U.S. renewable energy developer eyes investment opportunity in Cambodia

The Willowbrook Company, a New York-based renewable energy development company, is seeking support from Cambodia to build a 250-megawatt solar power plant, the Cambodian Ministry of Commerce said in a statement Friday. Edward J.Sappin, visiting chief executive officer of the Willowbrook Company, urged the support from ...

Xinhuanet News Staff

Cambodia’s Defense of Rights Record at UN Review Slammed

Foreign donors should push Cambodia’s government to end its human rights abuses as part of its bid to maintain political control of the nation, a rights group said Wednesday, after Phnom Penh allegedly snubbed recommendations by foreign governments to improve the country’s rights record. Representatives of ...

Joshua Lipes

HAGL called out at the UN

A Cambodian delegation to the United Nations last week used the stage to shame the World Bank’s financial arm for failing to adequately monitor investments in a Vietnamese rubber giant accused of illegal logging, forced evictions and sexual harassment. Representing 17 indigenous communities in Ratanakkiri that ...

Laignee Barron

Cambodian minorities join meetings at UN headquarters in New York

A group representing Cambodia’s indigenous communities traveled to New York this week, meeting with UN officials and other minority groups from 70 countries. Cambodia’s minorities face a host of problems, particularly as they try to maintain a way of life that relies on traditions and the ...

Sok Khemara

Ecuador, Cambodia Sign Antiquities Agreement

Government officials yesterday met with representatives from the Republic of Ecuador to discuss ways to improve economic and political ties between the two countries, Foreign Ministry Secretary of State Ouch Borith said. The two countries also signed a memorandum of understanding to protect Cambodian artifacts ...

Gold Being Sold Fast as Int’l Price Drops

The falling price of gold on international markets is leading to high sales of the precious metal in Cambodia as consumers fear prices could continue to tumble, gold traders said yesterday. Gold on the international market traded at $1,632.90 per troy ounce in New York yesterday ...

Sotheby’s Gets Stay on Khmer Statue Confiscation

The future of a 1,000-year-old Khmer statue—which Sotheby’s auction house in New York was ordered by the US government on Wednesday to hand back to Cambodia—is now in the hands of the US courts. The statue of the guardian Duryodhana is believed to have come from ...

US Agents Poised to Seize Khmer Statue

Government officials and a representative at Unesco in Phnom Penh yesterday said that Sotheby’s in New York had no right to a 10th-century Khmer statue worth more than $2 million that US federal agents were expected to seize from the auction house today. On Wednesday, New ...

Foreign Minister backs full UN membership for Palestinians

Speaking at the UN General Assembly in New York on Monday, Foreign Minister Hor Namhong backed the Palestinians' bid for full UN membership and called for the lifting of a decades-old US embargo on Cuba, one of the countries backing Cambodia's bid for a seat ...

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