Rice bank buys direct to control prices

The Cambodia Rice Bank (CRB) will intervene to prevent the price of fragrant rice from falling further by offering to buy the staple grain directly from farmers at the market price of 840 riel (21 cents) a kilogram. The CRB also called on farmers to ...

Sok Chan

G-CCEI seeks Cambodia partners

Korean companies have expressed an interest in expanding into Asean, mostly in the high-tech and information technology (IT) sectors. According to a report in the Bangkok Post. ...

Sum Manet

Insurance industry sees double-digit premium growth

Total premiums for general insurance rose 16.4 percent last year to about $61.6 million, from $53 million in 2014, with property, fire, vehicle and medical insurance leading the way, the Insurance Association of Cambodia said yesterday. ...

Sok Chan

Time to outgrow garment manufacturing, gov’t advisor says

As the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) raises Cambodia’s profile as a member of one of the world’s largest trade zones, investors around the world are considering Cambodia as a gateway to the region and it should take advantage of this opportunity by diversifying its economic ...

Chea Vannak

Cambodia is open for investment, PM tells America

Prime Minister Hun Sen yesterday made a direct appeal to businesses in the United States to increase investment in Cambodia, ahead of the US-ASEAN Summit in Sunnylands California, and just days after Deputy Prime Minister Sok An spoke with officials from the US Embassy here ...

Chea Vannak

Revenue from taxes continues to rise

The General Department of Taxation collected almost $116 million in tax revenue last month, up 10 percent over January 2015, with strong growth across all segments, according to official data released on Friday. ...

Sum Manet

Exports to US rise over 9 percent last year

With the American economy expanding, Cambodia’s total export to the country increased  slightly more than 9 per cent last year over 2014, the latest US trade data shows. ...

May Kunmakara

Revenue from business registration fees rises

Revenue from business registration fees rose 13 percent to about $2.4 million in the first 11 months of the year over the same period last year, with 4,076 businesses registering at the Commerce Ministry compared to 3,618 in the year-ago period, the ministry said yesterday. ...

Sok Chan

Vehicle tax cut gets mixed reaction

The government will eliminate taxes on vehicles used by low-income families and farmers to improve their livelihoods and boost farm production, according to the bill on the national budget approved by Prime Minister Hun Sen yesterday. ...

Sum Manet

Budget for a rising economy

Government spending on social welfare and economic development could both see double-digit growth next year, according to a document summarizing expenditures in next year’s budget that will be discussed at a Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Hun Sen today. ...

May Kunmakara

Gas-price talks yield 2 cent cut for a week

Six of the country’s eight major gas retailers yesterday agreed to a request from the Commerce Ministry to lower the price of gas by 100 riel (about two cents) per liter for the Pchum Ben festival, as negotiations on a formula for setting a price ...

Sok Chan

Strong dollar not helpful for cambodia

The strong dollar might cause pain to Cambodia’s economy by reducing margins and purchasing power for both importers and exporters. ...

Igor Kossov

Tax revenue rises but at slower pace

The government’s tax revenue increased for the first five months of the year, but despite recent reforms, the growth rate is at a slower pace than for the corresponding period last year. According to data from General Department of Taxation (GDT) released on Wednesday, the state ...

May Kunmakara

AEON widens HP to farmers

AEON Microfinance (Cambodia) Co Ltd says it has expanded its installment payment services into the agricultural sector, a new business type industry insiders say could be successful, but will still not be enough to strengthen one of Cambodia’s most crucial economic sectors. “We will co-operate with ...

Demand for quality rice seed development

To enhance Cambodian rice yields, the government should encourage private development of rice-seed production and focus its efforts on farmers’ education and regulations that ensure the quality of seed, industry experts say. The Cambodian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI), under the direction of the Ministry ...

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