Floods in Northwest as Hun Sen Issues Riverbank Collapse Warning

People living along the banks of the Mekong, Bassac and Tonle Sap rivers should exercise caution in the coming days, and be particularly aware of possible riverbank collapses as water levels are rising in Stung Treng province and elsewhere in the country, Prime Minister Hun Sen said on Friday. In a wide-ranging, two-and-a-half hour address to villagers in Kandal province, which was broadcast on most TV channels, Mr. Hun Sen spoke at random about his late father, agriculture, the current political situation, the potential for instability and the level of the Mekong River in Stung Treng province, which is currently at about 9.24 meters. It is expected to rise to 9.95 meters by Monday, which is still below the flood level of 10.7 meters. … Local authorities are attempting to ease the flooding by digging an irrigation channel that would link the flooded area with a river near the Thai border, which would help to redirect the floodwaters.