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Traffic safety in spotlight as nation gears up for KNY

With the Khmer New Year (KNY) rapidly approaching and the expected exodus to the provinces, the government urged people to abide by the traffic law to prevent a surge in road accidents. ... ...

Hang Punreay

Cambodia: Hundreds of Indians rescued from cyber-scam factories

The Indian government has so far rescued 250 citizens in Cambodia who were forced to run online scams. ... ...

Cherylann Mollan

Ministry work group established to boost legal review process

The Ministry of Justice has established a working group to consult with relevant ministries and state institutions on the drafting of new laws and regulations. Upon request, the group will meet with them to review and collect input on the provisions of new draft legislation. ...

Chea Sokny

PM orders review on alcohol advertising

Prime Minister Hun Manet has raised concerns about the number of alcohol-fueled traffic accidents, ordering authorities to review beer advertising, especially placing restrictions on public billboards. ... ...

Meas Molika

Cybersecurity law must be “business-friendly”

Cambodia must ensure that the draft cybersecurity law is kept “business-friendly” to prevent driving out international companies and discouraging new overseas investment in the nation, according to an expert. ... ...

Marissa Carruthers

Ministry sets up new task force to monitor, expedite court cases

The Ministry of Justice has set up a new task force to monitor court cases involving drugs, traffic and civil status cases to expedite the resolution of cases in the courts. ... ...

Torn Vibol

Calls to urgently review draft alcohol law

The law on Control of Alcohol Products has been in draft for nine years and remains uncertain due to its potential social, economic and political impacts. Experts are now urging the government to accelerate law enforcement on controlling alcohol consumption after recent fatal traffic accidents. ... ...

Meas Molika

Ministry plan to align gambling legislation

To ensure effective suppression of illegal gambling, the Ministry of Interior is set to amend the Law on Suppression of Gambling, aligning it with the Law on Commercial Gambling Management. ... ...

Chea Sokny

PM orders restrictions on alcohol promotion

Prime Minister Hun Manet has directed the Ministry of Information and relevant bodies to reinforce regulations on alcohol advertising, stressing that the depiction of alcohol consumption shall no longer be allowed on television. ​... ...

Mom Kunthear

Interior Ministry plans blacklist for drunk drivers

The Ministry of Interior is studying the possibility of creating a database or blacklist to record those who drive while intoxicated and cause traffic accidents resulting in injuries or deaths. ... ...

Torn Vibol

PM orders police chief to tighten alcohol road rules

Prime Minister Hun Manet has called on National Police Chief, Sar Thet, to tighten laws related to drunk driving and other road regulations to prevent fatal crashes occurring. ... ...

Chhim PichBormey

Cambodian PM calls for more action against drunk driving

Cambodian Prime Minster Hun Manet has urged the General Commissariat of National Police to further strengthen their action against drunk driving to prevent road accidents, a leading cause of deaths and injuries in Cambodia. ... ...

Khmer Times Staff

Interior Minister sounds the alarm over traffic accidents

The number of road accidents and casualties has been reported to have reached an emergency level, and if stakeholders do not increase law enforcement efforts, Sar Sokha, the Minister of Interior and Chairman of the National Road Safety Committee, believes that 2024 will mark the ...

Torn Vibol

Calls for tighter regulations to end drunk driving

Calls are being made for tighter restrictions on alcohol advertising and tougher punishments for drunk drivers after four people were left dead and another four injured in the latest fatal smash to plague Cambodia’s roads. ... ...

Chhim PichBormey

43 gambling locations were cracked down on the first 21 days of the 2024

An Interior Ministry official said that for the first 21 days of 2024, the authorities of the Ministry of Interior had cracked down on gambling in 43 locations and sent 72 suspects to court. ... ...

Khmer Times Staff

Cambodia asks India to train police to combat online fraud

Cambodia has asked the government of India to provide scholarships to Cambodian National Police officers on advanced technological training to help combat online fraud. ... ...

Hang Punreay

Law to strengthen water transportation sector

A draft law on water transportation has been created to strengthen the sector and find solutions to serve national and international trade, while supporting national economic growth. ... ...

Chhorn Raksmey

Out-of-court dispute service being encouraged

The National Authority for Out-of-Court Dispute Resolution (NAOCDR) is working with about 40 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to encourage people to resolve issues out-of-court. ... ...

Torn Vibol

Apsara denies allegations of construction restrictions

The Apsara National Authority (ANA) said yesterday that they did not restrict or prohibit residents from constructing or repairing structures in the Angkor Archaeological Park, but required people to submit a request to the authority for evaluation and approval. ... ...

Torn Vibol

Government to continue effort fighting drug abuse

The government declared that it would carry out the drug war plan throughout the year to ensure social safety, public order, and security, as well as to support the growth of young resources and foster a more hospitable society. ... ...

Hang Punreay

Justice Ministry rolls out campaigns to expedite court hearings, review irregularities

The Justice Ministry has rolled out two campaigns to speed up court hearings and resolve alleged irregularities in the justice system in order to enhance transparency and quality. The campaigns, including the set up of out-of-court settlements, have been lauded by civil society groups. ... ...

Khuon Narim

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