Family, children and youth

Orphans and children without homes

Ministry requests ADB aid for the most needy

Cambodia on Tuesday requested the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to consider providing aid – especially to the elderly, people with disabilities and orphaned children. In the meantime, the bank is studying the country’s social welfare system before announcing a raft of technical assistance as part ...

Long Kimmarita

City Hall sends hundreds for rehab in social affairs centres

More than 1,700 beggars and homeless people were removed from the streets of Phnom Penh and sent to social affairs centres last year. According to City Hall’s annual report, which was released yesterday, authorities rounded up 1,727 beggars and homeless people from all city districts over ...

Sen David

Nearly 140 reintegrated from social affairs centre

City Hall has decided to reintegrate more than 100 beggars and homeless people from the Phnom Penh Transit Centre in Por Senchey district after they received sufficient training. ...

Sen David

Success of project to get marginalised children into classrooms lauded

Four years ago, a consortium of NGOs in Cambodia identified 57,000 marginalised children who, for various reasons, were not attending school, and put them into classrooms. Today, more than 90 percent of them are still attending classes, an achievement lauded during the Cambodia Consortium for ...

Yesenia Amaro

Provinces now responsible for state-run orphanages

The Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation yesterday issued a sub-decree delegating responsibility for state-run childcare centres to sub-national levels in a bid to streamline aid to victims of child abuse. ...

Pech Sotheary

Project aims to send children in orphanages home

Though they live in orphanages, an estimated 13,000 children in facilities across Cambodia have at least one living parent. As part of a sea change in government policy in a country with a checkered history with orphanages, officials in Battambang province on Tuesday kicked off ...

Janelle Retka and Chhorn Phearun

Australia looks to outlaw tours to orphanages in Cambodia

Australians facilitating tours and volunteer programs at orphanages in foreign countries such as Cambodia may eventually face criminal charges if a recently opened inquiry in Australia results in legislation.   ...

Hannah Hawkins

Ministry cracks down in orphans scandal

The Ministry of Social Affairs has decided to reintegrate more than 3,000 children in orphanages back into families after discovering the abysmal conditions of many facilities, with some having reported sexual abuse. ...

Pech Sotheary

More kids in care than thought: study

Almost one in every 100 children in Cambodia is living in a residential care institution, a number far higher than previous estimates, according to a new report in the British Medical Journal. ...

Cristina Maza

Hun Sen makes a plea for more child welfare

Prime Minister Hun Sen yesterday called on everyone whose work related to children to be conscientious and passionate about their job. He spoke at the opening ceremony of the Asia-Pacific Regional Early Childhood Development Conference, which is being held over three days in Siem Reap City. ...

Mom Kunthear

Social services to be improved

The government, Hagar International and Save the Children are teaming up to address the country’s lack of social workers, hoping to beef up the social service sector and deal with the growing number of children in residential care facilities – informally known as orphanages.   ...

Jonathan Greig

Survey counts homeless youth

Cambodia’s seven largest urban centres are home to nearly 2,700 homeless adolescents who face numerous health and education-related obstacles, according to a new study by the Cambodian National Institute of Statistics, Columbia University and Friends International. ...

Cristina Maza

Child allegedly beaten at Prey Speu

Officials at the Prey Speu Social Affairs Center in Phnom Penh’s Por Senchey district are scrambling to deflect criticism after reports surfaced that a young boy and a man were beaten and injured there, with the director of the center saying the boy injured himself ...

Mom Kunthear

Homeless children back from Vietnam

Twenty-nine homeless Cambodians, including 20 children, will be repatriated from Ho Chi Minh City today. Apart from the children, the group consists of nine adults – three men and six women. Of the 20 children, 10 are boys and 10 are girls, according to Ministry of ...

Tin Sokhavuth

National deadline for orphanage registration extended—again

The deadline for the country’s orphanages to register with the Ministry of Social Affairs has been extended once again as the government continues its months-long efforts to begin regulating the residential child care system. ...

Taylor O'connell and Khy Sovuthy

Adoption agreement signed with Catalonia

Seven years after Cambodia put a stop to its own international adoption programs, the Catalan regional government in Spain signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Social Affairs on Tuesday that will allow its residents to adopt Cambodian children.   ...

Janelle Retka and Khy Sovuthy

Gov’t to talk adoptions on visits to Spain, Malta

Cambodia’s minister of social affairs on Sunday departed for a visit to Spain, which will be followed by a trip to Malta, to discuss and sign adoption agreements with both countries, according to a statement released Sunday. ...

Sen David

Fix Prey Speu or shut it down, Prime Minister tells officials

Prime Minister Hun Sen on Tuesday told Phnom Penh authorities and the Ministry of Social Affairs to either improve the city’s notorious Prey Speu detention center or shut it down in order to spare his government more embarrassment. ...

Kuch Naren

Half of nation’s orphanages fail to register

Nearly half of the known orphanages in Cambodia missed on Tuesday’s deadline for registering with the government, further delaying attempts to reform the country’s wayward residential child care sector, an official said on Tuesday. ...

Buth Kimsay and Taylor O'connell

Wheels set in motion to support mobile education in Cambodia

Australians could help children in Cambodia receive an education and avoid the possibility of life in child sex trade by funding an innovative mobile centre.   ...

Catholic Leader Team

Government unaware of at least 128 orphanages, report says

The government was unaware of about half of the residential child care centers operating in four provinces and Phnom Penh prior to a study conducted last year, according to a report released on Thursday. ...

Buth Kimsay and Sonia Kohlbacher

Number of orphanages in Cambodia rises to 267 last year, up 92 pct: survey

A new survey released by Cambodia’s Social Affairs Ministry on Thursday showed that the number of residential care institutions in the country’s five key provinces increased to 267 last year, up 92 percent from only 139 in the year before. ...

Shanghai Team

Of 2,437 homeless children in Cambodia, 964 from Phnom Penh: Report

A Social Affairs Ministry report published yesterday showed that provincial departments of social affairs, veterans and rehabilitation assisted 2,437 homeless children in 2015, 715 of whom were girls. ...

Mom Kunthear

New orphanage rules met with fear, optimism

A new set of standards for orphanages that the Ministry of Social Affairs plans to enforce over the coming months, combined with a global move toward community-based care, has at least one organization worried it will be forced to close down. ...

Taylor o'connell

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