Press release on the launching of four mining concession areas for submitting a mineral exploration license

On​ 22​ March​ 2018,​ the​ Ministry​ of​ Mines​ and​ Energy​​ of​ the​ Kingdom​ of​ Cambodia​ issued​ a​ press​ release​ on the​​ launching of​ four​ mining​ concession​ areas​ for​ domestic​ and​ foreign​ mineral​ companies​ to​ apply​ for​ a​ mineral exploration​ license​ as​ indicated​ in​ the​ “map​ of​ location​ and​ coordinate​ system”.​ The​ four​ concession​ areas​ include:

1-​ Beng​ commune,​ Banteay​ Ampil​ district​ and​ Krasang​ commune,​ Chong​ Kal​ district,​ Oddar​ Meanchey​ province;​ Kumru​ commune,​ Thma​ Puok​ district,​ Poi​ Char​ commune,​ Nam​ Tau​ commune,​ Phnom​ Srok​ district,​ Banteay​ Meanchey​ province​ in​ total​ 198​ km2

2-​ Khyang​ commune​ and​ Chrach​ commune,​ Chey​ Sen​ district​ and​ Cheb​ 1​ commune,​ Cheb​ district,​ Preah​ Vihear​ province​ in​ total​ 79,70​ km2

3-​ Phnom​ Ta​ Sou​ area,​ Chrey​ village,​ Khvav​ commune,​ Chi​ Kreng​ district,​ Siem​ Reap​ province​ in​ total​ 68,92​ km2

4-​ Phnom​ Romeas​ Hek​ area,​ Thmei​ commune,​ Stung​ Keo​ commune​ and​ Prey​ Thnang​ commune,​ Teuk​ Chhou​ district​ and​ Lbaeuk​ commune,​ Trapeang​ Plang​ commune,​ Chhouk​ district,​ Kampot​ province​ in​ total​ 108,​ 40​ km2

Ministry of Mines and Energy

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