Canadia, Gov’t Look to Soothe Tax Process

With the deadline to pay annual property taxes rapidly approaching, hundreds of Phnom Penh homeowners queued this week at Canadia Bank’s headquarters on Monivong Boulevard to pay their tax bills in relative comfort, and avoid long visits to district and municipal taxation offices. Canadia Bank signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Finance earlier this year, making the bank the exclusive partner of the ministry in offering tax-payment services, explained Om Chon, chief of the ministry’s legislative department. … In an attempt to simplify and speed up the property-tax payment process, the Finance Ministry last month launched an online service that makes necessary forms available for download from the Internet and allows repeat taxpayers the option of paying online using an identity code. … Almost 114,000 people paid property tax last year, generating $11.4 million in revenue for the government.