About 20 per cent of Ocean’s 1,300 workers demanding full payment during the break have found work elsewhere, while longtime employees are literally praying ...

Mom Kunthear

Strike continues as T&K rejects lunch allowance

Union representatives stormed out of negotiations and continued a strike yesterday when managers at T&K Garment factory said workers would never receive the 2,000 riel ($0.50) daily lunch allowance allegedly promised to them. A week after they walked off the job, T&K workers at Por Sen ...

Mom Kunthear and Koam Chanrasmey

Garment Demonstrators Request to Hold Protest

Workers from the Ocean Garment factory, who have been protesting outside the plant in Pur Senchey district for weeks, will file a request with Phnom Penh City Hall today to allow them to continue their demonstrations in front of the Ministry of Social Affairs and ...

Sex claims a conspiracy: boss

The Ocean Garment manager facing a slew of sexual harassment charges has lashed out at the union representing the 2,500 workers on strike over the past two weeks, claiming its delegates provoked the strike after management cracked down on absent workers and overtime requests. In a ...

CAMBODIA: Gap calls for probe into supplier strike

US retailer Gap Inc says it has “demanded an immediate investigation” in response to allegations of harassment at one of its suppliers in Cambodia. A strike at the Ocean Garment Factory in Phnom Penh has now entered its third week, despite a court ordering the 2,500 ...

Ocean Garment Workers Occupy Factory

About 2,000 workers at Ocean Garment factory continued their ongoing strike yesterday by staging a sit-in on the premises of the factory in support of five union leaders facing prosecution for their role in recent protests. Workers began the sit-in yesterday after rumors spread that ...

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