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Three brokers arrested for human smuggling

Three brokers were arrested last Friday after allegedly attempting to illegally smuggle nine Cambodians, including an infant, across the Thai border. Lured with promises of employment in Thailand, the group was attempting to illegally cross the border on motos when they were stopped by police ...

Trafficked numbers rising

Their stories have become all too familiar – Cambodian fishermen enslaved on fishing boats after being promised lucrative jobs overseas. They’re also becoming increasingly common. Anti-trafficking NGOs told the Post this week that they have noticed an exponential increase in the number of trafficking complaints from ...

Danson Cheong

Record Bad Medicine Haul

Police seized more than two tonnes of dangerous counterfeit medication on Saturday and arrested a Phnom Penh pharmacy owner in a sting officials say has netted the largest-ever haul of illegal medication in Cambodia. After nine days of surveillance, the Ministry of Interior’s Economic Police unit swooped ...

Illegal Fishing, Molotov Cocktails, A Daring Escape

The State Department on Tuesday cited abuses in Thailand’s huge fishing industry as part of an annual worldwide report on Trafficking in Persons. The report noted that men from Cambodia and Myanmar, also known as Burma, are trafficked aboard Thai ships and forced to work ...

Confined To A Thai Fishing Boat, For Three Years

Cambodian Vannak Prum’s destiny changed in a dirt-road town called Malai. It’s a Cambodian outpost on the border with Thailand that is known for its involvement in the trafficking of human beings. Prum arrived in Malai seven years ago searching for work. His wife was pregnant, ...

Walmart Denies Link to Factory Tied to Abuse of Cambodians

Mega U.S. retailer Walmart has denied allegations that it buys food products from a Thai seafood factory accused of trafficking and mistreating Cambodian workers. In a report released on Tuesday, the Cambodian Legal Education Center (CLEC), which has sent staff to investigate the Phatthana Seafood Co. ...

Spate of abuses continues

Nearly two dozen fishermen were re­patriated to the Kingdom yesterday after being trafficked aboard Thai fishing boats where they endured forced labour and rampant abuse. The 11 men bring to 30 the number of fishermen repatriated from Malaysia and Indonesia this year. They were visibly shaken ...

Gov't Launches Campaign to Clean Up Cities Nationwide

Prime Minister Hun Sen yesterday said all of the country’s cities would compete with each other to beautify urban zones and attract more tourists in the newly devised Clean City contest. Nine Phnom Penh districts and 26 cities nationwide will be assessed on how clean ...

Fishermen back in Kingdom

Eight fishermen who escaped after more than a year of forced labour aboard a Thai fishing boat recounted tales of abuse and miserable working conditions upon their repatriation to the Kingdom yesterday. The men said that brokers had promised them salaried jobs in Thai factories, but ...

More fishermen repatriated

Another 30 Cambodian men among 65 rescued in Indonesia after being trafficked into work on fishing boats in Thailand were repatriated to the Kingdom yesterday, following the return of 30 such workers last week. The remaining five workers are set to be repatriated next month, Chiv ...

Migrants at risk of trafficking, Human Rights Watch says

At least 20 Cambodian migrant workers in Thailand have had their passports confiscated by a Thai recruitment agency, while another 10 have gone missing after they fled the same agency fearing they would be trafficked to work on Thai fishing vessels, Human Rights Watch and ...

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