Cambodia garment workers’ plight worsening: ILO

Cambodia is backsliding in efforts to improve working conditions in its garment industry, the International Labour Organisation said yesterday, following a series of strikes at factories producing western-brand clothing. The kingdom is failing to make progress in key areas such as worker and fire safety and ...

Asian garment industry to undergo further segmentation

The Asian garment manufacturing industry will undergo further segmentation in the next three to four years as competition becomes more intense, experts said. China, Thailand and Vietnam will mainly produce high-end clothing, while Bangladesh, Laos, Burma and Cambodia will mainly produce low-end clothing. Lu Qijian, ...

Minimum wage may rise for Cambodian garment workers

The Cambodia’s Ministry of Labour has scheduled a meeting on February 26 with representatives of various unions to discuss the new minimum wage for garment workers in the country. However, the Ministry expects the various workers’ unions to agree on what the new wage should ...

Another Taiwan Bike Maker to Move to Cambodia

It’s no finalized yet as contracts still have to be signed, but it looks as if another bike maker from Taiwan is setting up shop in Cambodia. It will the 4th one which is to benefit from the duty and quota free status Cambodia made ...

Factory workers complain over low wages

Factory workers complain that their low salaries are not keeping track with the price of goods and services. Phoeun Sreyleak, 20, said she gets $70 a month including bonuses for health care and rent. “My basic wage is only $58,” she said. “My friend gets 2,000 riel ...

Garment industry stokes Cambodia’s political growth

Under dazzling white strip-lights, a production line of young Cambodians stitch, iron and fold their way to the day’s target of 820 two-piece children’s pajamas. These garments are destined for the shelves of Los Angeles, shop price $9.97. The workers, mostly women, start at 7:30 ...

Adidas Denies Allegations of Low Wages for Factory Workers

German sports brand Adidas yesterday denied allegations that its Cambodian factory, which produces Olympic merchandise, was not paying workers a sustainable living wage. The London Organizing Committee for the 2012 Olympic Games (Locog) said on Sunday it would investigate claims that Adidas has violated its agreement ...

Factories Lend Travel Money to Ensure Garment Workers Vote

Often vilified for paying low wages in less than optimum work environments, Cambodia’s garment factory owners got into the swing of the commune elections this week, with many companies providing loans to help their workers travel home to vote. With about 400,000 employees, the garment industry’s ...

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